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Friday, March 23, 2012

We signed the papers!

 3/22...Had the appointment at the title company at 1000 hrs this morning.  After a few tears and many butterflies we had it done in about 45 minutes.  Normally we would go out and celebrate but there was just too much work to be done!  So off to Home Depot and then back home.  Ken worked his *** off putting in the window, helping load the trailer and hooking up the heater in the bathroom.  Of course, 16 years later we realize how nice the heater is and are planning on putting one in our shed once it's built in Winnemucca.  Got the 20 foot trailer loaded with stuff and firewood.  Of course we decided to buy some firewood and the house sells!  Well he will get a nice little "housewarming" gift as we did leave him some firewood.  

3/23...Today, I will make a run to storage and Ken will put up the door in the bedroom and the other heater in the kitchen area.  Ken's going to take the trailer over to Bryan's and pick up Adam.  Tonight is Aaron's seventh birthday celebration at a pizza parlor in Rocklin.  

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