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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Glaucoma appointment, Night in the Country..

Thursday morning after our coffees and blogging we both decided we didn't want to go to Walmart after all.  We really only needed bottled water and as much as we hate buying it at Raley's it didn't make sense to spend the time and gas to go over a hundred miles for that.  I went up a little later and bought a case along with a few other things too, isn't that way it always goes?!  

Ken worked in the heat on the patio project. It was a really hot day!  After his shower we were able to sit outside for a bit, before Karen invited us over for Happy Hour.  Her daughter Lynzee and her ex husband Alfredo had flown in earlier for the birth of baby Amelia.  We had a nice visit out on her back porch.  The winds really blew and a little rain helped cool things down. 



Found these at Raley's not bad, 44 crackers is a serving!
16 carbs..no way are 44 a serving! They're small but

Baby Amelia is here and all is well with mom and the little one. 
Amelia Rose..7lbs 3 oz..:)
Nice to have a little one next door some of the time

Friday morning we left here before 0800 to make sure we could get to Reno without a flat tire or some other mishap.  Ken's appointment was at 1030.  We got there in plenty of time and again they called him in early! Yay..or so we thought.  Bottom line we were there about 2 1/2 hours.  They were overly busy for a Friday.  They close at 1200 but obviously someone overbooked.  Finally Ken came back out to the waiting area, but he still hadn't seen the dr himself.  About 1200 they called him back.  The appointment was not what we were hoping.  His eye pressure seems to be rising.  His last appointment the pressures were 16 and 18 after taking the eye drops for 3 months.  Now they were 19 and 21.  He had the surgery that didn't work, and the eye drops were working.  He'll continue the drops and he has an appointment in 6 months which will affect our leave time south but his eyes are too important.  I think the appointment is the 27th of January so we'll leave right after that.  

We ran to Total Wine, where I had ordered my wine online earlier that morning.  Lunch at our favorite Chinese in Carson and then a quick stop at the BLM office in Carson City.  I got my annual Senior Parks Pass. This makes #2.  Normally don't need one as Ken has his lifetime pass but going camping next weekend with the grandkids we'll need two sites so no point in paying double.  Once I've bought 3 and go to buy 4 they'll turn it in to the lifetime. Homeward bound after that.  

We sat outside and enjoyed the cool evening. A little wind and a little rain. That's ok.  

Friday morning the alarm was set for 0330.  Ken was heading over to CA and our friend KC's house to get some walnut wood that KC didn't want.  He left here a little past 0500.  I was going to head to my sister's house in CA too, but I didn't have a good night so decided to stay home. Got some things done, used the blower on the front porch and then mopped it.  I took my car up to the car wash as it was so hot in the sun it would have dried before I could turn the hose on it. A quick stop at Raley's and then back home. Not a bad day as it turns out. 

This is the weekend our little town of barely 3,000 turns into a town close to 15,000.  Night in the Country happens this weekend every year.  A big continuous 3 day party! Lots of "country" music playing at the fair grounds. They've got big names who come to play, but because we don't listen to "new country" I have no idea who they are except one of the lesser one's, Whiskey Meyers who we like. Tomorrow they'll all leave and head home, and we'll stay home, don't want to get caught in that onslaught of RV's and people! 

Wall to Wall RVS and tents! 


Ken just called, he had to change a tire on the trailer! The tire had very little wear so he's not sure why it shredded ...he'll be home in an hour or so..Have a good evening! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Not a lot going on except heat!

Well, since I'm sitting here in the air conditioning figure I might as well get a blog posted!  Tuesday was another hot day here in Nevada, pushing close to 100.  After our usual coffees and visiting with blogging friends I decided I needed another date with the hula hoe.  The only time for that is around 0700 in the am. Slipped my cowgirl boots on with my shorts and headed out.  I wanted to get the weeds that had grown up behind the bunkhouse.  After about an hour and filling the wheelbarrow as high as I could it was time for a shower!! 
My morning's work :) 

I decided to bake a few things after we had breakfast and while it still marginally cool.  Tried a couple of new recipes and they turned out well.  

