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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Happy Birthday Bryan! From Oklahoma to Ely, Nevada, Home tomorrow..


Happy 51st Birthday to our oldest son, Bryan! 
Cheryl got him that flag! Made in America! :)

We left Bartlesville Ok on Thursday morning. We decided to have breakfast in Pawhuska at Buffalo Joe's. The reviews were good, sounded like all the good ole boys ate there. 

I decided to splurge and have a side order of biscuits and gravy..uhh don't bother. If I'm eating all those calories it'd better be excellent. NOT. Definitely not what i'd expect out of Oklahoma. LOL. The omelet was ok. Ken had a scramble but definitely we've seen and tasted better. Along with the fact that we were there and maybe 5 other people, it took forever to get our breakfasts! We definitely wouldn't go back. 

Before that, because we were looking for a cinnamon roll to split with our morning coffee we stopped at Daylight Donuts in Bartlesville. Got two, because they were small. Ken had $3.00 and change out and it was $5.42 for two. WHAT?!!! It's been forever since we've even been in a donut shop, but won't be going back anytime soon! LOL. 

Got the day going, planning on staying off the interstate for as long as possible. A beautiful ride through Oklahoma and into Kansas. Ken drove and then I did for awhile too. 

Just out of Dodge City, KS

We planned on stopping in Garden City, KS for the night, but it was still early so we thought let's stop in Lamar, Colorado just over the border a bit. 

We found online a motel there that was of the Route 66 style. It worked for the night and most importantly the a/c /heater unit worked well with the fan running all night. I hate when the fan goes off, until temp is reached and then comes back on. I like to feel the air movement. 

Friday morning got going, another beautiful drive through Colorado. Such a beautiful state! We ended our day at Green River, Utah. Never paid so much for a Motel 6 that was packed! Yes it's a tourist area being near Moab, but oh boy the prices for motels is ridiculous! Most motels were filled and expensive. Noticed this morning that there were alot of young Asian people staying there. 

We got going, with the goal being Ely, NV which is where we are now. Took a little mud drive out to the Ward Charcoal Ovens. We wanted to see the campground that's been put in since we were out there years ago. 

Just out of Green River. UT

We didn't stop much the last few days as we've been through the same roads so many times over the years. 

So here we are in our room, enjoying Happy Hour on our last night of this vacation! Ken's watching a movie on his phone and I'm getting this done. A nice motel, but couldn't get the TV to work. The girl from the office came down and it looked promising, but didn't happen. She offered to call her manager but it's not that important. Again, more of a route 66 motel. Seems it's been here forever and being renovated. We have parking in front of the room, which is what's important to us. Seems most of the chains nowadays are being built with hallways inside. 

Time to get some dinner and call it a night! Tomorrow it'll be Happy Hour with the neighbors and to see if the pups still remember us! Have a wonderful Saturday night! 😊🍺🍷

Baby Phoenix and his mom at the park πŸ˜€

Baby Phoenix looks a little worn out
from park time! πŸ’™

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Hazen, Arkansas to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Visited Pawhuska today and a good Mexican lunch! Headed west tomorrow! :)

 Yesterday (Tuesday) we left Hazen, Arkansas about 0900. We had a good drive and worked our way to Bartlesville, Oklahoma pretty easily. WE got off 40 on what was stated as a toll road, but we never paid any toll. It took us nicely through Tulsa, Ok. 

We arrived at Motel 1 around 1500. I found this motel on Hotels.com but didn't want to book it as we weren't sure how crowded it would be and if we could get a 1st floor room. So, we paid an extra $10.00 a night but still, at $59 a night we were ok with that. We have a huge, remodeled room with a king bed, upscale bedding and everything new. We'll take it! 

We spent the evening relaxing and then had our chicken and salad that I had made at Bryan and Cheryl's before we left. 

Bryan bought Cheryl a new weed eater, Looks so cute

Love their little place in Arkansas!!

This morning we knew we were headed for Pawhuska to spend most of the day. We took our time and then went next door to have breakfast. A good, but not great one. Probably wouldn't go back, but out the door for $22.00 including tip. 

Then we headed out the 22 miles to Pawhuska. We stopped at the Frank Phillips park for a few minutes. Phillips founded the Phillips Petroleum Company in 1917 here in Bartlesville. 

The 940 is back where it belongs at the Bartlesville Depot
over 100 years old

I went inside the cab of the 940 

We parked in Pawhuska and then toured the town. Not our first time as we were here in 2015 when it was just a tiny, run down town. Ree and Ladd Drummond had just bought the building that would become The Mercantile. 

The girl in the car took us on old US 60 to Pawhuska. Obviously
this used to a business of some kind at one point.  

The corner building, which is now the Frontier Hotel

Brands fro different ranches in the area

Drummond Ranches

Looking at the Boarding House, Ree's Hotel. They have a 
Happy Hour out there in the afternoons for guests. Reservations
area booked way out! 

2nd story of the Mercantile. There's a bakery, we were looking 
for a cinnamon roll for coffee in the am. Only with maple icing.
Don't you think they could have cream cheese and maple?? 

This Pharmacy was on many episodes..their claim is a 
1950's soda fountain..

Not quite, but you're in cattle country! 

