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Friday, January 26, 2018

Lazy days, Blythe, CA and Happy Hour with our friends!

Ok, so we're here in the desert with really not much to do, but I still get behind?! Well, here goes for catching up!  I see I posted Wednesday about 1130. 

It was a beautiful day, so on with the shorts, a lounge chair and a kindle.  Sounds like an awesome afternoon and it was!  We had salad for lunch and then back out to the chair. Yep, my kind of a day! 
Caught this pic of Ken the other day, while I was making
lunch he was getting a quick nap..

Elva, this one's for you..This could your group next year!
Or you could visit with my friends..haha..

  Then it just gets better! Right about 1500 we headed over to our friends place and another Happy Hour.  It was hosted at George and Suzie's and Tom and Deb were already there.  We were warmly greeted once again and had a wonderful time just talking and catching up.  Bill and Patsy were still with their friends in Ehrenburg. Before we knew it time to head home at about 1715.  Bill and Patsy had just drove up as we were calling it a night. 
Suzie, Me, Ken, Tom and Deb..George took the pic..

We watched the news and a few shows. There's enough wood for 1 more night so we thought we'd save it for Thursday night.  Ken had leftover chicken thighs, and I baked (microwaved) a couple of potatoes so and easy night's dinner. 
Love these gorgeous sunsets! 

We had set the alarm for 0415 on Thursday morning!?  We wanted to get up and get going so we could head for the laundromat in town. Oh joy!  It takes us awhile to get going in the morning, so we headed out the door and got there about 0620. I know 2 hours and I didn't even have a shower yet.  Good thing though it was a hopping place!  Put the clothes in the washer and then got us some gas at Chevron ($2.33 a gallon) good price.  After a bit we loaded them in the dryer and went and sat in the truck.  Got the clothes out and folded and back home we went.  Breakfast made and then I took my shower to really get the day going! 
Good morning from the Quartzsite laundromat! 

We headed for Blythe, CA only a little over 20 miles from here and headed for the Smart and Final Extra! Beautiful veggies and great prices on everything else.  Even my box of Franzia wine was only $12.99.  Our Scolari's is $17.99 so it was a bargain.  $100.00 + and we were out the door.  
Going through Q

Still busy but nothing like when we came in on Monday

On the way to Blythe, not bad..
 We did find that gas was $3.39 a gallon in Blythe compared to just 20 miles away in AZ where we paid $2.33..WOW!

Originally we had thought that we would do all this and still have time to throw together some tuna sandwiches and head for Palm Canyon for a picnic..uhh no..that didn't happen! We didn't even get home until after 1300...see what I mean, the day is gone! 

Unloaded the truck, made up more salad for lunch and then we went outside.  The wind was blowing, but it was warm, probably 72 or so.  Leaned back in my chair and talked with Ken.  He was thinking because of the wind our friends would not be outside, but I told him they were tough and I bet they are.  So he says, "Ok we'll head over then at 3" I told him it was already after 3, what?!  He forgot his watch is on NV time so off we went.  Sure enough they were outside and Suzie greeted us with "Were your ears burning?" ...They had just been wondering if we were coming..Nice!  ( I keep forgetting my camera, so i'll be stealing Happy Hour photos from other blogs)...
Ken, Tom, Patsy, Bill, Suzie, Deb and me..
I'm going to have to steal a pic with George in it...

Everyone was there yesterday so we visited in the wind until 1700.  I wore my shorts, as it was warm but wore my Arkansas jacket and went between having it on and taking it off, at one point Patsy went into her rig and came out with a jacket to put on my legs. She thought I was cold and needed it Thanks, Patsy!  Today will be a jeans day as it's supposed to be cooler.  

Made some tacos for a quick dinner, a little tv, no fire as the winds were rocking the trailer when we went to bed.  I love that! 
Beautiful sunset, once again! 

Good night...

0300 and I'm wide awake, so at 0400 decided there's no point in trying to sleep, so why not work on the blog..I see my phone is set for 0500 and I think Ken said something about going for a hike up Q mountain..hmmm..not sure I remember agreeing to that so we'll see in a bit. 

Well, apparently I agreed to climb Q mountain with Ken this am..or so he says...so better get to checking blogs and having some coffee!  

These days are going so fast..1 more Happy Hour, Bloggerfest tomorrow and then Sunday we'll leave for Yuma for a few days.  

Have a wonderful day!  I know we will! 


  1. Amazing how the days just fly by and we really have nothing to do lol...
    Always nice to see you guys,

    1. The days do go so fast! I think because we're so happy and enjoying ourselves! Thanks again!

  2. The part that the days go by fast is like a vacation! However, in this lifestyle, we know another and another and another day will follow so lots of time to get lazy. You had a busy day though.
    So glad to see you at Happy Hour, early, late, it doesn't matter you are always welcome.

  3. 4:15!! I'm still trying to get to sleep at that hour. You two were quite busy with the errands, but you made it.

    I see you got beautiful pictures of last night's sunset. It was something.

    Glad you didn't try to add in the hike up Palm Canyon. It would have been a lot to add to an already busy day. Another time. We've got lots of it.

    1. Believe me Doug I have many nights like that. Funny how plans change just like that!

  4. The time slips by without any help on our part. I find the mornings go much faster than the rest of the day although the rest slip past pretty quickly as well.
    There is always something to do, even if it's sitting in the sun reading, or catching a quick nap. You will find that you tomorrow you will need to repeat the same thing as you didn't get it all finished today. It's a very tough job, isn't it?
    Glad you are enjoying yourselves.

    1. We are enjoying to no end! We know we'll have to head home in a few weeks to take care of business, but then we'll head out again! Love this life..