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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Very Merry Christmas with family!

Christmas Eve we headed out about 0830 from home.  We headed to Carmichael so we could pick up a gift certificate for Ken's mom.  I had made sandwiches so we drove to the McDonalds parking lot so we could use the facilities and I got an iced tea to go with my sandwich.  

Both Ken and I grew up in Carmichael which used to be a really nice small town, suburb of Sacramento.  Wow! Sitting in the parking lot, just watching all the homeless people, what an eye opener.  We've noticed a lot of changes in the town, but sorry to say we felt like we were eating in the ghetto. Sad.  

We finished eating in the car and stopped by my sister's in order to leave an ice chest full of the food i'd cooked.  That way we didn't have to take it in the motel room.  Visited for a bit with Linda and Bobby and then headed up the hill to the motel in Auburn.  Because we had both gotten up so early we just vegged in the room for the afternoon.  About 1900 we decided to head next door to JImboys to get dinner and bring it back to the room..WRONG..they were closed.  Got in the car and did a little driving around and everything was closed..Well DUH..it's Christmas EVE!  We saw Der Weinerschnitzel was open so we walked back to find it closed too.  Oh wow, what do we do? I had made and cooked a breakfast casserole to take to Bryan's house so that was dinner!  It was delicious heated up with some country gravy too!  So we had a little less to take to Bryan's but we had plenty for dinner.  

Highway 50

Set the alarm for 0300, visited with bloggers, coffee, showers and over to Bryan's.  We got there about 0530 and a few minutes later Cheryl opened the garage and we went in.  
Lucy wondering what's going on!

Raider opening his toy

Mia, Candace and Bryan

Our cute gift from Candace..

Cheryl looking through her cook book..

Bryan and Adam

Adam getting his gift of punching bag and stand...nice!

Bryan likes his jacket we got him..

Had a great morning watching and opening gifts.  Had a little breakfast and headed out to stop by Eric's house to see what Santa had brought.  Caught Eric and Seth outside trying to figure out where to put the new speakers that Santa had brought for his jeep.  Then it was time to head down the hill to see about getting lunch put together with my sisters.  

Eric showing Owen how to load his "shotgun"

Mason..hanging out..

A bunch of boys and Lori...

Owen's daddy Dusty (he's my nephew too)..

Our youngest, Russell

Isabella and Owen...

Mason and Owen...Owen is going to be a BIG BROTHER
in July!!

Greg, Isabella, my sister Wendy and Tasha

from left, Dau in law Lori, Erin (Chelsea's mom) and Chelsea.

Had a wonderful afternoon visiting with family!  Then it was time to head over to Ken's mom's house and more food!  Diane and her family were there too (we had seen them at Linda's too).  Headed out for the hotel in Rocklin, got here about 1945 and I had a splitting headache.  Took some motrin and to sleep I went.  Woke up about 0500 feeling much better.  
Our five grandsons...Jacob 16, Adam 18, Seth 16, Aaron 12,
Mason 12...

Their cousin Isabella added :)

Jacob, Adam, Tasha, Seth, Aaron, Mason, Isabella, Owen and Dusty

The Cousins...Jacob, Adam, Seth, Kenny,Dusty, Owen,
Aaron, Jesse, Mason, Melanie, Isabella and Tasha..

Street Football...tradition..

0600 Ken was up so we had coffee and some delicious carrot cake Grandma had sent home with us..yumm!  

So we'll take our time and get ready to head for home.  Tomorrow morning i'll head back over to pick up two of my favorite grandsons! 

Caught these pics on FB from Tennessee..

Dana holding Sweet Pea..Cody holding Slater, Samantha (growing a little girl
due in May) Don holding Heidi..

Jennifer, Samantha, Bella, Slater, Dana and Don

Jennifer, Bella, Samantha, Cody and Slater

Slater, Dana and Samantha out by the chicken coop.

After reading blogs this morning, we can see all our friends had a wonderful Christmas day!  On to New Years now!! :)


  1. What a wonderful and filled day you both had. Great pictures of your family.

    1. Thank you..yeah I'm kinda partial..they're growing up so fast.

  2. That is one great christmas with the family. Nice that you are close enough to do that.

    1. We don't see a lot of them as their families are always so busy. We got out of CA after retirement and are glad we're only 3 to 4 hours away. Sure makes it doable on a one day turnaround. It was wonderful.