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Friday, December 8, 2017

We're home and Ken's on the mend!

Wednesday morning after a not so good night's sleep I headed to Mc Donalds fora quickie breakfast.  We haven't eaten there in the last few years as we try to stay away from fast food.  I have to say the sausage mc muffin (no egg) was delicious! Sinful yes, but oh so good!  

Got to the hospital about 0900 to see Ken sitting up in the chair.  He'd been out walking the halls a few times before.  He said the nurses seemed to think he'd be good enough to go home that day.  

His nurse, Susan was back on along with the sweetest little student nurse, Chelsea.  We visited awhile and then Chelsea had chosen Ken to be her subject of her test.  Her instructor came in and Chelsea proceeded to do a body scan of Ken.  She started with the head and worked her way down.  She did an excellent job and answered every question her instructor asked.  She came back in after talking with her instructor and she got 30 points out of 30.!! YAY for her!  

I ran to the motel to check out and by Raleys to pick up pain meds for Ken.  Got back to the hospital and Chelsea had told her story to Ken.  She's 19 years old, graduated high school in 2 years.  She left Milpitas at 16 and took her 5 siblings with her.  Moved to Dayton, NV and has been there since.  Holding down 3 jobs (now 2) in order to take care of her and her siblings that now age 17, 16, 14, 13 and 11.  Didn't get into all the details but she said her grocery bill is huge! I can imagine.  Gotta say this is one motivated young lady!  You can't help but like and admire her.  She'll graduate at 21 as an RN.  I've no doubt she'll go far!

I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Carson Valley Medical Center!  The nurses, Jill in pre op, Carolyn and Lynn in post op, Susan B, day nurse, Chelsea student nurse and the night nurse, Rachel (she gave Ken a Christmas card of her and her doggies) were absolutely wonderful!  Don't think we'd ever go to another hospital if we had a choice!  It's small but honestly the care and just the happiness of their workers says a lot about this place!  
Nephew Dusty with the red beard, Jesse with black beard and
our middle son Eric..came across FB as a memory..

Ken's liquid lunch came and a little later the DR made an appearance and told Ken he was good to go.  We pulled into the driveway about 1600.  He was hungry so I made him an egg sandwich and off to bed he went.  We had a little snack around 2000 and then time for bed.  

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we awoke about 0600 and visited with our blogging friends, some coffee and banana bread.  He showered and i made up the bed and cleared Christmas stuff from the guest room bed.  That way he could go in whatever room he wanted.  He was up quite a bit walking so he's doing great.  Some pain, but he quit the pain meds in the afternoon.  He's just planning on Motrin now.  

Thanks for all the good wishes from family and friends.  Bryan and Eric offered to come from CA on their days off to get firewood on the porch or anything else we need.  Our neighbors have offered help too. As I've said before, We are blessed.  

Still dealing with cold temps our wood stove has been going nonstop. 12 degrees this am..warming up! hahah..Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Glad that he is recovering so quickly and feeling much better. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great to hear that Ken is going so well.It is hard to keep a good man down for long and we both have those, I think. ;D
    Give him our best and keep him fed, rested and with a smile on his face, Nurse Shirley. :)

    1. Cute, Patsy..Yeah we both have incredible men in our lives.

  3. Great to read that Ken is recovering so well. Sounds like that's a good hospital with good staff. Nurse Chelsea has an incredible story. She has a great future ahead of herself.

    1. Great hospital and people. I agree that little girl is motivated!