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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A very moving good bye to our nephew Michael..and today we're back home in Yerington

Yesterday morning we took our time getting ready and arrived at the cemetary about 1030.  Alot of people were already there and a little after 1100 the service for Michael began.  The Army did an incredible job with the ceremony.  Captain Collins was a simple down to earth Chaplain and captured Michael and his spirit true to form.  His sisters, Chelsea and Tara also spoke and did it beautifully.  Michael, you are with some special angels in heaven and we all miss you here!  
The flag at half mast..Sacramento Valley National Cemetary..

After leaving the ceremony area we went and visited with mom and dad for a few minutes.  

Russells family, Bryan, Eric and Christina

Dave, Ken and Emmy near mom and dad

Our 3 incredible sons! We don't get them all together very often

We headed to Bryan's house in Georgetown for the night and had a good visit there.  Cheryl made some awesome homemade clam chowder (I don't eat it but enough people raved).  

Adam worked his first few hours at the hotel yesterday doing some weedeating and painting.  Today we woke up to rain, so he won't be working, maybe tomorrow.  

Was able to make plane reservations this am..going Southwest it was at least $200.00 cheaper round trip than any other airlines.  So that's done! Everything else is gravy!

Had a beautiful drive home up Highway 50 today...a little snow but just enough to make everything pretty! 
Highway 50

Coming into Mason Valley NV!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home to Yerington and now we're in Dixon CA

Got up yesterday morning in Winnemucca and were at the Dr's office by 0800...a few vials of blood later and back to the rv park.  I made coffee (yes, because we couldn't have any)...scrambled eggs and cheese and a nice pan of grits!  Yummy..we were headed home about 1015.  3 1/2 hours later we're back home.  Got the trailer cleaned out and moved.  I gave the tin another coat of aging solution (bleach and vinegar) and then we had leftover spaghetti for dinner.  

What was our property in Winnemucca..he's planted lots
of trees

Matt's property next door

The RV Park in Winnemucca..

This morning we got up and going and probably left home a little after 1000.  Stopped at the Apple Cafe in the Camino, CA area and had a great lunch.  We've eaten there a few times before and the food is really good.  A little Korean lady runs it and she's really sweet.  
Coming down Highway 50

Inside the Apple Cafe

They have a really nice outside seating area

The view from outside

Sacramento traffic at about 1500...

After that continued our journey to Dixon, where we are at the Super 8 Motel for the night.  Tomorrow night we'll spend at Bryan's house and then home on Saturday.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looks like a Washington DC trip in June!

We left Yerington this am about right after 0900 and headed for Winnemucca!  We arrived, got some gas and headed for Walmart, and the tax place to drop off taxes...We had a great lunch at Wonderful House, our favorite Chinese place in town...We really like Las Margaritas Mexican, but thought this would be the less of the two evils...

Then we took a drive out to where our property was just to see what the new owner had done.  He has $$ and has done a really nice job with the property.  Added trees, and had his containers moved closer, then fenced in an area of the property...looks really good!  Just goes to show what $$ can do..again we are happy we made the move to Yerington as we are so much closer to grandkids and kids.  Winnemucca is beautifu though...

We dropped taxes off at Swensons...so in a few weeks we'll see what happens for us..I don't feel good about it this year as Ken just got SS and we sold the properties..(even though we lost $$)   so we'll see...

We are at the "man camp" in Winnemucca...full hookups, great showers for $10.64..great cable hook up and now wifi...awesome!  Tomorrow am we have appt for 0820 for our bi yearly labs at our drs...and then we are having eggs, grits and english muffins for breakfast...then we'll head home for the night..loving this trailer!! 

This afternoon heard from Cheryl that Adam got the dates he wanted for DC and the National Student Leadership Conference...so Diane and I are planning on heading for DC with him...We will all go a few days early and visit with Annapolis and West Point..then he'll go to class and Diane and I will do our thing until the 26th when he's done...Great trip I'm thinking....

Monday, February 23, 2015

The hallway project has begun!

Saturday morning we headed for Lowe's and bought some stuff for the hallway project and the roof repair.  After we finished we headed for Lou's Bistro..chinese food.  It was very good..one of those places that was hit and miss on if it was worth going back for.  So we had decided a few months ago not to go anymore, but glad we decided to give it one more try.  It had sold and so much better food!  The hot and sour soup is incredible!  

Doesn't really look like hallway stuff huh?
But it is!

Ken sanding the spackle..dust everywhere by the time
he finished!

Sunday...We were home all day. Ken patched the floor in the hallway as we're putting the new floor over the old.  Where he patched was where the lino was pieced together and they had a seam in the floor.  There's still more near the bathroom where they had a washer and dryer originally and he removed the trim so that has to be glued down.  

Monday, today Ken got some wood up in the hallway and I love the way it looks!  We found with the wood we chose that it's definitely rustic so I painted some stripes down the hallway ceiling so when the wood is up you won't see bright white on the ceiling it should blend in. 
Our beautiful morning yesterday...

The ceiling "striping"....

