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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amargosa Valley Campground....and HOME today!

Sunday morning we're waking up here in Amargosa Valley just outside Death Valley on Highway 95.  We've got about 250 mile drive today so we'll be home this afternoon!  

Yesterday we pulled in here about 1330 after having lunch down the road a bit in the trailer.  Gotta say we love this trailer!  Found a few things that need to be fixed under warranty, but no biggie we'll get it in soon.

Pretty much stayed inside yesterday afternoon and watched some cheesy Airplane movies.  I was trying to get some pricing for airline tickets for Adam's trip to DC.  Have to wait to make sure he gets into the session he wants and then the tickets can be booked.  Good thing not making them now, as they are running anywhere from 500 to 600 round trip.  ahhhhhhhhhhh...

Made some homemade pizza last night for dinner!  Whole wheat pizza dough (this was the best I have ever made)...don't know what I did different except the baking powder was brand new..anyway awesome! 
Ready to go into the oven...

After it's cooked...my veggie, onion, mushroom, asparagus and cheese
Ken's oyster, olives and mushroom...


Saw on Facebook that Russell and Lori's weekend consists of basketball, basketball and more basketball!  Go Jacob and Aaron!

Eric and Christina spent the evening at the BMX track with Seth and Mason!  Sounds like a good time was had by all out there!  

Adam is doing some fundraising himself,  he did some yard work for the Librarian in Georgetown and is booked for a few more places.  Glad that he knows he needs to participate and is willing to work to make this trip happen.  Also, the fact that Bryan and Cheryl are encouraging him in his work ethic and he knows it's not just handed to him. 

 That's how our boys were raised (of course we didn't have it to hand to them) and all 3 of our sons are incredible young (well not so much young anymore) men and all work hard!  I still remember when they started driving, they all worked after school and would give me their insurance $$ every month!  Gee, do I sound like a proud mom?!  You bet! 

Internet too slow..will post pics later!

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