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Monday, August 31, 2015

We're home until Wednesday...

Woke up Saturday am to a beautiful sunrise and headed for Rio Linda.  We got there and KC and Ken loaded the wood...there's lots of it!  Filled the 20 foot trailer and the back of the Ford.  

Our beautiful sunrise on Saturday from our driveway!

When they were finished we headed for Black Bear Diner and had a nice lunch. Then Ken and I left and headed for home.  Got back about 1800.  The Burners are on the move.  So it made for a interesting trip watching them all head for the Playa.  

Yesterday we were home all day except I ran to the grocery in town..my home away from home it seems.  Ken worked on wheel bearings on the Jayco and trailer.  Got those done, so today (Monday) will be unload the wood day.  

I'm making plans with my sisters and Diane.  Looks like the wekend of the 12th we will head to somewhere, probably Sonora and spend the night.  Seems I never see my sisters anymore except on special occasions so we decided to have a girls trip.  Looking forward to it! 

Got a couple of pics i'll upload later today.  

Just watched "Hot Crazy Matrix" on you tube...so funny!  Cheryl said Bryan had Adam watch it...worth 7 minutes! haha

Friday, August 28, 2015

Looks like we're heading for Rio Linda Tomorrow

Well, last few days we've just enjoyed being home the last few days other than a trip to the grocery store in town.  It's been so hot I haven't been outside much. I did do a quick hula hoe one day in the am just to catch the new stuff coming up.  So much easier than when it gets up there.  

Ken worked on wheel bearings on the Jayco and our 20 foot trailer.  He was going to get rock today for the shed and wherever but he talked to our friend KC and he's got some wood for us.  So we're taking the 20 foot trailer tomorrow and heading for Rio Linda for a quick turnaround trip.  

I took the sleeping bags to the laundromat in town today for a nice cleaning..after a summer of boys sleeping in them they needed it..haha..

Today is my sister Linda and her hubby Bobby's 33rd wedding anniversary. Sure doesn't seem that long ago..but Russell was only four when he stole the show by looking up the priests robe up at the altar..and such a nice reception at mom and daddy's house...Happy Anniversary!  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ken's got his new shed!

Well, we waited and waited Monday...Tuesday am about 0730 Everett called and apologized for not making it Monday..but he would make it in a couple of hours.  Ken had actually thought about doing it himself because he's not impressed with people in business who tell you one thing and then don't follow through..but decided to go ahead and have it delivered.  After actually meeting Everett, you can see why he'd get sidetracked and not make it..very easy going likeable guy. He's about the only one in this area who does this kind of thing.  Certainly ordering it from Reno or Carson City we'd have paid alot more and I'm sure alot in delivery fees.  Enough about that, just gotta figure living in the country and a small town things  are different..but that's ok ..right Don?!  Not sure why, but we ended up paying about $400.00 less than we thought..so we're ok with the next day for that discount.

 So after it was delivered we made a run to Fernley to get some concrete blocks, cement and a few other things.  Because of the winds we get out here Ken decided to pour some piers and "tie" it down. 

Wednesday, that's what he worked on and it looks pretty darn good. 
12 x 18  3 sided storage shed

Being unloaded into place

Monday, August 24, 2015

We're back...

Left here Wednesday morning and got to LaMoille Canyon late afternoon.  We decided to take the 97 Ford since it was just the two of us and diesel is about 50 cents a gallon cheaper than gas right now. Elko is about 300 miles from here and LaMoille Canyon another 20 or so.  We found a spot for 2 nights and got set up.  Took a walk around the campground and checked out all the people that were there.  Amazing for a Wednesday evening how full the sites were. So we just sat back and enjoyed the evening and really enjoyed the cool nights!  We actually had to have blankets and in the morning we turned the heater on. Love it!
Getting ready to hit the road

Lake LaMoille 9760 foot

A little lake along the trail

Thursday morning after breakfast we decided to go to the end of the road and do the Lake LaMoille hike...and a hike it was!  The kids did this hike when we were there in July.  So we started at 8800 foot and ended at the lake at 9760 foot!  Definitely uphill all the way!  The hike wasn't hard, and they had a good trail but the air is pretty thin so we were stopping to take deep breaths..but all was good! On the way up the scenery was breathtaking!  There was alot of smoke in the air from the fires..seemed like all of Idaho and Ca was on fire at the same time.  It took us about 2 1/2 hours to do the whole up and down hike..not too shabby for us old folks.  The trail goes on up to a few more lakes but that was enough for us.  There is another one we'd like to do..it's called the Island Lake trail.  It's two miles, same as the other, but another way. We'll probably stop there in September so hopefully we'll get to do it then.  Ended up having a late lunch at camp and then just enjoyed the rest of the day. 

