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Monday, April 22, 2024

Left Bryan's house for Cornersville, TN. A quick but wonderful visit with family! Hazen, Arkansas for the night, on to Oklahoma tomorrow!

 2nd post on 4/22. 

Saturday morning we left Bryan's about 0800. Hugs good bye and we were on the road!  

Cheryl's squash and taken over the day before we left! 

Bryan's new zero turn mower sure makes things easier!

Ken and Bryan solving the world's problems! 😃

Coming into Memphis! 

We hit highway 64 to avoid I40 for awhile. Coming into West Memphis we hit the freeway and crossed the bridge into Tennessee. 

This is one reason we hate I40! A little road work and this
is what you get! Their side was worse than ours, but ours
was bad!! 

Well, we've learned our lesson, we will never (and I always say "Never say Never") come into TN and drive I40 ever again! 

We got to Don and Dana's  place just after 1530. We visited a bit, they fed their bottle fed calves and then we they took us out  to dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in town. Herradura Taco Cantina is the name. Well, there was too much excellent food! The plates filled the table with no room to spare! Prices were good too, considering it was dinner time. Would we go back? Every time we visit we will! The only bad thing? I didn't think to take pictures!! 

Aren't they adorable! ?

We visited some more and called it a late night on the back deck. Yes, it was cool but a beautiful night. 😀

Yesterday morning we got up and got the day going. We visited and visited! About 1130 our niece Jennifer and great niece Bella came to visit! It was great seeing them as it's been awhile. We haven't seen Dana for over four years either! 

Jennifer and the babies! 

Bella 💙

It was a great afternoon just visiting with everyone! Jennifer had to leave to get ready for her work week late afternoon. 

Dana made us an incredible dinner of baked ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. YUM!!! 

A Thanksgiving Dinner! YUM!

After dinner Don took us all for a ride to see the growth that's happening in Cornersville and around. New homes going up where they shouldn't be..too many people moving in. 😞 Hoping to keep TN a red state for sure! Don and Dana have 70 acres, so they should be good in their little corner of the world! 

Got back to the house and it was just too cold to sit out on the deck once again. We all got together and watched some TV. We had never seen "Curb your Enthusiasm". That's hilarious! It was a late night before going to bed LOL.

This morning (Monday) we left their place about 1015. Hugs all around and we were on the road! We didn't want to be in a hurry as we had no destination in mind, other than to get past Memphis. 

Yes, it was a little windy and cool!!! 

This time we took Highway 64 all the way across to Memphis. OH so much better! No pictures as I drove most of the way. I gave the car to Ken when we hit the freeway LOL. 

Tonight we are about 45 miles east of Little Rock in Hazen, Arkansas at a Super 8. Great price, 1st floor, car right outside the door and newly remodeled. We'll take it! 

Tomorrow our goal is Bartlesville, OK. Wednesday we hope to spend the day in Pawhuska, OK, Pioneer Woman's town. 😊 We haven't been since 2018 so I am looking forward to seeing the changes that have been made. Thursday we'll focus on heading home. I am looking forward to the next few days for sure. 😋😀

Last week we celebrated two birthdays! Our middle son, Eric turned 49 on the 19th. Grandson Adam turned 25 on the 21st. Adam's dad, Bryan will turn 51 on the 26th! How are my kids and grandkids so old!?? 😂😂
My cute little car in its' parking beautiful parking spot! Only cost us $238.00 in
gas to get to Bryan's house from home. 1999 miles! 💙

Erin, Adam's sweetie sent me this picture today. They went campingat Bishop, CA for Adam's bday. On the way home they had to stop at Walker Burger, a tradition. When Adam was small we went to Bishop for many years for Mule Days, Memorial Day weekend. It was tradition to stop here and get ice cream. The tradition lives on many years later 💖

Time to get this posted and finish Happy Hour with the hubby! Have a great evening! 💙


  1. I would have loved to see pictures of Mexican food from TN....next time. You all know I am no way shape or form a "farm girl" but, once, in Stanwood WA I had to feed the calf. The calf survived so I guess I did OK. I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home.

    1. It was such good food and way too much of it! Thanks Elva, we are enjoying the road trip! :)

  2. That sure seemed like a quick trip! Although I have not had time to read a lot of blogs lately, so I am guessing that I missed a few posts. Safe travels back home!

    1. We will have been gone 3 weeks by the time we're home or so. Thanks Jim, we have enjoyed! :))

  3. The trip is sounding wonderful with mixed feelings, I'm sure, from leaving the kids. Love the farm pictures, they are fortunate to have such a beautiful place.
    Is Adam's ice cream cone upside down? haha
    Oh, by the way, we also vowed not to travel I-40 again but in Indiana.

    1. Yeah, always hate leaving, but know we'll be back in 6 months or so :) Don and Dana have a beautiful place there for sure. Nice to know with their 70 acres they don't have to worry about houses too close. The growth is amazing and not always good. Yep, looks like he got cone in a bowl :) I don't blame you if the trucks are like TN!!

  4. Beautiful country and some nice looking cattle!!! But oh the mowing!!

    1. It is beautiful. Luckily he only has a few acres he mows, cows seem to do the rest. ;)

  5. We enjoyed your visit very much, and can't wait for your return. Safe travels home.

    1. We enjoyed so much, next time longer. Thanks for all the hospitality! :)