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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Grandma's 90th Birthday and dropping off gifts..

Merry Christmas!  Dana's reindeer (calf) in TN!

Sunday morning we did our usual and then I got started on some potato salad to take with us to CA.  Also I had been soaking some black eyed peas and had a ham hock cooking.  Put them all in the crockpot for some delicious black eyed peas and ham..yum.  We woke to 9 degrees but feel like temperature was -1! 
Black eyed peas and ham in the crockpot..

Later in the afternoon Ken bar b qued some chicken thighs and a chicken breast for me.  WE planned on the chicken and potato salad for dinner Monday night in the hotel.  We like breakfast and lunch out, but very rarely do we go out to dinner.  If we stay in a motel we like to just eat in. 

Got the "sleigh" loaded up with presents for the kids and grandkids.  Ken put the Tundra in the garage after it was loaded up.  We had a nice evening and good dinner with left over pork roast, mashed potatoes and black eyed peas. yum..

Monday morning we woke at 0400 to get ready to leave at 0600.  We take awhile to get going in the am.  Visited with our blogging friends and had our coffee and banana bread.  I made egg sandwiches for the road for breakfast and we actually got out of here at 0610.  It was dark and cold. We had a lovely drive through Wilson Canyon and when it was light enough we ate our sandwiches in the truck (shhh..don't tell the grandkids!)..:)

click on pics to enlarge....my timer is an hour later than it is..need to fix that..
Sunrise on the drive..0644

coming into Wilson Canyon..

Wilson Canyon snow

On we went and arrived at our son Bryan's house at about 0945.  Got a short visit in with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam.  Unloaded the gifts and got our Birthday presents from the.  I got a lovely angel and Ken got a knife, flashlight and Dickies beanie (which he can certainly use!). 
My angel from Bryan and Cheryl

Off to Eric and Christina's where no one was home, so we hid the gifts in the garage..I know the boys are 16 and almost 13..but you gotta keep Santa alive right?!  We dropped the presents in the garage and covered them.  Christina had told me i had a gift on the washing machine, it was the latest Pioneer Woman Cookbook, signed also!  There was also the sweetest key chain, engraved with "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams!"  sweet huh?! A lovely tribute to me, but also to our son, Eric.  

Love Eric's tree..they got from the forest...so cute!

I am a Pioneer Woman fan

After that we headed to Russell's house in Antelope, a quick drop off there and then to my friend Joanie's in North Highlands.  She was one of my volunteers where I worked and love her like crazy.  She's 95 and still going strong.  she has 3 great grandkids that their mom has gone off the deep end with drugs.  Her daughter Lisa is now raising them.  Every year since I retired we've always gotten a few things for the kids and so we dropped off a few gifts for them. A nice short visit with Joanie but better than nothing.  
Joanie and Ken..

We went to Pearl House Chinese for lunch.  We haven't been in years there, but oh so good!  Then to Ken's mom's for her 90th birthday!  I had made some wraps and she had some other appetizers! 
Wraps I made at home..

Ready to be cut into 1/4 inch slices..for a nice appetizer..

 Quite a showing and then she got tons of calls from grandkids and others.  A really nice birthday for her and we all really enjoyed.  
A lighted deer..

Two penguins

Jesse lighted up in his Raiders sweater..

Front of her house all in blue lights

along her railing

A nice lighted star

Ice cream cake..90th birthday..

Don and Dana were able to be there from Tennessee via an
app on the smart phone! 
Jesse was laughing hysterically as Ken called his mom a PYRO
because she couldn't wait to light the candle on the cake..we were
waiting to connect with Don and Dana in TN..and Diane wouldn't

Dave, Ken and Kenny

Grandma with 3 of her 4 kids..Dave, Diane, Grandma and Ken

Grandma with Diane's two sons..Kenny and Jesse
3 of Grandma's 4 kids..Dave, Diane and Ken

About 1930 or so we headed out to the Super 8.  Checked in and had a late dinner of chicken and potato salad.  Relaxed and called it a night.  

This morning we slept in until 0715!!  We were both awake earlier but figured no hurry to get up!  We knew we wanted to be at Garcia's Restaurant for an early lunch.  We have a favorite server there Chris, who gives us a Christmas card of his growing family.  We are only there once or twice a year but he always remembers what we drink even down to my ice with my Chardonnay.  Such a sweetie. Had an awesome lunch and then hit the road towards home. 

Got home about 1700 to a cold house.  Too late to make a fire so we're using our forced air heating tonight.  There's the possibility of snow so we'll see!   
Highway 50 looking at Lake Tahoe

Cool clouds...
Grandma gave Ken $50.00 for his birthday and this holster was
here when we got home..:))
Have a great night! 


  1. What great, beautiful pictures of your early morning ride. Now that was a busy day but at the same time it sounds like you had a good time. What a great thing to be able to celebrate a mother's 90th birthday. I agree cool clouds. Stay warm.

    1. We had a great time..lotta driving, but I especially like when we go Highwy 50..such a pretty drive. Glad we were able to make it over the hill to celebrate her bday and that she's in such good health. Back over this Sunday for Christmas. Hoping to leave here mid Jan and head south!

  2. What a fun time you had now back home keep toasty warm.

    1. Yes it was George. Wind is howling this morning!!

  3. You had a very busy but fun day of being Santa and celebrating a very special birthday too. I absolutely love the charlie Brown tree, my favourite picture.
    Your wraps look good, I need to try to make things like that because I love them. :)
    Crank that heat up! Stay warm!

  4. I love that tree too! Just sitting here trying to think of appetizers to take to my sister's Christmas Day. Ken's like why don't u just take salami and cheese that's easy and everyone likes it..yeah he's right. hate it when that happens :)