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Monday, January 15, 2018

This post is coming from Rachel, NV instead of Beatty, NV...

Adam left this am about 0900.  I made him some pancakes, and then he got ready to go.  We were in the process of finishing loading the last minute things. 
So glad he came..love the fact that at 18 1/2 he still will come see Grandma and Papa when he can. Between work and school it makes it difficult.  Hoping the other grandkids will do the same when they can as they get their driver's licenses.  Love those grandsons! 
Papa and Adam..:)

Loaded and ready to go..

Walker Lake

Mountains near Walker Lake

We left home just about 1000 and were headed for Beatty, NV about 230 miles form home.  Amazing the lack of traffic on a major holiday.  We love our highways here in rural Nevada.  Well, just before we got to Tonopah, NV Ken said, "Well we can go to Beatty or we could head for Rachel and then stop by Lake Mead if you want" hmmmm...well what do you want to do?  We had lunch where we filled with gas and then  instead of heading straight we made a left on Highway 6 and headed for Rachel.  I know, not what we expected, but we're not on a schedule except to end up in Quartzsite sometime next week so we can meet our new friends in person and be there for Bloggerfest. 

We had a beautiful drive with NO ONE behind us for 109 miles!! Hard to believe huh?! Ken does the speed limit and you would definitely expect more people to come up and pass you. 
Luning, NV

Mining NV

This little place is open mostly summer hours..expensive though

Mountains along 95..

Tonopah, NV the Clown Motel up for sale so we have to get
grandkids there..supposed to be haunted..

We love the Mizpah..it  IS haunted..we've seen it!

We got here to the Alien Inn about 1600 or a little before.  We went inside and got our site ...water, electric and possibly sewer..two of the sites may have had sewer hookup but they were kind of funky, so we decided against it.  $15.00 a night total, so we're ok with just water and electric.  4 sites they have and we're the only ones so far.  We've stayed here a few times before and it's quiet and we're happy. Nothing fancy, but for the price it certainly works..There is no TV reception but we watched a movie (Ken had the cd) called A Ranger, A cook and hole in the sky..old one with Sam Elliott (be still my heart...) ..it really was a good movie..we weren't happy with the ending, but still a good movie.  

On our way to Rachel...

Alien Area...

Our site for the night..

Per RV Park Reviews this area is free to park..we'll check n the
am..but nice boon docking spot..

Outhouses too..

The view..

Another view of our campsite..

Tomorrow we'll head for Lake Mead and when we're done there we'll probably spend a night or two in Parker at La Paz Couty Park before heading toward Quartzsite.  Well, that's the plan anyway at this point...haha :)


  1. Nice that you are on the road an making progress travel safe and enjoy the journey, the weather is great here.

    1. We're waking up this morning to cool and overcast skies..we'll see what happens later today. Love being on the road!

  2. It is wonderful that Adam still wants to come and visit!
    Plans are made to be jiggled whenever our minds change. That is the beauty of living on wheels and no time limits.
    I like the Extraterrestrial Highway, cool! You had a nice quiet spot with water and electric, perfect! Keep on truckin'!
    Parker brings you very close to us!

    1. I'll always take my grandkids any way I can get them haha..and really nice he can drive himself over, soon the next set can do that too! Very quiet night with us being the only camper sin this 4 spot rv park..Welove the fact we can change our minds whenever we want..luckily we usually agree!

  3. That was some long lonesome highway. They are always enjoyable to drive. Some of those little towns have their claim to fame even if it is iffy.

    My two grandsons went over to Dolly's to watch football this Sunday. Dolly was so thrilled they took the time to visit. Fergie loved it to.

    Enjoy your drive today and be safe.

    1. Yeah we like those highways with hardly anyone on them. That's so sweet of your grandsons I'm sure that just made her day! I know it makes mine!

  4. It is great that,that handsome grandson still comes to visit.
    The beauty of being retired, being able to enjoy the journey,change the route as you wish, and the no hurry "thing". Beautiful scenery...enjoy the ride...safe travels.

    1. I know I love that he still wants to visit..between work, school and girls he's a busy young man. We love the scenery and all the changes as we go along.