Another little lake..

Such a beautiful area..well worth the hike!


Part of the trail..a few logs and roots

Site 3 our first campsite

Our view from the campsite

Just gorgeous..so much prettier without the smoke

Ken enjoying a well deserved beer or two

The meat bee catcher...it works..

Friday morning we got up and had to move as the site was reserved for Friday night.  We were able to find another site, but wouldn't stay there again, as the meat bees were terrible there, weird how just a different area of the campground was so different.  Funny thing we noticed in the first camp, the day we got there after Ken unhooked the trailer I noticed a "penny from heaven" and picked it up.  Then when I was putting the camp slip on the post, I noticed the next people who were coming in were named Phillips..my maiden name..just one of those things..

Yesterday morning we headed home and arrived here around 1500.  Everything safe and sound and hot!  Took it easy and enjoyed being home. 

Today we decided to go look at the shed that Ken wants for the quads and Jeep.  He called the guy and right now we're just waiting for him to show up with the new shed.  

Well, I'll post pictures when I can figure this damn thing out!!  I really don't like Microsoft anymore!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Headed to LaMoille Canyon for a few days

Spent most of yesterday loading the trailer and getting ready to leave this am for LaMoille Canyon.  It's been so hot here no one, especially me, likes spending too much time outside getting things done so we figured why not take off for a few days?!  Hopefully when we come back it'll be cooler.   

We are wanting a 3 sided metal building to put the quads and Jeep in, so when we were at the fair we saw one we liked.  Ken called Everett and it looks like once we get back we'll probably have one delivered.  Ken could probably build one cheaper, but again time is certainly worth something and honestly I have some other projects for him to work on.  

So far the computer seems to be working fine,  *soon as I typed that it erased the rest of what I had typed*  so, as I was saying, trying to learn this thing and my new phone I haven't figured much out as far as how things work. uhhhh...

Happy 66th Birthday to Ken's brother Dave! 

Ken's brother, Don emailed saying he was ordering propane in preparation for winter.  Know where he's coming from, propane lasts soooo much longer in summer than in winter.  Ken got ours locked in for the price of $3.12 a gallon..doesn't sound like a good deal to me but it's the best we can do here in NV.  I think it's actually cheaper in CA which is shocking that's something is cheaper there..Curious Don what do you pay for propane in Tennessee??

Won't be on here for a few days as there is NO service in LaMoille Canyon so see you in a few days...


Monday, August 17, 2015

We got the computer back!

Spent the last couple of days here at home other than a trip to town or so.  It's been so hot I don't go outside much because it's miserable.  Yesterday we took an hour or so and went to the little Lyon County Fair.  We went two years ago when Diane and Jesse were here for a visit..well, it hasn't changed much and we probably won't go again. Someone needs to put a little effort into making this something worthwhile but they haven't.  Too bad. 

Got a call last night that the computer was done.  Today we headed to Carson City and picked it up!  Seems to be working now and let's hope it keeps up. He said they had 29 computers in with problems so glad they got to ours in a timely manner.  Left there and headed for Wal Mart in Gardnerville, for some groceries and then to Raley's to pick up our prescriptions.  After that,  a wonderful lunch at Carson Valley Inn in Minden.  yummy..

We got home and Ken moved the Jayco so we can load it up tomorrow for a trip on Wednesday.  We decided we're going to head for LaMoille Canyon outside of Elko for a few days.  We were there with some of the grandkids earlier this summer but it's one of our favorite places to visit.  Hopefully it'll be a little cooler there than here.  There's definitely no service there so I'll be back online after we leave there.  

