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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Another catch up! A new project for Ken :)

I have no idea where the week goes!  Here we are again and it's Wednesday! 

Friday night was a good night at the Super 8.  I brought dinner from stuff we'd cooked all week so no going out was needed.  We enjoyed just relaxing in the room. 
Ghost Pirate..or so Ken called it when he told
ghost stories to the young grandchildren! OOHH..
Low Tide ..

Boys at Low Tide..

Mason with a little crab..

Beautiful! Dillon Beach

Saturday morning Ken wasn't feeling great, so we decided to just stop by my sister's and leave our gift for 1 year old Cassidy.  We were both disappointed not to stay, but we did see her!  She's such a cutie :)  Visited for a few minutes and then hit the road.  
Happy 1st Birthday Miss Cassidy!! 
Big Brother Owen, with his sword we got him..just because

My sister Linda's pool ;) 

It was a mermaid party! 

Decorated so cute ;) 

Saturday was also our youngest son's birthday.  Russell turned 41 and he had plans all day long.  I wouldn't expect any less!  
Happy Birthday Russell! 

We had to stop in Minden to pick up Ken's prescriptions that weren't ready on Monday when we left.  Homeward bound.  
Near Hope Valley, Ca

Highway 50..you can see Lake Tahoe in the distance! It was
a gorgeous blue!

Sunday and Monday were stay at home days. :) Spent the days getting caught up and getting things done. It's been hot, too hot! Karen and her daughter Isabel came over for Happy Hour so we were able to sit out front in the breeze and chit chat awhile. Later that  night we headed straight for the guest room, as it has an air conditioner.  Just too hot to sleep in our room. 

Her daughter Isabel..

Tuesday morning I decided the hula hoe and I needed another date.  After visiting with our blogging friends, I headed outside and spent about an hour digging up the stuff that keeps growing back.  I don't mind doing it, as it's about the only thing I do outside in the summer.  It has to be done early before those evil lizards start to wake up. haha.  

After a much needed shower, while I was making breakfast we decided that it was time to head for Walmart and Lowe's.  We got a later start than we like, but it worked.  Lowe's is in Carson City about 70 miles from here.  We headed to Walmart first for some groceries etc. Then it was Lowe's as Ken's got a new, small project to take on.  It was nearing 1400 so to our favorite Chinese restaurant and linner. Hot and Sour soup that is delicious and then schezauhn chicken for both of us.  I only eat the meat and veggies, but the portions are huge so brought home my rice and the leftover entree.  
Eric is off this week, so stole this pic from their day trip
to Truckee and Tahoe..

Love this pic of Seth and Mason!

We stopped by a place in Silver Springs to see if they had the 16x16 red patio stones we were looking for.  Lowe's doesn't carry them.  This place does, but because it was after 1600 they were closed. :( Oh well, that's what tomorrow is for right?!  We headed home, put away groceries and enjoyed a quiet happy hour with the two of us.  I did end up eating some salad for a late dinner as I was hungry.  Thought we'd watch the end of Jurassic Park in our room, but as soon as our heads hit the pillows we were out.  About 0300 I woke up hot and yucky so I headed for the guest room and that welcome air conditioning. :)  I didn't wake Ken as he was sleeping so I guessed he was comfortable. 
This cute thing was on the window of Ken's garage..

Nice full moon on Monday..

About 0530 I started the coffee and woke Ken.  After our checking in with friends I decided I needed another date with the hula hoe.  I headed out for another hour or so and then inside for the much needed shower.  Breakfast was around 0930 or so, later than we like, but on days like this outside needs to be done first (at least my outside).   

Ken had therapy at 1100 and we had a small salad lunch after he got home.  I decided to ride along with him to Silver Springs to get the patio stones.  Too hot to be outside and the house was clean inside.  We actually took a drive through the area the first house we put an offer on before we bought this one.  Honestly we know there was divine intervention that one didn't happen.  Our neighbors would have been pigs! They had trash and so many non running vehicles. We're so much better off here! 

I sat in the truck while Ken loaded 35 of these stones, 35 pounds a piece. Wow are they heavy.  I felt guilty, but like he said there wasn't anything I could do.  Then we headed home and I decided it's time to get caught up once more :) 
35 Stones..


