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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year and some quad riding at the BLM...

Well yesterday was a slow going day.  Guess it's supposed to be on New Years Day.  I awoke feeling better, not perfect but I could face cooking bacon for the boys for breakfast, that and pancakes.  Ken wasn't feeling so hot himself, as now he's got the cough and cold sickness. 

About 1145 he said, "Let's take the boys out to the BLM and let them ride" so we did..they had good fun for an hour and a half or so.  They rode and we led the way in the truck. We've had no rain for a long time so it was very dusty!  The boys loved it! 

Grandkid power from the other day of Aaron bringing the Jeep to the top of the trailer using a come a long..

A little video of them riding...definitely shaky as I'm looking out the back window...

 Ken was going to bar b q some burgers for dinner last night but he was feeling worse so I made some ham and grilled cheese sandwiches..nothing fancy but it worked for the boys.  We called it an early night.  The boys watched movies and played some video games. 

This morning (Tuesday) Ken plugged in the coffee at 0630 came back to bed and we didn't wake until 0715. That's late for the both of us.  He is feeling worse today than yesterday so as I write this at 1100 he's back in bed.  Hoping to take the boys shooting one more time, but we'll see how he feels later today. We both hate being sick, especially when the boys are here.  Darn it!  

This is their last day here and i'll be taking them home in the am.  Love having them, it always feels so quiet when they're gone for the first few days.  Not sure when Easter Vacation is but that'll probably be the next time any of them get to come (if we're home).  So we treasure the time we do get to spend with them!  

Here's a few pictures of yesterday's riding ..trying not to overload, but know their parents like to see.. (ok I lied)...*clicking on the pics will enlarge them*

Aaron ready to go..

We rode out near the copper mine..still being worked on..not
functioning yet..


I took these pictures looking out of the rear window of the truck

The boys would switch off who was in front when they got
overloaded with dust..and they hung back from each other
and the truck too..

Our Super Moon last night..
Ken talked to Russell last night and with their schedule (and ours) looks like we'll probably do a one day turnaround and try and get him the Jeep this weekend.  

Have a great day!  Hope everyone who's under the weather feels better! :)


  1. Looks like your grandsons had fun riding.
    Sounds like you and Ken are passing whatever it is back and forth. When you read this I hope you are both feeling better.

    1. Thank you Tom and Deb..I'm better Ken is slowly improving..the boys love to ride, sometimes on Christmas vacation it's too cold..but they don't seem to care!

  2. Always fun to have the grands visit and they sure had fun riding on the BLM land.
    Hope you get feeling better soon.

    1. I feel much better and Ken feels decent except in the late afternoon..but he's on the mend. Yeah love having them visit.

  3. Looks like the grand kids are having fun. Hope you both feel better soon. We have been fighting the colds too, think we may be getting a head of them now.

    1. We love having them and try to make it fun, esecially in winter where it's cold and not too exciting. Glad you're feeling better, I think as we age we don't want to spend too much time being sick. Got better things to do!

  4. Bummer to catch colds. Looks like the grandkids are having fun though. Hope everyone gets well soon.

    1. Thanks for the wishes. I am feeling fine now. it was quick. Ken with the cold not so much. Love having the grandkids when we can get them.

  5. Sorry to hear that you are both sick now too. We know what it is like and hope you can kick them out soon! Nice to see the grandkids enjoying themselves. oh to be young again!

    1. I'm feeling good now. Been following you and Bill and the colds. they suck! Ken's slowly improving. You are still young! Very young...