We're thinking next month to head for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.  There is a bike trail there we want to ride (that means it's easy)...so we'll see.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our new computer is back with the geeks....uhh

Yesterday we had  great day at home just cleaning and getting some things done. Ken worked on the Jeep some until he came to the decision that it's a money pit. He talked with Russell and so now we will see what he wants to do.

 Yesterday afternoon we fired up the computer and it was updating..once it updated we couldn't use the track pad to move the screen. Uhhh...Called the Geek Squad and then got online well we decided to take it in today.

 Got going this am and ended up dropping it off at Best Buy ..kid thought he could fix it but he couldn't...got Some other business done and back home to our quiet little place.

 So now we will wait to hear.  Hoping to take a little camping trip next week just because, but it will be after Tuesday as I am waiting for a couple of Christmas gifts to be delivered. I know, but thought I would get a head start.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kids all gone! This is post 500!!

Monday morning we left here about 0745 or so and headed over the hill to drop off Seth and Mason.  Mason was attending a swimming party so we got them home to do just that.  We left there around 1200 or so and debated whether to head up the hill a bit and visit with Bryan and Cheryl but decided if we did that we'd be late getting home.  

Since it was lunchtime we decided to head for Edelweiss, our favorite restaurant in Old Town Auburn.  It's probably been a year or more since we'd been there, but Lina, the owner still remembered what we liked to eat.  Love places like that!  

After lunch had a nice drive up I80 to highway 267 and took a little drive around part of the lake (Tahoe that is) and headed on 50 to Carson City. Faxed a copy to Progressive to get a little money back on fixing of my window on the Patriot.  Then to Verizon to get the new MIFI.  Done..back home aobut 1800 or so.  

Now we're home for a few days, just cleaning up around here. 

Dau in law, Cheryl had been sick for awhile so Bryan took here to Kaiser.  Turns out she was very dehydrated and she gave us a scare there..but everything turned out ok.  She's back home, hopefully taking it easy for a few days..but it's hard to keep her down!  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We're back

Left here Thursday morning later than we planned as I was talking with different insurance agencies and trying to figure out how to send copy of receipt to one of them..anyway got out of here and headed fo we June Lake (only about 110 miles).  We pulled over and had lunch on the way and off we went.  

Well, that whole area is a Zoo!  We drove around and decided we didn't like the campsites that were available and we would have had to move every night until Sunday.  So we decided to head for Bridgeport, we usually can get a site there. 

It was a pretty drive back up 395 as the kids had never seen Mono Lake so they enjoyed that..so nice!  Lee Vining was a very busy place.  Love that area in the fall when the leaves are changing.  

 Got up to Bridgeport and luckily found a nice site in the Honeymoon Flat Campground.  Very nice and near Robinson Creek so the boys were happy. We were able to have a fire and bar b que. 

Seth and Mason at campsite #2..Honeymoon Flat Campground
Seth and a couple of his 7 fish he caught!

Bar B Q and an IPA does it get any better?!

Friday we decided to take the boys over to Bodie State Historic Park.  We hadn't been in several years and they never had.  We took our lunch with us. Had the kids grab some sweatshirts as it looked like it could rain later and you just never know what the weather will do over there.  Couldn't believe all the people in line and all the cars at the park!  You drive 12 miles back, 3 of those on a dirt road. Once we got in we decided to have our lunch and then see the park.  
Ken, Seth and Mason before we went into Bodie

Loved watching the skies!

The little ole Church...

Where some of the rangers live...bet there are some ghosts there

Some of the outhouses are still usable

Not this one..but I loved it!

We all enjoyed the old buildings and such. We really liked watching the skies get darker and darker.  Thunder..then as we're walking up the hill to Dog Face George's Place, about as far out as we could get..it starts raining, then hail.  We hid out for a bit and then decided it wasn't going to quit!  We were freezing. All of us except Ken had shorts on!  Really, who would have thought it was going to be winter in August!  So down the hill we ran into the truck. That heater never felt so good!  We did a lovely couple of hours and the boys enjoyed it! 

Got back to camp and it had quit. Camp host told us it had just quit about 10 minutes before we got back.  So perfect timing.  We were able to have a good dinner, fire and the boys did some more fishing.  
More fish!

The sunset after the storm

Add caption

We awoke yesterday to clear blue skies but decided to come on home anyway as we were out of firewood and we had to move anyway as our spot was reserved for last night.  

