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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Jeep is ready to head for CA...and now I'm sick!

Friday morning we just kind of hung out here at home.  It was supposed to warm nicely according to the weather people, but it didn't happen.  Ken decided to see about getting the jeep loaded into the trailer so we can transport it over to Antelope, CA and our youngest son's house.  

When we did our living trust several years ago we listed some things that would go to each of the boys.  Well, why wait?  The 61 Chevy Impala we gave to our middle son, Eric and now this goes to our youngest son, Russell.  Bryan had our small fishing boat and little fifth wheel and the 357 Ruger gun that was the first  Ken ever bought.  

The jeep's been with us but now it appears Russell is ready for it, so we want to get it over the hill before we leave to go south.  It doesn't run, so it took some work to get it loaded. That's how the afternoon was spent. 
The Jeep coming out of it's home for the last few years

We were able to push it with the Ford to the trailer

A come a long and Grandson, Aaron did the work..

Saturday morning about 1030 or so we headed for Fernley, about an hour from here.  We were heading to Walmart for some New Years stuff.  About 1240 we went across the street to Pizza Factory for some lunch.  I had a Groupon I had bought almost 6 months ago so it needed to be used.  We ordered a large half and half Vaquero/ Pepperoni.  Got our drinks and proceeded to wait and wait.  I honestly think they forgot us and almost 40 minutes later the wrong pizza was delivered.  No pepperoni, so they offered to let us have that one and made a small pepperoni to go.  By the time we got out of there, we knew there would be no quad riding on Saturday.  

Aaron using the come a long to pull the Jeep into the trailer.

Aaron and Mason visiting with Jack the neighbor's dog

It's in, just has to be tied down!
Mugsy, the neighbor's dog ran over to sit on Mason's lap

Unloaded the groceries and I started on cutting up veggies for the macaroni salad and 7 layer dip.  No one was really hungry for dinner so the boys ate some leftover pizza and I made some veggie tacos.  A while later called it a night.  About 0200 I heard talking coming from the kids room, so I figured they're up playing video games. They're on vacation right? 

About the same time, I could feel my stomach was not feeling good.  oh no, then about 0630 let the real sickness begin.  I slept in and felt a little better so got up and made up the goodies for the party next door.  Made the boys a little something and about 1230 back to bed I went.  I didn't wake up until 1530. Had a banana and some applesauce and then back into the bedroom.  Really hoping this is a quick bug as the boys go home on Wednesday and this just isn't what I had in mind!  

Grandson, Adam called and wanted to drive over, but I told him he should wait a few days until the sickness has passed. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and a wonderful new year!  Hard to believe it's just  a few hours away. 

Our last sunset of 2017!  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Fun with the grandkids..Ken's sick..I lost a day somewhere..

Wednesday at about 1100 or so Eric pulled up with Mason and Aaron so he saved me a trip over the hill and we got the bonus of Eric spending the night.  After greetings we came inside and i made them some ham sandwiches for lunch with some of my sisters potato salad.  

We visited a while and Ken and I had lunch of salad at about 1300.  It was a really nice day so decided to run over to the gun range and let the boys shoot guns a while.  Ken had his new one he picked up a few weeks ago to add to the mix.  

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge...

Mason, Eric, Aaron, and Ken

Eric watching Mason

Eric and Ken


Aaron while he waits his turn


Aaron, Ken and Mason

Aaron shooting the new revolver

Ken, Eric, and Mason

Mason shooting a revolver for the first time..

The boys always enjoy so we spent a good hour or more out there.  Then it started to get cold so home we came.  I put out some snacks and Ken mentioned his stomach was a little queasy so maybe he was hungry..Don't think that was it as a little bit later he felt terrible and went to bed.  Now you know he's  sick when he has the chance to visit with his son, have a fire outside and drink a few beers together. We didn't see him the rest of the night as he went from cold to hot, to vomiting..not good.  Poor guy. 

Made some dinner for the boys and Eric and I got caught up.  We didn't go outside and make a fire, but had a nice one in the house.  We headed to bed at about 2330.  I slept on the couch as I didn't want to get sick.  Eric, Ken and I were all up by 0500 and Ken said he felt better.  

