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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Jeep is ready to head for CA...and now I'm sick!

Friday morning we just kind of hung out here at home.  It was supposed to warm nicely according to the weather people, but it didn't happen.  Ken decided to see about getting the jeep loaded into the trailer so we can transport it over to Antelope, CA and our youngest son's house.  

When we did our living trust several years ago we listed some things that would go to each of the boys.  Well, why wait?  The 61 Chevy Impala we gave to our middle son, Eric and now this goes to our youngest son, Russell.  Bryan had our small fishing boat and little fifth wheel and the 357 Ruger gun that was the first  Ken ever bought.  

The jeep's been with us but now it appears Russell is ready for it, so we want to get it over the hill before we leave to go south.  It doesn't run, so it took some work to get it loaded. That's how the afternoon was spent. 
The Jeep coming out of it's home for the last few years

We were able to push it with the Ford to the trailer

A come a long and Grandson, Aaron did the work..

Saturday morning about 1030 or so we headed for Fernley, about an hour from here.  We were heading to Walmart for some New Years stuff.  About 1240 we went across the street to Pizza Factory for some lunch.  I had a Groupon I had bought almost 6 months ago so it needed to be used.  We ordered a large half and half Vaquero/ Pepperoni.  Got our drinks and proceeded to wait and wait.  I honestly think they forgot us and almost 40 minutes later the wrong pizza was delivered.  No pepperoni, so they offered to let us have that one and made a small pepperoni to go.  By the time we got out of there, we knew there would be no quad riding on Saturday.  

Aaron using the come a long to pull the Jeep into the trailer.

Aaron and Mason visiting with Jack the neighbor's dog

It's in, just has to be tied down!
Mugsy, the neighbor's dog ran over to sit on Mason's lap

Unloaded the groceries and I started on cutting up veggies for the macaroni salad and 7 layer dip.  No one was really hungry for dinner so the boys ate some leftover pizza and I made some veggie tacos.  A while later called it a night.  About 0200 I heard talking coming from the kids room, so I figured they're up playing video games. They're on vacation right? 

About the same time, I could feel my stomach was not feeling good.  oh no, then about 0630 let the real sickness begin.  I slept in and felt a little better so got up and made up the goodies for the party next door.  Made the boys a little something and about 1230 back to bed I went.  I didn't wake up until 1530. Had a banana and some applesauce and then back into the bedroom.  Really hoping this is a quick bug as the boys go home on Wednesday and this just isn't what I had in mind!  

Grandson, Adam called and wanted to drive over, but I told him he should wait a few days until the sickness has passed. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and a wonderful new year!  Hard to believe it's just  a few hours away. 

Our last sunset of 2017!  


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you are sick now! It happens to the best of us, apparently. LOL
    Nice gesture getting the vehicles to the kids early. Why wait? My parents gave me their library table with the same thing in mind. Take it now, my Dad said.
    Beautiful sunsets on the last night of the year. Happy to hear you are preparing for your southern trip. It would be nice to meet. Happy New Year!

    1. We're definitely planning on meeting up..feels like we know each other already. keeping fingers crossed I feel better this am. Never slept so much in I don't know when.

  2. So sorry to read you are not feeling well. Fingers crossed you are right and it is one of those quick bugs so you do not lose any more time with your grandkids.
    A beautiful last sunset for 2017. I agree with Patsy, hope we cross paths when you head south it would be nice to meet in person. Happy New Year!

    1. Definitely would love to meet up with you all. I was hoping we'd make it for Bloggerfest this year, but won't know until Ken has his followup appointment for the hernia surgery he had. We'll keep working towards it and be ready to GO at the ok..

  3. So sorry you are not feeling well, lets just hope you get over it real quick and carry on n the new year feeling much better.

    1. Feeling better this am..hope it stays that way. Am thinking I can cook bacon for the kids and yesterday just couldn't face it..haha..

  4. so sorry to hear that, get well soon dear

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