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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting ready to go to Winnemucca

Yesterday the guys finished up the pest work..wrote them a check for $2725.00, but at least it's done...now we have the pest guy come back out, sign it off and then spray, write him a check for $280..then as far as we're concerned we're done!  VA still hasn't scheduled but oh well.  Ken and I ran around awhile yesterday and then he scared the daylights out of me.  He decided to move the outside tv antenna, while working on it he had to cut on an oak tree. I'm inside and hear a loud noise, thought we were gonna get thunder then it stopped, something told me something had happened, I look out the living room window and see Ken laying on the ground! I ran out and he was ok, a little dazed with a nice gash in his head. Seems the tree fell and almost clipped the electrical line.  Thank God it didn't!  

Rained most of the day today but we got the fifth wheel ready to go!  I did grocery shopping and made up spaghetti and the fixins for enchiladas.  We'll leave in the am and hope Bryan and Cheryl catch us, as with the fifth wheel we're not as quick!  They'll leave Sunday but we'll stay a bit, I have blood work Monday am.  

We are really looking forward to the weekend!  Bryan and Cheryl have never been out to the property in Winny of course neither has Eric and Chris, have to get them there next.

Time for a cocktail!

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