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Monday, December 4, 2017

A new driver in the Kay family! Happy Birthday Ninny..Congrats Don!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my "baby sister" Linda (Ninny, as most of us call her).  Hope you had a wonderful day! Love you bunches!
Back in her wilder days..when she had her first Cuda...

Ken put our old Christmas tree on the porch :)

We've been staying mostly at home and Ken worked on getting stuff done before his hernia operation tomorrow.  He got the Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse, looks cute at night!  He got a lot of firewood on the front porch so we'll stay nice and toasty.  Then he dug up tumbleweeds and filled his trailer.  Today he burnt what was in the trailer.  

Last night, after looking at hamburgers on the Chive website he bar b qued some awesome burgers. I would have taken a picture but was too hungry, I forgot!  

Woke up this morning to COLD temperatures!  12 degrees!  Later it dropped to 11 but that was the coldest I saw.  This afternoon it warmed to a balmy 35 with a feels like temp of 31.  Now it's 31 with a feels like of 25..just cold!  WE've had the wood stove going all day and it's working hard with these temps.  
Baby, it's cold outside!

I wrapped a bunch of Christmas gifts for a few hours today.  Nothing too exciting going on.  That's good right?! 

Grandson Seth had an 0820 appointment at DMV for his driver's license in Auburn and now the Kay family has a new driver! YAY Seth!!  Next will be our other grandson, Jacob if he ever gets his testing done for his permit..
Our new driver!

Tomorrow morning we'll get up and head towards Gardnerville, NV and Ken's surgery that's scheduled now for 1215.  We've got to be there at 1100.  Once he's finished and in a room I'll head for the Carson Valley Motor Lodge that belongs to Carson Valley Inn (our favorite place in Gardnerville). Nice I get a reduced rate because of a contract with Carson Valley Medical Center.  Then Wednesday morning i'll go check on my hubby and see how he's doing. I'll probably head home in the afternoon and return on Thursday to pick him up (if it all goes as planned).  

Ken's brother, Don sent the following pics today.  He and Dana are the proud new owners of this cool stock trailer.  Built in Arkansas, so we know it's good, right!  Congratulations guys!  

Our 2nd favorite place in TN..Delina Country Store..:) Don
and Dana's place is our favorite! 

The new trailer! A little calf behind it..

Made in Arkansas! 

Daughter in law, Cheryl sent these pictures this am.  Another tree fell over doing some serious damage.  One chicken was killed, well it looked like she was, but later determined to be in shock..got up and seems to be ok now..poor little thing.

This was a cover Ken and Bryan built to cover
the two quads (we have one of them here) not sure the
outcome of the quad, but the structure is gone for
good!.. Sad...

Eric and the boys went to get a Christmas tree this weekend.  So here are a few of those pics..

Seth's 1996 Jeep! Looks right at home


This is the Charlie Brown tree they picked! 

Mason and Seth..

Seth getting ready to get into the Jeep..
Last but not least...Russell and Jacob went fishing and Jacob caught this huge monster!  Catch and Release...

Jacob with his huge fish..
Have a good night..


  1. Congratulation to Seth and being a new driver, so exciting !

    1. It is exciting! Now it's his parents getting the gray hairs..haha

  2. Happy Birthday, Ninny! and Congrats to Seth! Always an exciting (and a little scary for parents) time.
    Looking for a tree in the snow is fun too (when you're young like that) and your Christmas lights look perfect now with the tree.
    Good luck to Ken today, I'm sure it will be a snap for him!

  3. We are happy to be your favorite place in Tn. Looking forward to your visit in the near future.