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Monday, February 2, 2015

Cottonwood Cove to Needles, Arizona...

We left Boulder beach after 2 great days there!..  We drove 50 miles to Cottonwood Cove ...Lake Mohave (part of Lake Mead)...nice area and nobody there!  There were two other campers in our camping area but that was it!  We took a walk down near the water which was really nice (except for the guy playing LOUD mexican music)...but it was a beautiful area.  You could see the swimming beach would be really nice in the summer..I'm sure it's really hot as it's outside of Searchlight NV..not sure I really want to be there in the summer.

From Boulder City going toward Lake Mead..

A house outside of Searchlight NV
thought it was cool on top of the hill

The beach area at Cottonwood Cove

Had a nice night, tacos for dinner.  We got up this am and got out of there around 1000...we drove a whole 70 miles to Needles, CA and the KOA there..We've stayed here many times over the last several years.  Good stop over before Parker so we could do some laundry.  Temps are awesome...I read my kindle outside this afternoon and this evening we sat outside for a while.  Saw across from us the people had their little happy hour and Mike came over and told us we could come share their heat..people from Washington state and Canada..if we were here for a few days we probably would have..but we were almost ready to come inside..tomorrow we'll head for Parker AZ and LaPaz County Park..(hopefully) until Saturday when we have reservations at Buckskin Mtn State Park.  Love this area of the country..so beautiful and thinking warmer!...

Needles, Ca always has memories for me..When we were kids this was our stopping point on the way to Arkansas every year.  We'd stop and have schnitzel and homemade potato salad or fried chicken..whatever mom made..1985  when we headed for Arkansas with our kids and Mom and Daddy...we were in the Mojave desert when the car (1971 Chevelle)... had problems so I had the kids in the back in the camper of daddy's courier and we (mom and me and the kids)  drove into Needles to the Motel 6 where we had reservations...mom made schnitzel...(I remember that)  it was July 4th and we were in the pool that night because it was so hot..when Daddy and Ken pulled in..Daddy actually drank beer coming across the desert as he didn't think they would make it...(he wasn't driving)  but by the grace of God they did...next day we only made it to Kingman, AZ as they worked on the car that morning..

After that a great trip!

Our campsite at Cottonwood Cove 

Our view from the campsite

On the way out this am

KOA Needles CA

The full moon

Love the sunset...

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