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Monday, February 16, 2015

We're home!

Thank u Grandma....my cream pitcher..love it!

WE got home yesterday about 1630..a nice drive but windy.  We knew there was a huge windstorm while we were gone so we expected some things to be turned over and moved.  Some lawn things had fallen over but nothing too bad.  

Dry lake bed along 95..windy!

Inside the house by the laundry room there was sooo much sand.  Had blown in through the security screen door and the back door!  Would have been cool to be here and see it when it happened.  Both air conditioners had sand and dust all over..something to see! 

Our gorgeous sunset last night!

So this am we got up and I got  started on cleaning up the dusty, sandy mess. Did tons of laundry and everything looks nice and clean now.  Trailer's all ready to go again.  

Wednesday we're taking the Tundra in for service to Reno so we're going to stay at Boomtown for the night and pick it up the next day.  Guess they haven't figured out yet we don't gamble!  But for $14.99 a night during the week hard to pass up.  

Made our appointments for next Wed for our twice yearly lab tests in Winnemucca so we'll probably take the trailer there and spend Tuesday night as the tests are at 0800...little far from here to be there that early.  

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