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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day trip to the Big Q...

We knew this am that we were going to head to Quartzsite today just to be nosy and check out how many RV'ers were still there.  We had a nice bike ride around the campground before we left.  

Had a great drive to Q.  The traffic coming north was incredible.  We did see before we left Parker that there were lots of RV's boondocking near town!  What's going on...?  Turns out there's a big race the Parker 425 going on this weekend.  Lot's of big money in town!  

Rv's boondocking

The Big Q

A front yard in Q...

Amazing the amount of people still here...with the flea markets..

So we headed to Quartzsite about 1030 or so and it's only 35 miles or so from here.  We were surprised when we got near how many rv's are still there!  So we played tourist and stopped at the flea market in town.  Saw lots of stuff...but nothing really jumped out at us and anything that did we couldn't afford.  We would like to buy an ore cart, but the one Ken liked was $1000.00 or more...so no on that...

I found a milk glass with cream separator that I liked so got it...Thanks Grandma Gardetto used your Christmas $$ on that.  

We went to lunch in Q at the Stagecoach Restaurant...nothing fancy but it worked...probably wouldn't go back..then headed back to the campground.  

Nice and warm, but when the sun goes down..really cool temps..

Our sunset tonight

So beautiful!

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