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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Firewood and a one day turnaround to California again...

Saturday morning we got ourselves up and going after visiting with our blogging friends and having our morning coffee.  We had decided Friday evening to go ahead and head for Gardnerville on Saturday.  I talked Ken into buying some firewood at the nursery there.  Ken was thinking we'd go the next week or two and use our propane heating but I changed his mind. We love the wood stove and either way we would need wood, before we left or as soon as we got home from our trip.  Honestly, there's nothing better than enjoying the fire in the wood stove and the heat it provides.  

We got the wood and it was loaded into the little trailer that Ken's brother, Don gave us before he made the move to TN. It didn't squat a bit under 1800 lbs of wood!  Awesome! The man that loaded it with the forklift was shocked!  
Don's trailer loaded with 1/2 cord of wood..1800 lbs..
Thanks, Don!

We had some clouds over the mountains and then saw some rainbows.  Very nice. 
Rainbows in Gardnerville..

Across the street to Walmart, Raleys for prescriptions, some gas and then it was 1300.  So we had to visit Carson Valley Inn for a wonderful lunch.  So good, no dinner was needed or wanted last night.  
Just some nice clouds on the way..

We called it a night as we had set the alarm for 0400 so we could get out of here by 0600.  We did pretty good, we left at 0615.  It was still very dark outside and we found it to be really foggy!  We don't get much of that around here, but when we do it's really thick.  Between the dark and the fog we were pretty slow going but it eventually cleared and up came the sun.  
Low fog sitting in Silver Springs..

Traffic along I80..nice..

Light fog near the scales in Truckee..

So cold it looked like snow on the grass..more like pogonip
we're thinking..

We actually had a very nice drive over I 80 to Antelope, CA.  We got to Russell's house close to 1030.  He was outside doing some things and saw us coming.  Got the Jeep unstrapped and backed the trailer up and got it into his garage pretty easily.  He's a happy camper.  Now if he can find time to work on it.  Their basketball schedule with the boys is really crazy these next few months.  Guess that's why God gives you kids while your young, because i know I couldn't keep up!  We visited awhile and then headed out about 1215.  
Getting ready to unload..

It's in the garage..with room for Lori's car!

Can't bring home an empty trailer..so we're bringing Russell's quad.
Needs some work, but hopefully can get it going..

We pulled into the rest area at Gold Run and ate the tuna sandwiches and chips I had brought.  YUM..simple but good.  Back on the road and we pulled into the driveway just a bit before 1630. Not a bad drive at all!  Traffic was light which was surprising.  
Mountains that should be loaded with snow!

Usually these mountains are covered in snow this time of year..
Drought again in CA..

Squaw Valley ski area..

Ken has the fire going in the wood stove and we've got tacos for dinner.  I prepped all the stuff yesterday so just cook some shells and heat the beans..easy.  

You all have a good night! :)


  1. That was a couple of productive days and you got your wood fire going! That little trailer sure holds a lot and it looks like great wood for burning.
    I have to ask, what is 'pogonip'?

    1. Hi Patsy...Pogonip is a freezing fog..really beautiful when it's on trees..they shimmer and shine. The wood definitely was worth the $$..

  2. Ps, I meant to comment on the rainbow pictures. It must have lasted a long time. Very nice!

    1. We watched as we drove and it just kept getting more vibrant and bigger..our firewood is almond and it's a great burning wood..(per Ken)..

  3. I'm glad the trailer is working out for you. In return, you and Ken transported the Barracuda all the way out here for me. I really appreciated that.

    1. Oh and you know how we enjoy our trips to TN! :)))

  4. What great pictures of the rainbow. Sounds like you had two busy days. The scenery on both your drives looks beautiful.

    1. Yes they were busy..but one more thing done so we can get out on our trip! Excited to be on the road!

  5. Busy day for you two. Loved the rainbow photo. Not much fog around here.

  6. Yes it was..which is why I'm glad we moved to Yerington, it's easy to do in one day as all the kids live in CA. Thinking they'll move somewhere else once they're old enough to retire.