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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Work around the house...Boomtown today..

Yesterday we worked around the house, Ken worked outside cleaning up tumbleweeds everywhere!  Looks so much better now...joys of living in the desert..however, we have no yard to mow!  The weather has been incredible, able to have a fire morning and night, but warm enough during the day to open the doors..crazy!  
Gluten free apple muffins..I took the recipe for apple hill cake
tweaked it to rice flour, applesauce and egg beaters..awesome!!

Set the alarm this am so we could get going as we had to be at Carson City Toyota at 1000.  Ken took the truck and I took the Patriot..picked him up and off we went shopping.  Headed (not on purpose) to Dillards in Reno...my friend Deanna (from Winnemucca) loves that store..we looked around, I tried on a few things, but that store is overwhelming...gotta say.  

We left there stopped at JC Penneys, but nothing thrilling..So off to High Sierra Brewing for lunch..first time there and it was awesome!  Good beer and great food!  
OMG IPA 6.8%...at High Sierra..and Chardonnay

Inside the brewery

Ken had the Awful Awful Burger..1/2 pound burger..1 pound of fries
$9.00....I had a chipolte wrap...it was awesome and so was the burger!
They have happy hour every day!  We were too early..this

Looking at the brewery!

Another look at the brewery...

Entry through Baldini's Casino! 

After that we took the long way (not on purpose) to the Meadowood Mall and Sears...well, after a long while I did end up finding some clothes! yay..Since I retired I am basically a jeans, sweatpants and shorts girl...not much occasion to get dressed up..and that's ok...but it's so hard to find just nice simple clothes..but we did.  

Ken was looking for some boots but not to be found..so maybe tomorrow before we pick up the truck and head home.  

Now we are at our $14.99 + tax room in Boomtown!  Awesome!  All in all a great day!  

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