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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Grandsons are here!

Monday morning Ken and I were out the door pretty early headed for Gardnerville and Walmart.  Once inside we went our separate ways and I did the grocery shopping.  He had other things to pick up. 

He finished before me and went to the car.  He called his brother Don and left a message.  As I was checking out, he found me and said he'd been waiting an hour and a half..hahaha..no it wasn't THAT long.  I did have a  sizable bill though! 

From there it was Raley's and prescription pick up.  Ken's weren't done though so there will be another trip this week.  Darn..

Got home got the groceries unloaded and the boys showed up about 1240.  Yay!  We're thinking Aaron hasn't been here in about a year, as basketball and football keep him busy.  Some things don't change as one of the first things he said was "Grandma, you got sandwich stuff?"  Of course.  Made a couple of sandwiches as Seth wasn't hungry.  

They hung around and we caught up.  Seth actually was tired after driving so we didn't see much of him in the afternoon.  Aaron and Mason decided in the heat of the day to take a quad ride, so Ken got them all ready to go.  Showers were certainly needed when they got back.  
Aaron and Mason ready to ride!

Bye boys!

Ken bar b qued some delicious chicken for dinner and I made a rice dish and corn on the cob.  They boys enjoyed it!  

Earlier in the afternoon we watched this beautiful piece of 1972 history pull into John and Karen's RV area!  We had to go check it out! She's going to have so much fun decking it out!  Runs like a champ and the a/c works beautifully as John gave us the tour.  

Lot's of these signs through out..LOL..

Very nice bathroom in the back

Above the toilet..

Wood paneling is certainly 72! Lot's of storage..

Has a bed that pulls out and a bunk on top..

Gotta love green shag carpeting..

Nice dinette that makes into a bed..all the coverings
are in really good shape

Cute mural in the kitchen

Nice sized kitchen..

Karen's chair..this is her new toy!

Close up of the front..

After the boys were fed, we ran next door for a later Happy Hour and visiting with the kids.  The boys were playing video games in the bedroom.  

Tuesday morning I woke up about 0600 and got the coffee going.  We took our time and then got up and going.  After my shower Ken let me know the boys were up and hungry (shocking!)..French toast, bacon and eggs were on the menu this am.  After they ate, Ken and I had our breakfast. 

I cleaned the kitchen and made some mashed potatoes to go with dinner later.  The boys wanted to go quad riding, so they left around 1100 or so.  They were only gone a little over an hour but had fun.  They also came in hungry again!  Sandwiches and chips all around and then some more video games.  Later, Mason and Aaron took another ride, as Aaron wanted to learn how to ride the 400, it's a clutch.  Mason took him out to learn. Came back with "nailed it!" so another can drive clutch. 
A small view of their backyard..

Seth and Aaron



Papa and Seth

Backing up and ready to go!

A fairly slow afternoon, but those are nice once in awhile.  Ken did some things outside, but it's hot!  Now we are inside enjoying the air conditioning until it's time to bar b q!  

Enjoy your evening.  Happy Hour time coming up!


  1. What fun time with the boys they do enjoy it there. Nice looking older coach seems to be in very good shape.

    1. Love having them for sure! Summer just seems to fly and before you know it they are back in school and sports! The motorhome is in great shape and I know Karen is crazy about it!

  2. It's so nice that your Grandsons enjoy coming to stay for a while. Soon Seth will be away and you'll miss him.

    1. Forgot to say that I love the signs in the old motor home. Karen will have fun sprucing it up!

    2. I do love them being here! Believe me I know that about Seth..still seems so hard to believe that soon he will be a Marine! Karen is very excited about making it hers! ;)