I had too! Russell and Seth! πŸ’™

I loved watching her shows on Food Network and making some of her dishes over the years. Still do. We don't get Food Network anymore so I haven't see the shows in years. Loved watching her kids grow up on the ranch. 

We've been back several times through the years and watched the town grow and be revitalized. Last time was 2018 though. 2019 Ken had shoulder issues and then of course 2020 and forward was a bust. 

We definitely enjoyed today, but probably won't make this a destination anytime soon. There is growth, and it just doesn't seem as personal as it has been in the past. The prices in the Mercantile are up there and stuff you can find at any gift shop in my opinion. First time I walked out of there spending no dollars! 😱

We did buy a couple of little things at a vintage store, but not the sale of the day! LOL. 

We left there and headed to what was our favorite Mexican place for Linner. They no longer have wine (WHAT) but beer and a full bar! So I had a margarita with the meal. Food was still awesome and more than I could eat for sure! 

22 ounce Dos Equis and 18 ounce margarita. I'll take it LOL. 


We left there and came back to the room to have happy hour and just relax. Tomorrow we move on. 

Christina and Eric are on a mini vacation...

Grandma Wendy bought baby Phoenix a pool. I think he
loves it! 

       Eric and Christina are in Berkley (of all places) to see Willie Nelson in concert 

Time to get this finished and enjoy the rest of the evening! Tomorrow we should be somewhere in Kansas if all goes as planned!        

Monday, April 22, 2024

Left Bryan's house for Cornersville, TN. A quick but wonderful visit with family! Hazen, Arkansas for the night, on to Oklahoma tomorrow!

 2nd post on 4/22. 

Saturday morning we left Bryan's about 0800. Hugs good bye and we were on the road!  

Cheryl's squash and taken over the day before we left! 

Bryan's new zero turn mower sure makes things easier!

Ken and Bryan solving the world's problems! πŸ˜ƒ

Coming into Memphis! 

We hit highway 64 to avoid I40 for awhile. Coming into West Memphis we hit the freeway and crossed the bridge into Tennessee. 

This is one reason we hate I40! A little road work and this
is what you get! Their side was worse than ours, but ours
was bad!! 

Well, we've learned our lesson, we will never (and I always say "Never say Never") come into TN and drive I40 ever again! 

We got to Don and Dana's  place just after 1530. We visited a bit, they fed their bottle fed calves and then we they took us out  to dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in town. Herradura Taco Cantina is the name. Well, there was too much excellent food! The plates filled the table with no room to spare! Prices were good too, considering it was dinner time. Would we go back? Every time we visit we will! The only bad thing? I didn't think to take pictures!! 

Aren't they adorable! ?

We visited some more and called it a late night on the back deck. Yes, it was cool but a beautiful night. πŸ˜€

Yesterday morning we got up and got the day going. We visited and visited! About 1130 our niece Jennifer and great niece Bella came to visit! It was great seeing them as it's been awhile. We haven't seen Dana for over four years either! 

Jennifer and the babies! 

Bella πŸ’™

It was a great afternoon just visiting with everyone! Jennifer had to leave to get ready for her work week late afternoon. 

Dana made us an incredible dinner of baked ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. YUM!!! 

A Thanksgiving Dinner! YUM!

After dinner Don took us all for a ride to see the growth that's happening in Cornersville and around. New homes going up where they shouldn't be..too many people moving in. 😞 Hoping to keep TN a red state for sure! Don and Dana have 70 acres, so they should be good in their little corner of the world! 

Got back to the house and it was just too cold to sit out on the deck once again. We all got together and watched some TV. We had never seen "Curb your Enthusiasm". That's hilarious! It was a late night before going to bed LOL.

This morning (Monday) we left their place about 1015. Hugs all around and we were on the road! We didn't want to be in a hurry as we had no destination in mind, other than to get past Memphis. 

Yes, it was a little windy and cool!!! 

This time we took Highway 64 all the way across to Memphis. OH so much better! No pictures as I drove most of the way. I gave the car to Ken when we hit the freeway LOL. 

Tonight we are about 45 miles east of Little Rock in Hazen, Arkansas at a Super 8. Great price, 1st floor, car right outside the door and newly remodeled. We'll take it! 

Tomorrow our goal is Bartlesville, OK. Wednesday we hope to spend the day in Pawhuska, OK, Pioneer Woman's town. 😊 We haven't been since 2018 so I am looking forward to seeing the changes that have been made. Thursday we'll focus on heading home. I am looking forward to the next few days for sure. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€

Last week we celebrated two birthdays! Our middle son, Eric turned 49 on the 19th. Grandson Adam turned 25 on the 21st. Adam's dad, Bryan will turn 51 on the 26th! How are my kids and grandkids so old!?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My cute little car in its' parking beautiful parking spot! Only cost us $238.00 in
gas to get to Bryan's house from home. 1999 miles! πŸ’™

Erin, Adam's sweetie sent me this picture today. They went campingat Bishop, CA for Adam's bday. On the way home they had to stop at Walker Burger, a tradition. When Adam was small we went to Bishop for many years for Mule Days, Memorial Day weekend. It was tradition to stop here and get ice cream. The tradition lives on many years later πŸ’–

Time to get this posted and finish Happy Hour with the hubby! Have a great evening! πŸ’™