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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Heber Springs Arkansas! A trip to Greers Ferry, just enjoying time with family!

 April 11th  we left Branson MO and headed for Heber Springs where our son Bryan and wife Cheryl settled last August.  We had a beautiful drive through the Ozarks and landed at Bryan and Cheryl's about 1300. We ended up having a later lunch and just visiting with them. 

One of the reasons we're here. Ken got the hearth done and
                the basic fireplace in. We have to find the kit and 
rest of the parts for when we're back in September/October. 

Cheryl made an awesome sheet pan chicken and veggies for dinner. YUM. 

All the days run together honestly. I Know Bryan barbecued an awesome tri tip one night and we had cauliflower pizza one night. I made cabbage lasagna and that lasted two nights with a caesar salad. Every night was delicious food! 

Bryan's place 

Planning for where the firepit will go! 

Chery's garden on the day we got there! 

                                             They've got six chickens

Cheryl and I went to the thrift store in town, but i ended up with nothing. They have a beautiful nursery just down the road from them. Got a few plants for her.

We went to Lowe's in Searcy, Arkansas to pick out bricks for the fireplace. Got what they needed to get the job started. We took two cars just because. Cheryl and I went to TJ Maxx just for fun. 

We did make a trip to the local liquor store, as Cleburne County is dry, so we had to go to the next county to pick up some beer and wine. You do what you have to do 😁 Bryan bought us sweatshirts from our favorite Arkansas liquor store 😀

We did go to the Aarow Cafe one morning (Saturday I think) I had a great brunch with a chicken sandwich. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered. 

Yesterday we took a ride around some of the town roads and ended up near Greers Ferry Lake. Beautiful. 

Today we decided we were going to brunch at Bentley's Restaurant on Greeers Ferry Lake. It was awesome, we all enjoyed it! It is a dry county, so no alcohol was served. The iced tea was awesome though! 

We took the long way home and it was beautiful! After we got back to Bryan's, Ken and I headed for Walmart once again, to pick up stuff I can cook tomorrow to start getting us home again. 

We are heading to Ken's brother's home in TN Saturday morning. We don't have long to stay, but figure a little is better none at all :)

Tomorrow is a cooking day for me, to get ready for us to start heading home. We'll be back end of September or beginning of October to finish the install. Hopefully Adam and Erin can come near the same time! 

Bentley's Restaurant. Great food! 

Bryan playing out there with Raider! 

Ok, this had a place of deja vu. Night before I had a dream that Ken
drove into the water somewhere and my car and us went under.  Ken and
Bryan thought this would be the way home rather than listening to the girl in the car. Sign said "Road ends, water
1000 feet" UH..heebie jeebies!! 

I posted this post last week and then realized it needed some tweaking. Didn't get to it until today. The days jar fly by. 
At this point we've left Bryan's and gone to TN to spend a couple of days with Don and Dana. Now we are headed home and are in Hazen, Arkansas for the night. Will be posting a new blog shortly 😁

Happy Hour with the Hubby!  Have a great night!! 

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