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Sunday, August 2, 2015

An afternoon in Virginia City and a night in Boomtown...

 Yesterday afternoon Ken came in and said "Wanna go for a Jeep ride?"...Well, who am I to say no..Off we went for a bit, it ran so nicely until we were headed back and then as long as you pushed the accelerator it ran well, let off and there's some noise..so he's got another project to look at..oh well..
The Jeep going out the driveway

Love our sunsets!

Got up this am and decided to visit Virginia City for the afternoon before heading for Boomtown for the night.  We enjoyed walking the main street for a couple of hours and then got a late lunch at the Red Dog Saloon.  Ken had a meatball sandwich..which is a rarity for him.  He said it was really good.  I had a salad and a piece of mushroom, artichoke heart pizza..yumm..

After that we walked the other side of the street and came upon the Silver Dollar Saloon.  Our neighbor, Joe likes to spend time there when he's in Virginia City so we thought we'd check it out.  Downstairs and it's a really cute place.  Dollar bills all over the walls and ceilings (reminds me of a place in Locke we used to go to with the volunteers).  Then there was bras, lots of them hanging all over, thinking this place really gets to rocking some nights.  Drinks were cheap so we had a couple.  Then found our way to the car.  Stopped at Whole Foods for some speciality beers and then a stop at  Cabela's and then here we are at Boomtown for the night.  They are busier than we've ever seen but I am sure it's the gear up for Hot August Nights this week.  

Red Dog Saloon where we had lunch

Back of the Silver Dollar Saloon..very busy porch

Down the highway to Reno

Tomorrow we'll check out Sparks before we head back home and see what's going on.  Wednesday I plan on heading over the hill and picking up Adam, Seth and Mason for a few days of camping.  

Ken enjoying a 22 ounce Arrogant Bastard..

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