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Thursday, January 4, 2018

One day turnaround to CA and the boys are back home!

Good morning from Yerington, NV..time is hour off..
Good morning from Connersville, TN..don't think the cows
would be getting much water out of that bucket! They've been
dealing with really cold temps the last week or so..Right now 18
degrees as I write this evening..brrr

Tuesday, Ken was still feeling puny..coughing, sneezing just not feeling good.  I felt much better so was doing a few things around the house.  Well, Ken being Ken he has a hard time sitting still for too long he comes in and says he's  going to take the boys shooting one more time.  Hey, I want to go too.  We loaded in the truck for the short drive to the gun range.  The boys loved it!  They always enjoy the shooting or quad riding.  Luckily it wasn't too cold so they spent an hour or so wasting ammo..hahah..

They wanted some bar b q burgers so that's what they got with onion rings.  It as a good dinner to end their visit with us.  

Of course on the days you know are going to be long, those are the nights I can't sleep.  Woke up yesterday morning (Wed) at around 0245 and tossed and turned to just before 0445.  Did some dishes while I waited for the coffee to perk.  Took my hubby coffee and an apple muffin I had made and we started our morning.  Read blogs and caught up on everyone's doings. 

Got the boys up at about 0630 and we headed out around 0730 for a beautiful drive to Auburn, CA.  The roads weren't bad and luckily not very busy.  From what I could see as we passed Boreal Ski Resort on I80 that's where everyone was spending the day haha..good for me.  

We got to Auburn a little before 1100 where we found parking.  I really figured getting there at 1100 on a weekday would be no problem finding parking, but the place was overrun with tourists!  We did find some at the top of the hill in a small courthouse lot.  Walked down to Cafe Delicias where we were going to meet up with Grandsons, Seth and Adam.  We had a good hour or so of visiting and eating.  We used to go there often when we lived in CA but thinking they've gotten a "little too big for their britches"..as my daddy used to say!  Prices have really risen and this is for their "lunch specials" We won't be going back to this one for sure.  Maybe because it sits in the center of "old town".  There's another one in Roseville so i'll check their prices just because I'm nosey!  

Seth took Mason home and Adam went on his way, so Aaron and I headed to Antelope, CA.  Dropped him off, said a quick hi to grandson #5 Jacob and visited with a neighbor for a few minutes.  On the way I went.  Back up I80 and arrived home at 1630.  Not bad!  

Gotta say, one pet peeve.  I pulled into the Rest Area at Donner Summit.  It was packed with people!  No they weren't using the facilities, they were playing in the snow.  Pet peeve?  The truckers would pull into the area and couldn't park because people had parked cars where the truckers or RV's were to park! I pulled through and travelled on, signs all over saying "No playing" but no one enforces it..sad! 

Today (Thursday)..Ken started the coffee this am and then we enjoyed reading and catching up on our blogger friends.  Joe and Rylee came over and we all went to breakfast at Dini's.  After returning home I started on the house. Love my boys but oh are they messy.  I don't say anything when they're here because it doesn't bother me and I'd rather enjoy them then constantly telling them to pick up. It's confined to their rooms here so I can always shut a door or two. Once they're gone, I've got plenty of time to clean. So clean I did. Got all the sheets in the house done and back on.  I changed the furniture around in the one room and gives it a clean new look.  

Now, time to relax and enjoy the evening.  Ken's going to bar b q a hamburger for him and a chicken breast for me.  Works..yum..

Grandson, Adam texted and wants to come over tomorrow and spend the night. Told him sure, but to be sure he checks the weather as it sounds like the weather people are expecting something over the mountain. Well, we'll see.  

Have a wonderful evening. 

A few short videos of shooting..

The first video shows Mason firing a shot and the target swinging..good job Mason! 


  1. Yep it's been quite a cold spell here in the south-east. As usual it's due to the west being dry and in drought.

    I guess I'll take the cold as long as we continue to get water. The underground water supply must be good,the spring is running hard.

    1. Ridiculous how we got so much water last year and this year virtually nothing yet..Ken's still watering our trees at this point. Hoping for a little moisture..do love your pics you send:)

  2. I have a feeling this 'boy' of mine would love a trip out shooting too. Glad they had a good last day and we sure hope Ken is feeling better soon.
    Not fun being sick no matter what ails us.

    1. Ken s doing better each day..kind of a slow go though. Yeah we don't know too many boys (and some girls) that don't enjoy shooting a bit.

  3. Looks like your grandsons had a good last day. Hope Ken is feeling better real soon, then he gets the go ahead from his surgeon, and you are on your way south soon.

    1. I miss my boys when they're gone, so am thankful for the time we do get in between their busy schedules. We'll b making some calls this week so we can get on the road asap!

  4. It's great the boys get to practice their shooting skills. Too many kids don't know how to handle a firearm. Seems like everyone is getting this cold or flu bug. Hope Ken is feeling better.

  5. Thanks Doug we so agree..all our kids and grandkids have been raised around guns and have been taught how to handle and respect them. Ken's on the upswing..a bit each day..