Yay..he had some coffee and because Eric was leaving today we headed for Dini's for a breakfast out.  He left from there and we came back home.  
My good looking guys...Ken, Eric, Mason and Aaron..:)

After lunch we decided to head for the BLM for some atv riding.  The boys enjoyed it much.  They always do.  Joe and Stacey, next door got a new Jeep Trailhawk so they decided to try out the 4 wd so they joined us.  As soon as the sun lowered behind the mountains we headed home.  It gets cold quickly. 
Joe and Stacey's new ride..

Climbing hills at the BLM land



The boys riding..


Ken and Joe keeping an eye on them boys..

Up the mountain they go..

Aaron on the 700..he needs a new helmet..(he was stopped here)


Ready to ride!

Sun's going down..

Ken was bar b quing burgers for Mason, Aaron and me.  He was going to work on the leftovers.  He made a great fire in the fire pit outside so I sat with him while he worked on the hamburgers.  The boys chose to stay inside. haha..
Our fire in the fire pit..cold outside..

Mason in the hair..Aaron on the couch..just veggin ...

A great dinner and then Ken didn't feel good again.  He couldn't finish his plate (so you know he's sick).  Back to bed he went and into the guest room I went.  

This morning (Friday) he's better so we'll see what the day holds.  

We are going next door to Karen and John's place for New Years Eve.  I told the boys i need to go to Walmart in Fernley and then we'd go out for pizza while we're there.  Whether to go on Thursday or Friday?  Decided to go Friday as that would give us a day at home to do some things..OK.  So I got to set my alarm last night and it won't let me set it for Thursday..well, duh..It WAS Thursday..I totally lost a day as I was sure it was Wednesday!  So now I'm all confused and don't know when I'm going to Walmart...hahahaahh...uhhhh...

Have a wonderful day!  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Back to Yerington..for the night...

Owen's mommy texted me this picture last night...
We bought him that rifle for Christmas..guess
he likes it :)))

We left the hotel room this morning a little after nine.  I ran down to the lobby and got two hard boiled eggs and two pieces of toast. I had brought 3 eggs from home which Ken had and then he had a piece of toast.  I ate the two from the lobby.  Hit the spot.  Carrot cake is delicious but it's not breakfast. 

We stopped by Walmart and I ran in and bought 2 pairs of cheapy sunglasses as I had left mine at my sister's house.  I never spend a lot on them as I have a habit of losing them or scratching them.  

We headed up the hill, a nice drive and not tons of traffic which was kind of surprising.  The ski resort, Boreal had tons of people, even though they haven't had much snow they're able to make it because the night time temps are so cold. **Click on pics to enlarge **
Interstate 80

I 80 Rest Area...people playing

Mt Rose ski area near Reno...

On we went and made the decision to go home through Minden, so we could visit our favorite restaurant, Carson Valley Inn for lunch.  It was yummy as always.  
Russell gave us the Sacramento Sheriff's Department Challenge
Coin..This is his design..very proud..

I swear this picture does not do it justice! This is the big bird
and it was huge..could only stuff down half of it..

Ken's 23 ounce Laguinitas and my Chardonnay..yumm

I took a nice nap on the way home.  I slept good last night, but I think it's catch up from the other nights (of course wine didn't hurt either..haaha).  
Our Christmas gift from Russell and Lori..going in the Jayco to
head south with us..4 different coffees and two cups..Russell likes
to support Black Rifle Coffee Company because it's veteran owned
and he is one..Marine Corps proud!

Russell got this shirt for his dad..the company is just being built in
Rocklin, CA.  Being a CEO of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts gets
him in on the ground floor. 

Owen's mommy, Chelsea got this for us..beautiful she knows we
are red, white and blue proud! :)

Chelsea's friend hand made the shelf, then she knows I love
Pioneer Woman, Recipe holder, and salt and pepper shakers..
so sweet..

My sister Linda, snuck this in..my mom started on us this collection
years ago..and Linda keeps it up for us :) Mary's Angel series..

From Bryan and Cheryl..love this old barn..rimmed in old wood..

More cups for the Jayco..cute..come on over and have some
coffee with us!

These are lovely..fleece sheets..great this winter here in Yerington!

Brother in law Shawn handed out a bunch of flashlights :)

My sisters and I don't exchange gifts ..but sister Wendy didn't
listen..again Pioneer woman..:)

Brought all our goodies inside and pretty much not much is getting done. I'm heading back out in the morning to pick up our youngest grandsons back in CA. 
Well, that just changed..Eric called and said he's coming to spend the night tomorrow so he'll bring the boys..yay! This momma is happy to have her boys anytime!  

Life is good!