Today (Sunday) we took the quads and the old Dodge out for a ride to the BLM land not far from our house.  It's all dirt road so just a nice leisurely drive.  Ended up at the place we like to go shooting so the boys really enjoyed that! 
Seth and Ken ready to go..Mason and I
                                                                         took the Dodge
Seth liked the shotgun and the .40

Mason preferred the .22

Seth is a really good shot!

Quick trip to Scolari's and Papa's famous bar b que burgers for dinner tonight..we know what that signals..the kids go home tomorrow.  Ken and I will drive them over and then stop in Carson City and pick up my MIFI.  The last of what the thieves stole!  

Be home for a bit as there's some clean up to be done, and then we'll see..talking about one more trip before we take the trailer back in for service. 

Been a good, if not quick summer!  Hard to believe it's over! 

I have pics to publish but will be tomorrow ...as long as I can figure it all out! ..then I'll be using my time to post! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Guess who got a smart phone?!

Went over to Sparks to see what was going on...nothing..turns out the Bourbon Street Casino closed down..such a shame as someone put so much $$ into getting it going again and last year it was open and appeared to be thriving during the Rib Cook Off.  So we left there and headed for Reno and stopped at the Peppermill, just to see some cars.  We don't like going during the big Hot August Nights but looking at it while it's setting up is good enough for me!  

Had a nice lunch at Great Basin and then headed to Carson City to see if the MIFI had come in yet.  Well, it hadn't but while we were there Ken asked "what would it cost to switch to a smart phone for Shirley?"....uh oh...So left there with a new phone..surprise, surprise.  

Played with it a bit after we got home..

Yesterday I did some checking and spent a ton of time on the phone with Jeep customer service to see if what Carson Jeep did to my car was covered under the lifetime powertrain warranty.  Turns out it's not..but can't say we didn't try.  Then I decided to go ahead and file a claim with our homeowners for the loss of the computer last week and also Progressive for the window that we had fixed.  Needless to say the day was spent on the phone.uhhh..

So I ran to the grocery store and left Ken with my phone as we were waiting for a callback from Carson Jeep.  The point of this story,  we spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to answer the darn smartphone...it's definitely smarter than we are!!  

Today, getting ready to pick up Seth and Mason..still not sure about Adam, i'll call on my way over and see.  Darn teachers that assign homework over summer!  He has honors English and History this year as a junior and guess they want to make sure they work over the summer.  

Tomorrow we're heading for June lake for 3 days or so of camping.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

An afternoon in Virginia City and a night in Boomtown...

 Yesterday afternoon Ken came in and said "Wanna go for a Jeep ride?"...Well, who am I to say no..Off we went for a bit, it ran so nicely until we were headed back and then as long as you pushed the accelerator it ran well, let off and there's some noise..so he's got another project to look at..oh well..
The Jeep going out the driveway

Love our sunsets!

Got up this am and decided to visit Virginia City for the afternoon before heading for Boomtown for the night.  We enjoyed walking the main street for a couple of hours and then got a late lunch at the Red Dog Saloon.  Ken had a meatball sandwich..which is a rarity for him.  He said it was really good.  I had a salad and a piece of mushroom, artichoke heart pizza..yumm..

After that we walked the other side of the street and came upon the Silver Dollar Saloon.  Our neighbor, Joe likes to spend time there when he's in Virginia City so we thought we'd check it out.  Downstairs and it's a really cute place.  Dollar bills all over the walls and ceilings (reminds me of a place in Locke we used to go to with the volunteers).  Then there was bras, lots of them hanging all over, thinking this place really gets to rocking some nights.  Drinks were cheap so we had a couple.  Then found our way to the car.  Stopped at Whole Foods for some speciality beers and then a stop at  Cabela's and then here we are at Boomtown for the night.  They are busier than we've ever seen but I am sure it's the gear up for Hot August Nights this week.  

Red Dog Saloon where we had lunch

Back of the Silver Dollar Saloon..very busy porch

Down the highway to Reno

Tomorrow we'll check out Sparks before we head back home and see what's going on.  Wednesday I plan on heading over the hill and picking up Adam, Seth and Mason for a few days of camping.  

Ken enjoying a 22 ounce Arrogant Bastard..