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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our last day at Buckskin Mountain..all day enjoying the beauty!

Got up to another beautiful day here at Buckskin Mtn State Park!  We took our time this am as we weren't going anywhere.  Took an early bicycle ride around the park as we figured later it would be too hot.  

Spent some time down by the water just enjoying the peacefulness of the water today...I read my kindle...love that thing!   
Kayakers on the CA side...

Our chairs down by the water...Thanks Bryan and Cheryl
for the chairs...love them!

A nice lunch of chicken sandwiches for Ken and I had salad..yumm...Then some more front water sitting until it was time for the RV walk...Really windy this afternoon, which we hadn't really had before, so we're inside a little earlier than normal this evening. 

Another view from the campground on our RV walk

Looking across to CA

Sunset ....

Tomorrow am we are taking a walk up the mountain, it's a trail that Ken has been on before and I haven't, but figure if we get up early and it's cool i'll go...uhhh...looks like beautiful views though..then we'll get ready to head to Lake Havasu State Park for two nights..

Cheryl talked with Adam's counselor who wholeheartedly endorses the conference Adam has been invited to in Washington, DC so now to find a way for all of us to make that happen for him..

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