This is the area we are extending..well, I'm the supervisor LOL

Last week I wrote some notes to me about 3 of our grandsons, now it's time for the last two...

Adam, our first born grandchild.  He went everywhere with us from the time he was a baby. His first camping trip was with us to the beach at 4 months. He's going to college and working 2 jobs this summer.  He got on with the state as a Park Aid and he cooks at a pizza parlor in Georgetown. 
I like to think that we influenced his love of travel.  He's our Adventurer in the family.  
Park Aids all get a week off during the summer. There he works 10 hour days Thursday thru Sunday.  He took off a little time from the pizza place and Monday morning he headed out by himself.   Monday night he was in Bend, Oregon.  He was supposed to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, but she got called into work. So he headed further north. We didn't hear from him last night but he called this morning. He was on a hike at Mt. Rainier, Washington.  He told me it was so beautiful and yes he was enjoying himself all alone.  Hopefully he'll send me some pictures! I love how he appreciates nature and the beauty.  I think he'll do just fine in this life. :)
Adam's first night in Bend, OR. He was at a dispersed
campground. NFS..Tuesday night in NFS campground..he was
the only one there..so he slept in the car.  Where will he end
up tonight?  I told him hopefully a Mt. Rainier campground. 

Jacob, our third born grandson by 8 days (Seth was first)..first thing you notice about Jacob is his height.  He's about 6'4" now at 17. The next thing you notice is his beautiful smile! With Jacob you see that smile a lot!  He loves basketball and is really good at it.  Before graduating high school this June he made the decision to join the Navy.  We are very proud!  He has now decided to be an air traffic controller in the Navy.  He realizes this is a great career goal for when he gets out.  They are needed everywhere and of course they are paid well for what they do.  He's working this summer at a sushi restaurant but has told the Navy recruiter that he would take an earlier leave date than January.  We've watched him grow up and into a fine young man with goals and lots of humor. 

We've got one story that I never want to forget.  When he was younger, he'd have issues (nothing that serious) at school and he was telling us about what happened.  Ken said to him "Jacob, why do you do that when you know you're going to get in trouble?"  He looks straight at Ken and says "I know Papa, but sometimes I just can't help myself!" Lord knows we've said that sometimes too...

Happy Hour time! Have a great evening!


  1. What a nice catchup post, you have been keeping busy and dealing with the heat like most of the country.

    1. Thank you George..yeah it's hot and no pool access like you have! LOL..

  2. The heat is always better than the extreme cold in my opinion although many would disagree! Lots going on in your life. Don't feel guilty about not moving many of those stones! They are heavy and men are just built differently. It will be another nice area when finished.
    Cute story about Jacob getting in trouble in school. :)

    1. We are looking forward to getting it done, but that's Ken's job LOL...I had to share the story, cuz you never know down the road if I'd remember it..Loved the story about your Bridgette...

  3. Hopefully Ken is feeling better from his ailment. You definitely have to pace yourself with this heat especially when working on outdoor projects.
    All your Grandsons are Unique in their own way and you can be proud of them all.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the AC.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick! They are definitely different, just like our 3 sons. Yep Ken's back to his old self thank goodness! Yes this heat is dry, we don't have the humidity, but it still does me in! Ken can handle it better after 40 years of outside work, but it gets to him more now that he's older.

  4. Good to see Ken is well enough to move all those pavers. I love Cassidy's blue eyes. And I love the recap of the grandsons. How awesome to have all these memories recorded.

    1. Yep he's doing well! Cassidy is a cutie and yes she has beautiful eyes. Thank you for the comment about recorded memories which was why I started the blog, so I could remember! It's just a bonus that other people read my blog!!

  5. It's a full time job for you just keeping track of the goings-on of all the grandkids!
    Hope Ken takes it easy with the pavers. It can be hot and heavy work. I love the truck and grader he is using to level the area! :-)
    Stay cool!

    1. Yes those boys are busy! It is hot and heavy work, especially these last few days. But you can't keep him down. Yeah the truck and graders are 45+ years old and still running fine :) Nice to hear from you Dave!