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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reno and Carson City..getting some things done and some not...

Happy Thursday morning from Washoe Lake State Park, NV!  A cool 38 degrees w a "feels like 34"..Feels colder to me outside, when I went to get these pictures! I checked and it's 26 degrees at home in Yerington...yep time to head south!  

Mt Rose..

My car with a little ice! 

Sunrise over Mt. Rose

Yesterday morning after a breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese we headed out towards Reno.  Nice drive along highway 395/580 and into town.  You can surely see the signs of growing in that city.  3 story apartments going up everywhere there's any room.  More shopping centers being built.  In an area called Cold Springs they are planning on building a 5000 unit development of homes and apartments.  They are holding meetings to let the citizens "voice" their opinions.  None are happy about this development but you know the council will pass it anyway.    Last night on the local news they actually did a survey asking if people were in favor of the growth that's happening and overwhelmingly the poll said that over 75% of people were not happy!  So glad we don't live there! 

Anyway..in Reno we headed for Sears to do a little shopping.  Turns out they don't open till 1100!  Ok, over to Safari RV.  When we bought the Jayco the showerhead is nice but it doesn't have the button to slow the water to a drip so that you either let the shower run until your done with your shower, or you turn it off and then have to redo the water temp..either way a real water waster!  Safari had exactly what we were looking for, not cheap but we got it!  

Back to Sears and walked out with nothing.  I am one of those people that like simple clothes.  Give me a t shirt in a bunch of colors and I'm happy..well not at Sears i'm not.  So JC Penneys...nothing..finally said we're done.  I'll try the old stand by of Walmart.  We headed for Sams and got a few things.  By then time for lunch so we headed for our favorite Chinese place in Carson City and stuffed ourselves.  Dropped the goodies at the trailer and then to Lowe's for a few things Ken wanted.  

Back to the trailer for the evening.  Well, late afternoon.  We watched the news (again I don't know why).  Dinner was leftovers so that was easy.  Some chit chat..a call from our oldest son, Bryan and eventually called it a night. 

This morning (Thursday) we've got a 0930 appointment for the Tundra and then we've got time to kill until Ken's appointment in Gardnerville at 1440 for his clearance after his surgery (YAY).  

If all goes as planned we'll be on the road Monday morning!  Woohoo!! 

I forgot to mention that yesterday was 8 years ago that we both retired from working for a living.  Best decision we've ever made, nothing better than this life (as I know a lot of you who read this know too!)...

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. You'll be on the road south before you know it. I attached the 3 month weather outlook to my name for y'all.

    1. Well, I guess that link didn't paste properly. Anyway,maybe this one will. You can pick which map info you want to look at. I sent an individual map,fingers crossed on this one.

  2. Good thoughts and fingers crossed for Ken's Doctor's clearance.
    Wonderful scenery photos but I really like your last photo.
    We live in a small town where the city council that likes to hold meetings, put things on the ballet to let us vote, and have the loop hole ready to do what they want if we disagree. We have seen it happen more once.

    1. Thank you. All good with Ken and boy are we happy! I forgot to caption the pics b4 I posted. That was 580 S Bound as we were coming back from Reno. Mt Rose ski area.

  3. Again good thoughts with Ken's Doctor. then soon you will be on the road to warmer places.

  4. Thinking of Ken and can already imagine the smile on his face when he walks out with great news.
    Your smile will be just as big! Good luck!

    1. Yes there was a big smile on both our faces as we walked out! His doctor was a little jealous I'm thinking, told Ken to have a cold one for him while we're there..thinking no problem!