My beautiful ceiling has started! Wish we could stay home
to work on it some more!

I worked this afternoon on "aging" some corrugated tin.  It's really shiny when u buy it and I want the old look.  Found on the internet that a solution of bleach and vinegar should do the trick.  It already looks better.  
The "aging" process has begun...

We head for Winnemucca tomorrow and come back Wednesday afternoon.  Then Thursday we'll leave for the Sacramento area for a few days.  We'll stay in Dixon on Thursday night, and Friday night at Bryan's house, home on Saturday.  Then I can get Ken back to work :)

Adam called yesterday and said he got his first job!  He will be working at the hotel where his mom Cheryl works.  They'll have him doing whatever needs doing, he was so excited.  Guess Cheryl's boss had told her he planned on paying him $8.00 an hour..so the boss asked Adam so what do you want..he told him that some of the other places he worked had given him $10.00 so the boss said ok, i'll pay you 9...that's what Cheryl makes at the hotel!  

Saw that Seth and Mason are going to be playing baseball this spring!  That'll keep their mom and dad extra busy!  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

PIcked up the Tundra...home and today to Lowe's in Fernley...

Had a great breakfast at Boomtown Thursday am.  Then we headed to Cabela's  as Thursday they usually get their ammo in and we were looking for 22's...didn't happen.. but Ken did get some boots there that he's really happy with. 

Headed over to Carson Toyota after a few stops..Sam's and Ross.  I dropped Ken to pick up the truck and I went to Ross down the way and he met me over there and we traded vehicles.  I love the Tundra!  So there we separated and he headed to Walmart in Gardnerville and I did a little running around..Stopped in Gardnerville Raley's to pick up a prescription and did a little grocery shopping.  

Friday...we just hung around home.  Ken got up on the roof to see what he could do about tying the two roofs together better.  Amazing that a contractor did this stuff..and where they tie together leaks everytime we have a little rain. Leaks in the hallway and since we are redoing the hallway can't have that!  So he's got a plan..he pulled up some of the trim in the hallway and sanded the spackle on the walls.  He did some tree trimming outside too.  

We watched the movie Mask last night..we had seen it many, many years ago..but what a good movie!  So sad, had me crying all the way through. Great acting by all the major players, Cher, Sam Elliott (who is so hard on the eyes :) and Eric Stoltz!  So glad we just ordered it through ebay.  Thinking the grandkids will like it...

Today....Saturday...woke up just in time for two episodes of Pioneer Woman my favorite cooking show...and we're heading for Fernley this morning to pick up a little flooring and other stuff for the roof and hallway!  Yayy!!  Probably a lunch stop for Chinese food.  

Cheryl and Adam called last night..he's got his weekend full of work!  The neighbor across the street hired him for yard work and they're giving him $10.00 an hour and tomorrow he works again for the Librarian, and is meeting Cheryl's boss at the hotel in town for a little work there too.  Cheryl said he comes home and gives her the $$ for his DC trip..application and check has been mailed so just waiting to hear back that it's a go!  

Saw on FB that Russell is at a training today and he took Jacob with him..awesome that Jacob gets to see what his dad does! 

So we'll enjoy the weekend and then Tuesday head for Winnemucca..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Work around the house...Boomtown today..

Yesterday we worked around the house, Ken worked outside cleaning up tumbleweeds everywhere!  Looks so much better now...joys of living in the desert..however, we have no yard to mow!  The weather has been incredible, able to have a fire morning and night, but warm enough during the day to open the doors..crazy!  
Gluten free apple muffins..I took the recipe for apple hill cake
tweaked it to rice flour, applesauce and egg beaters..awesome!!

Set the alarm this am so we could get going as we had to be at Carson City Toyota at 1000.  Ken took the truck and I took the Patriot..picked him up and off we went shopping.  Headed (not on purpose) to Dillards in Reno...my friend Deanna (from Winnemucca) loves that store..we looked around, I tried on a few things, but that store is overwhelming...gotta say.  

We left there stopped at JC Penneys, but nothing thrilling..So off to High Sierra Brewing for lunch..first time there and it was awesome!  Good beer and great food!  
OMG IPA 6.8%...at High Sierra..and Chardonnay

Inside the brewery

Ken had the Awful Awful Burger..1/2 pound burger..1 pound of fries
$9.00....I had a chipolte wrap...it was awesome and so was the burger!
They have happy hour every day!  We were too early..this

Looking at the brewery!

Another look at the brewery...

Entry through Baldini's Casino! 

After that we took the long way (not on purpose) to the Meadowood Mall and Sears...well, after a long while I did end up finding some clothes! yay..Since I retired I am basically a jeans, sweatpants and shorts girl...not much occasion to get dressed up..and that's ok...but it's so hard to find just nice simple clothes..but we did.  

Ken was looking for some boots but not to be found..so maybe tomorrow before we pick up the truck and head home.  

Now we are at our $14.99 + tax room in Boomtown!  Awesome!  All in all a great day!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

We're home!

