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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A beautiful morning hike and now we're in Lake Havasu State Park!

Wednesday am..we set the alarm so we could get up and get out before it got too hot!  So off we went uphill...but it was beautiful.  We went to the top of the trail and then over the freeway on the people overcrossing to check out the trail on the other side.  Ken's done that trail before, but I hadn't..so we got over there, hiked up the hill (uhhhh) and so I said, well it's only a mile so why don't we continue...yeah I know not the brightest statement.  So off we went, and other than one scary point on the trail, it was certainly beautiful and I am glad we did it!  
Ken at the top of the trail...

Looking down on our trailer and site from the top of the view

Another view...couldn't believe how high and quick this
trail was...
Can u see the wooden steps headed uphill?

This is after we crossed the freeway and headed UP

Loved the bench at the top..

More of the trail

A beautiful Sagaruo

This is looking down at the steps heading back to camp

How do u like this Ninny?!

It was a nice trail!

Got back to camp and it was only 0840!  So breakfast, showers and buttoning up the trailer for our 25 mile drive...grueling!  We left camp a little before noon and headed over to Lake Havasu.  Got our spot and off we went to town to pick up a few things.  Well, that wasn't fun, because this town is very busy this time of year with snowbirds.  Tomorrow will be our day to be tourists...

Back to camp and I made potato salad to go with the awesome burgers Ken was bar b quing..

Then we sat outside and watched the water for awhile.  It was really windy so eventually we came inside, but we have the same view inside looking out with these windows in the trailer!  

Lake Havasu AZ

Our campsite #43

Our view from camp!

This is how we roll in the evening (well, almost)

Dinner!  I know I shouldn't, but like Grandson Jacob says,
"Sometimes I just can't help myself"...yummy

Ken's...the anaheim chili was the icing on the cake!

Talked to Russell last night so it was good to get caught up on the boys, basketball and Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts!   

** Don and Dana, you are in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers, we love you!** 

Today is February 12th...my daddy would have been 96 today! Love and miss you so much! 

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