I ran to Raley's and Ken worked on the patio extension a bit.  He needs some sand to level and fill in the spaces between the pavers.  Too hot in the afternoon so we just enjoyed the living room for awhile.  
Ken's banana applesauce (no sugar added, unsweetened applesauce) muffins on the left,
My banana almond flour on the right..very good! 

Closer to sundown it cooled off some so we went outside to sit in the breeze and enjoy happy hour.  Eventually Ken started some burgers and I started tater tots for him.  I made my own radish tots which were delicious!  

Eventually we called it a night in the guest room once again as it just doesn't cool down at night!  

I did hear from Adam yesterday morning.  He got home at 0500 after driving all night!  He spent 2 days in Bend, Oregon with Lexi, a friend of his and they went climbing  and then paddle boarding.  He had a good time, but wanted to be home for a a day or two before work on Thursday.  

Wednesday morning we woke about 0500 and I started the coffee.  Ken had an 0800 dentist appointment in town so he needed to get going. We are really slow in the am so he needs all the time he can get. LOL... After he got home, we loaded in the Tundra to take a ride over to Cinderlite in Mason to see what kind of sand they had.  

Ken hooked the trailer to the Tundra when we got home and because he had a physical therapy appointment at 1245 he took it with him and then went by Cinderlite before he came home.  He's got two tons of sand! More than enough for his little project. hmmmm..I may have to come up with another one for him :)  

It was a late lunch for us close to 1500.  Just salad, so I'm thinking we'll be hungry later.  He was all ready to go outside and work on the project but once he went outside, the heat changed his mind! 96 degrees and in the sun..nope! 

It's nearing 1700 so we'll probably head out in a bit for Happy Hour.  We're waiting for a phone call as Karen called about 0540 this morning saying that they were on the way to the hospital in Carson City as it looks like baby Amelia will be born later today. She asked us to let Mugsy out and to check the water for her chickens.  No problem.  

Christina and boys were at Top Golf in Roseville, CA today.  Stole this pic cause the boys are so cute! :) 

Jacob, Seth, Mason and Jackson

Tomorrow looks like a run to Walmart and then Friday Ken has an eye appointment in Reno.  Guess i'll have to make a run to Total Wine as we're right there! LOL...Have a great night everyone! 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Sofia's 4th bday..Firewood and Bridgeport, CA. :)

Saturday morning we got up early and headed for the Washoe Lake area to pick up a load of firewood that Ken ordered.  The property is  set against the beautiful mountains in that area.  What a zip code!  Beautiful homes and ranches all the way back. 
Our beautiful Flag blowing in the breeze..

Sunset last Friday Night

Really nice wood and definitely a full cord.  Sammy and his brother Jose loaded the trailer and after some nice conversation we said our good byes.  Certain we'll be using Sammy again for wood.  
Saw this lone tree while in the truck..cell phone tower probably..

Some of the unspilt wood..ours was done perfectly! 

I loved this place..simple lines and decking..

Mason jumping in Loon Lake

We headed to Walmart in Carson City for a few things and then we headed home. We were going to be having a really late lunch if we went all the way, so Ken suggested a Chinese Place called Chopstix.  We ate there one time quite a while ago and it was ok.  I remember we said we'd go back if ever we wanted to.  Well, we won't go back.  The hot and sour soup was very bland and neither of us were impressed with the entrees.  Oh well. 

 Seth jumping in Loon Lake..

We got home, unloaded everything and then a little later we headed over to John and Karen's for little Sophia's 4th birthday.  Her grandpa John got her a battery operated UTV and that was definitely the hit of the party with the few kids that were there. Karen bar b qued some awesome burgers and there was tons of food! We visited out under the misters on their deck and a great time was had by all.  
Miss Amber, due date Aug 4th...

There's the Birthday girl..waiting to open presents..
her mom, dad and brother Cameron 

Casey, Isabel, Cameron..
Amber and friend Priscilla..

Grandpa John giving Sofia her own UTV!  She loves it!