Thank u Grandma....my cream pitcher..love it!

WE got home yesterday about 1630..a nice drive but windy.  We knew there was a huge windstorm while we were gone so we expected some things to be turned over and moved.  Some lawn things had fallen over but nothing too bad.  

Dry lake bed along 95..windy!

Inside the house by the laundry room there was sooo much sand.  Had blown in through the security screen door and the back door!  Would have been cool to be here and see it when it happened.  Both air conditioners had sand and dust all over..something to see! 

Our gorgeous sunset last night!

So this am we got up and I got  started on cleaning up the dusty, sandy mess. Did tons of laundry and everything looks nice and clean now.  Trailer's all ready to go again.  

Wednesday we're taking the Tundra in for service to Reno so we're going to stay at Boomtown for the night and pick it up the next day.  Guess they haven't figured out yet we don't gamble!  But for $14.99 a night during the week hard to pass up.  

Made our appointments for next Wed for our twice yearly lab tests in Winnemucca so we'll probably take the trailer there and spend Tuesday night as the tests are at 0800...little far from here to be there that early.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amargosa Valley Campground....and HOME today!

Sunday morning we're waking up here in Amargosa Valley just outside Death Valley on Highway 95.  We've got about 250 mile drive today so we'll be home this afternoon!  

Yesterday we pulled in here about 1330 after having lunch down the road a bit in the trailer.  Gotta say we love this trailer!  Found a few things that need to be fixed under warranty, but no biggie we'll get it in soon.

Pretty much stayed inside yesterday afternoon and watched some cheesy Airplane movies.  I was trying to get some pricing for airline tickets for Adam's trip to DC.  Have to wait to make sure he gets into the session he wants and then the tickets can be booked.  Good thing not making them now, as they are running anywhere from 500 to 600 round trip.  ahhhhhhhhhhh...

Made some homemade pizza last night for dinner!  Whole wheat pizza dough (this was the best I have ever made)...don't know what I did different except the baking powder was brand new..anyway awesome! 
Ready to go into the oven...

After it's cooked...my veggie, onion, mushroom, asparagus and cheese
Ken's oyster, olives and mushroom...


Saw on Facebook that Russell and Lori's weekend consists of basketball, basketball and more basketball!  Go Jacob and Aaron!

Eric and Christina spent the evening at the BMX track with Seth and Mason!  Sounds like a good time was had by all out there!  

Adam is doing some fundraising himself,  he did some yard work for the Librarian in Georgetown and is booked for a few more places.  Glad that he knows he needs to participate and is willing to work to make this trip happen.  Also, the fact that Bryan and Cheryl are encouraging him in his work ethic and he knows it's not just handed to him. 

 That's how our boys were raised (of course we didn't have it to hand to them) and all 3 of our sons are incredible young (well not so much young anymore) men and all work hard!  I still remember when they started driving, they all worked after school and would give me their insurance $$ every month!  Gee, do I sound like a proud mom?!  You bet! 

Internet too slow..will post pics later!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2 great days at Lake Havasu and now homeward bound...Lake Mead Campground..

Thursday 13th...Took our time getting ready...a nice bicycle ride and then headed to town..looking for a US Bank that the internet said was there...NOT...closed about 2 years ago..so then we killed a little time till noon..and headed for Mudshark Brewery..wanted to try out their flight of beer and then we decided to have lunch there...awesome everything! 
Mudshark Brewery Lake Havasu AZ

The flight is gone!  $5.95 for 6 five ounce beers plus the one they
brewed that day!

I'm not much of a beer drinker, but the one on the left
White Belgian Ale..yummy!  The other Desert Magic Ken
really likes.

So it was about 1400 by the time we finished decided to head back to camp and just veg for the rest of the day..well until Ken said how about another bike ride..so off we went.  It was short only about a mile and a half or so..but some nice hills to get the ole heart a pumping...mine anyway!   
Gotta love the sunset!

This coming weekend is Rockabilly...happens every Presidents day weekend. So we were treated to some nice practice music on Thursday night...nice enough we might just reserve the same spot and come back next year!  

So after a nice evening and good nights sleep we were out of the park about 1100 yesterday.  A couple of hour drive through AZ and then into Nevada we are back at Boulder Beach where we were a couple of weeks ago.  Got our same site and it's only for one night, as we are both ready to get home and get back to work on the house project.  
AZ highway 93...

Highway 93..love the scenery...

Nearing Hoover Dam..

Saturday 14th...We woke up here at Boulder Beach, Ken's going to run into town for a couple of things and then on to Armagosa Valley Campground for tonight...we could make it home today, but why?  We'll have about 250 miles tomorrow.  Beautiful morning here, sun is shining, windows open!  
Our site at Boulder Beach...same one we had before..

Ken's growler ...Tun Tavern glass..and my gin and diet tonic..
way too strong...but yummy!

The last of the growler...

Happy Valentines Day!  

Just a side note...Cheryl was filling out the papers for Adam's trip to DC and called the school to get his class ranking...the kid is #4 of 94!  Not too shabby!