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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Headed to LaMoille Canyon for a few days

Spent most of yesterday loading the trailer and getting ready to leave this am for LaMoille Canyon.  It's been so hot here no one, especially me, likes spending too much time outside getting things done so we figured why not take off for a few days?!  Hopefully when we come back it'll be cooler.   

We are wanting a 3 sided metal building to put the quads and Jeep in, so when we were at the fair we saw one we liked.  Ken called Everett and it looks like once we get back we'll probably have one delivered.  Ken could probably build one cheaper, but again time is certainly worth something and honestly I have some other projects for him to work on.  

So far the computer seems to be working fine,  *soon as I typed that it erased the rest of what I had typed*  so, as I was saying, trying to learn this thing and my new phone I haven't figured much out as far as how things work. uhhhh...

Happy 66th Birthday to Ken's brother Dave! 

Ken's brother, Don emailed saying he was ordering propane in preparation for winter.  Know where he's coming from, propane lasts soooo much longer in summer than in winter.  Ken got ours locked in for the price of $3.12 a gallon..doesn't sound like a good deal to me but it's the best we can do here in NV.  I think it's actually cheaper in CA which is shocking that's something is cheaper there..Curious Don what do you pay for propane in Tennessee??

Won't be on here for a few days as there is NO service in LaMoille Canyon so see you in a few days...


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  1. We are locked in at $1.68 through February 2016. That is a new customer price break (not using the same provider as last year), I asked and the existing customer price is $1.78.