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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Back to Yerington..for the night...

Owen's mommy texted me this picture last night...
We bought him that rifle for Christmas..guess
he likes it :)))

We left the hotel room this morning a little after nine.  I ran down to the lobby and got two hard boiled eggs and two pieces of toast. I had brought 3 eggs from home which Ken had and then he had a piece of toast.  I ate the two from the lobby.  Hit the spot.  Carrot cake is delicious but it's not breakfast. 

We stopped by Walmart and I ran in and bought 2 pairs of cheapy sunglasses as I had left mine at my sister's house.  I never spend a lot on them as I have a habit of losing them or scratching them.  

We headed up the hill, a nice drive and not tons of traffic which was kind of surprising.  The ski resort, Boreal had tons of people, even though they haven't had much snow they're able to make it because the night time temps are so cold. **Click on pics to enlarge **
Interstate 80

I 80 Rest Area...people playing

Mt Rose ski area near Reno...

On we went and made the decision to go home through Minden, so we could visit our favorite restaurant, Carson Valley Inn for lunch.  It was yummy as always.  
Russell gave us the Sacramento Sheriff's Department Challenge
Coin..This is his design..very proud..

I swear this picture does not do it justice! This is the big bird
and it was huge..could only stuff down half of it..

Ken's 23 ounce Laguinitas and my Chardonnay..yumm

I took a nice nap on the way home.  I slept good last night, but I think it's catch up from the other nights (of course wine didn't hurt either..haaha).  
Our Christmas gift from Russell and Lori..going in the Jayco to
head south with us..4 different coffees and two cups..Russell likes
to support Black Rifle Coffee Company because it's veteran owned
and he is one..Marine Corps proud!

Russell got this shirt for his dad..the company is just being built in
Rocklin, CA.  Being a CEO of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts gets
him in on the ground floor. 

Owen's mommy, Chelsea got this for us..beautiful she knows we
are red, white and blue proud! :)

Chelsea's friend hand made the shelf, then she knows I love
Pioneer Woman, Recipe holder, and salt and pepper shakers..
so sweet..

My sister Linda, snuck this in..my mom started on us this collection
years ago..and Linda keeps it up for us :) Mary's Angel series..

From Bryan and Cheryl..love this old barn..rimmed in old wood..

More cups for the Jayco..cute..come on over and have some
coffee with us!

These are lovely..fleece sheets..great this winter here in Yerington!

Brother in law Shawn handed out a bunch of flashlights :)

My sisters and I don't exchange gifts ..but sister Wendy didn't
listen..again Pioneer woman..:)

Brought all our goodies inside and pretty much not much is getting done. I'm heading back out in the morning to pick up our youngest grandsons back in CA. 
Well, that just changed..Eric called and said he's coming to spend the night tomorrow so he'll bring the boys..yay! This momma is happy to have her boys anytime!  

Life is good!  


  1. You two must have been good this year as well. You got spoiled pretty good. Lovely gifts from family.
    you are going to have a few busy days with the grandsons. Enjoy!

    1. Always enjoy any time I can get with them, as they grow it's less and and less..yeah we did get spoiled even though we always tell them we don't want anything :)

  2. So much family fun think you will need some downtime if you get a chance.

    1. Downtime's a coming..mid January when we head your way! :))

  3. Your grandson is so cute clutching his gift...:)
    I agree with Patsy, you must have been good what lovely gifts.
    The Challenge Coin is so special, you must be proud.
    Have fun with your boys!

    1. Little Owen is actually our great nephew (my sisters grandson) but that boy has us all wrapped up in him..Very proud of Russell for the coin..he's always been artistic..have no clue where he gets that from!