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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Run around day, working on a cabover, Grandkids are coming!

Thursday morning we left early and headed to Carson City to drop off the Tundra for its 75,000 mile service. The last one on the warranty program that is fully covered. I met Ken there and we took off for Reno and Total Wine. Surprised me as i didn't know that's where we were going, so I got on my phone and made the order.  

We headed to Sierra Trading Post Outlet. Ken was actually looking for some new shoes as his tennis shoes are pretty worn (out).  He didn't find anything but I found a cute top and a dress. I haven't bought a dress since we retired nine years ago! This is a cute seersucker, and takes me back to 7th grade! 

After that Total Wine to pick up the order and then to Carson City to hit Walmart and our Chinese lunch.  Then to Toyota to pick up the Tundra.  We have a new battery with a charge of course, but guess it was needed.  They had said it was almost time, last servicing.  
The start of our beautiful sunset...

And there it is! 

No filters..just our beautiful skies!

We headed next door for a short Happy Hour with Karen and Amber.  While there we looked inside this old cab over camper that the original owners had left. It's been in the yard hoping to be used as a guest room for years.  I know Karen has no time to get it cleaned before her company arrives in a few days.  I volunteered to do it for her on Saturday.  Mainly just 
8 years + of sand and birds that have visited inside (yuk).  There was a small hole on the side that let the birds in.  

Friday morning, was a deep clean day for me.  Living in the sand and wind this place gets dusty easily and sometimes it just gets to me.  Also, the little green room got changed around. It's about the only room in the house that can be changed so I do it a few times a year when it hits me LOL..

Where the time goes, I don't know as I still didn't get it all done.  That's what tomorrow's for right?!  
We had a windy afternoon, tried sitting outside and it was just too much. In we came and after a bit heard a loud noise on the front porch! Looked out and the wind had blown our loveseat over the edge of the porch taking our marigold plant with it! A perfect storm! 
Our porch loveseat went flying...

The damage..

In between the ice chest and porch swing is where it flew from

You can kind of see the wind in the trees..

John made a surprise early visit home, so we went over to welcome him home and ended up back at home at 2230! Oh well. 

Saturday morning I was up by 0500 and then woke the hubby.  He was going with me next door to help with the cleaning and fix the hole in the cab over.  Boy am I glad he did.  I can't believe how long it took and how hard we worked.  So glad we did it for them and of course they are very appreciative.  
I started sweeping before I took the pic
but there's lots of sand everywhere!

Bed is made and ready for company 

Kitchen won't be used but it's nice and
clean..you couldn't see what pattern the
countertop was when we started! 

About 1700 went home to take a much needed shower (again) and then I started on the broccoli pizza.  We've been wanting to make it since I saw George's cauliflower pizza the other day!   Ken came home after having a beer with John and had a shower himself.  I didn't know it but Karen's daughter Lynzee and family had gotten here so he got them settled in our bunkhouse and fifth wheel.  As it turns out the little cabover at Karen's was also already going to be used for the next week! Good timing to get it done!
Mine, was so delicious 

Oyster, mushroom and olive..Ken's

Once Ken was out of the shower we proceeded to get the pizza toppings on and then we headed back over to Karen's to chit chat with everyone for a bit.  Not a late night as we wanted to enjoy the pizza and we did!  
Our beautiful sunset as we
got home

I woke up about 0300 and took a long time to get back to sleep.  Of course that meant a 0630 awakening! Now, because it's Sunday I'm taking my time getting going! Looks like a warm 92 degrees today!

Got a text from Grandson, Mason and looks like they will be coming over on Monday! YAY! A happy grandma and papa! Sounds like there will be 3, Seth, Mason and our other grandson, Aaron.  Guess I better hit the grocery store tomorrow before they get here!  :) 

Finally got the day going and decided to make a few treats.  I baked a cake to take next door since they have a lot of kids there.  For the first time I made some low carb blackberry muffins with almond flour.  We'll see in the am how they are, but they sure smell good!  Then for the hubby I made his applesauce oatmeal muffins. We should be set for a bit. :)  Decided to have ground turkey tacos for dinner, so got all that done.  At about 1530 Ken came inside and as he said "I'm done" I was ready to say those exact words! 
I only made half a batch of blackberry muffins..just in case
I don't  like them..

Ken's applesauce oatmeal muffins..with chunks of apple
and raisins. No sugar or artificial sweeteners added! 

He said it's hard running an RV Park haha.  He had to change out a light in the outhouse, find a fan for the fifth wheel, new propane bottle for it, hooked up to water so they can take showers if they want and other things.  They should be set for a bit! He took the cabover next door so when Isabel and her family get here they can stay in that.  Looks like the boys will be in the house this visit!  

Happy Hour with the hubby time! Have a good night everyone! 


  1. You guys have been very busy as usual and lots of fun company again, Enjoy your time with them.

    1. Thanks George we will enjoy I'm sure..glad they are coming again. Won't belong before 2 of them are in the military and it will be far between visits. Gotta enjoy while we can!

  2. Looks like you kept busy helping your neighbours and giving new life to the old RVs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Family Visit.

    It's about time.

    1. It was actually fun (and hard work) to see the difference a few hours made! IT's being put to good use already! Yep excited for the gkids to get here!

  3. OK...now I'm tired from all your work. I know cleaning that camper was a lot of work but there's that great feeling when you see it so clean.....job satisfaction. I want an oatmeal applesauce muffin!

    1. It was a lot of work, but nice it's being enjoyed already! I'd gladly make you some muffins!

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