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Monday, April 8, 2024

Some spraying, Arkansas bound, Wendover, Utah and now Laramie, Wyoming for the night

 Last Saturday the weather cooperated so we could spray the weeds that pop up yearly at our place. We'd been waiting for good weather and it finally happened. No wind and mild temps. 

It was so pretty sitting on the quad, while Ken was spraying 

In the morning we each did our thing and then around 1100 or so I got on the quad and Ken followed behind with the magic wand to spray. We didn't want to be gone for a few weeks and come home to a jungle in the desert. 

With that done we knew we could leave for Arkansas on Sunday morning. Saturday evening we headed next door for a good bye Happy Hour with John, Karen and Linda (who's visiting from So Cal). Hugged the puppies too! 

We wanted to leave about 0700 but got out of there 0730, so that's ok. We thought we were going to go 50/70 across but when we were nearing Ely, NV decided to head up to I80. You know how that goes LOL! 

For a small car it holds a lot when the seats are folded down

Highway 50 on the way to Austin, NV

Mc Gill  NV quiet little town on a Sunday!

We drove to Wendover, UT just over the Nevada border and got a room at the Super 8 there. Very reasonable and newly remodeled, everything in the room was brand new. We enjoyed our evening with Happy Hour and then we had oven fried chicken, potato salad and coleslaw that I brought from home. Reminds me of when we were kids heading to Arkansas to visit grandparents and cousins every summer. Mom would cook up a storm and we'd eat in the hotels. Every once in awhile Daddy would go get us hamburgers (Not McDonalds) and fries in whatever town we were spending the night. I can still smell the smell of the paper it was wrapped in 😋

Gotta say hello to Wendover Will! 

This morning we got out of there about 0730 (we were hoping for 0700) LOL. We had breakfast burritos I brought from home and we heated in the Hot Logic and then at lunch sandwiches I made this morning in the motel room. This way we can drive and eat LOL. We are on a mission to get there! Hopefully on the way home, it'll be easier driving. 😊

A little weather nearing Salt Lake City

Utah, out of Salt Lake City

Tonight finds us in Laramie, Wyoming in a Motel 6. Why? We wanted a place we can park right outside the room and carry things in from the car. We have everything we need with us, so a simple room is ok. Price is right too! LOL. 

Tomorrow we hope to be around Lincoln, Nebraska and then we'll go from there! 

Happy Hour and a movie. Life is good! 💙


  1. I love the views! It looks like a great drive to take.
    Your food always sounds so good!
    Enjoy the journey. Safe travels.


  2. You are driving through some pretty country. We like staying were we can park right outside the room, also. As long as it is clean and the bed is decent we are happy. Your food from home sounds delicious. Continued safe travels.

    1. Thanks Tom and Deb! Pretty much we unload everything at night so like to be close!

  3. Amazing how you two will jump in the car and go half way across the country. Wears me out just following along. Wishing you safe traveling.

    1. Well, we didn't quite just jump, but luckily weather cooperated for spraying and we could go! :)

  4. So lucky you got a hotel. On our cattle buying trips, we used to park the pickup (with only a front seat) behind the gas station in Wendover, where we tried to sleep. It never went well. I do love that country!!

    1. Sure has changed over the years, but we love it too!

  5. What Great little trip. Glad you could get away.