Sunday morning we were talking about what to do.  It was supposed to be a 100 degree day so we knew thee wouldn't be much getting done outside with the heat! We decided to take the car and some lunch and head for Bridgeport and the campgrounds back there just to see how it looks on a Sunday.  Bridgeport is only 74 miles or so from here and then add another 9 to the campgrounds.  

Mason and Eric jumping in at Loon Lake

Had a lovely drive and extra nice in the air conditioning.  We got to the campgrounds and the temps were in the low 80's.  Took a drive to the end of the road where there is a full service campground (we don't stay there).  Watched the people and then went inside the boat rental place to get an idea of what they charge.  Not bad!  
On the way to Bridgeport...

Bridgeport Lake ..it's so full this year!

The Marina at the end of the lake..Pontoon boats for rent..

All those umbrellas and EZ UPs are people on the beach..

There was a bank of 3 phones..one being used! There's no
cell service back in this area..so go old school! LOL

One reason we don't camp here...too crowded! 

Our lunch and drinks :) 

Beautiful Twin Lakes...

We then headed down the lake and it was time for lunch and because it was special, beer and a glass of wine!  We had met Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan for breakfast so not much lunch was really needed.  We had crackers, cheese and some deli ham while enjoying the view! It's so gorgeous back there. 
Bridgeport, CA on our way in...

On our way out!  Lots of special memories in that area!

Then we moved on down the lake and visited a few spots.  Decided to be lakeside for another glass of wine and a beer.  We talked about when we could come back and hopefully the grandkids can join us. :)   

Then it was time to head back home and see what was going on.  HEAT!  Inside relaxing.  Thunder and lightning started up so outside we went. It was still hot but enjoyed watching the show. Eventually it was time for dinner and Ken wanted quesadillas again.  Ok, that's easy.  Eventually, bedtime.  
See why dinner is late and too much wine is drunk? 

Who can go inside with skies like these?! 

There ya go! 

We slept in the guest room for that welcome air conditioning so this morning it was 0600 before I plugged in the coffee.  Did some checking in with our blogging friends and got the day started.  Going to be another hot one, so anything that needs doing outside better be early.  Ken watered all the plants that aren't on a drip system and started the trees going on drip.  Most of my stuff was inside.  About 1100 we took the quad and trailer next door to give Karen the chairs that went with our old table we gave her.  Visited a bit with them and saw the decking work John got done yesterday.  Unfortunately they'll be hiring someone to finish the project as he got called for a job in CA.  He wanted it but wanted a few more days.  The way of the working people.   We'll probably head over for happy hour a little later.  

I've been pretty lucky to hear from the wandering grandson (Adam).  He spent two nights at Mt. Rainier, Washington. He was only about 2 hours from the border of Canada so he decided to go.  He said he'd be mad at himself if he was that close and didn't do it.  Had a very easy border crossing going into Canada.  He said the border agent was very nice.  He drove about an hour to a provincial park and the campgrounds were totally full!  He stayed at the park and took pictures then headed back to the border.  I guess US didn't approve of such a short visit to Canada so they searched his car.  They said he didn't have enough camping equipment!  He's a 20 year old!  What do they expect?!  He had food, tent, sleeping bag and some clothes.  Anyway he wasn't happy w the US Border girl!  haha.  He drove towards Mt. Rainier for the night.  He's headed home now, but was in Bend, OR last night where he met up with Lexi who he's spending the day with today.  They're supposed to go climbing (lord knows what) and then paddle boarding.  Hoping he's having a good day!  He plans on being home tomorrow, which will give him a day before he goes back to work on Thursday.  Not sure when college starts but he's already committed to our camping trip. A special THANK YOU to all who responded on FB regarding my question about $$$$..

 Seth, Mason and Jacob have already said they want to go too. :) Haven't heard from Aaron, but basketball may get in his way..we will see :) We're looking forward to the 4th of August to start a few days at Bridgeport camping with whatever boys we get! :)   Decided to rent a pontoon boat for one of the days so they boys can enjoy fishing the lake :) 

Below: Eric and Seth jumping in the deep water...

It's 97 degrees so we're just chillin with the air-conditioning.  Looks like there may be some more thunderstorms later, as clouds are rolling in. 

Have a great evening :)