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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Got my old/new table! :) A little cooking and Ken washed a few vehicles!

Sunday morning we got ourselves up and going.  I made us both breakfast and then we headed out the door.  We were headed to Gardnerville and Minden.  Gardnerville for some groceries at Walmart and Minden to look at the table.  We got to Walmart and I texted Leslie, the lady with the table to let her know we were in the area. 

We had a beautiful drive to Gardnerville!

Winter wonderland!

We got to Minden right near 1200.  I walked into the house and fell in LOVE! Just what I wanted and the right price!  Paid the lady and got it loaded up.  We were home around 1430 and had a late lunch. Then we unloaded the table and it's sitting in the garage. It'll be there awhile, as I want a new kitchen floor  (which I've wanted for a long time) and a few other things to complete the look. I like having it all done at once. 
Close up of the grey cracked ice..:)

As it will be in my house
down the road...

Love the detail!

With two slides in it's 75 inches! 

When we bought our couch I wouldn't bring it in until the whole living room was completed..so Ken knows this is standard protocol. hahah. 
The table slide was made in Louisville, KY..Jefferson Table Slide

Looks like we have table 126 of 467..made 4-8-1949...

Ken had his bell pepper for dinner and I had leftovers, some tv watching and bedtime. Nothing too exciting.  

Monday morning we set the alarm as we had a breakfast date with our friend, Susan.  We met her at Dini's and  had a good breakfast along with good conversation.  After about an hour and half or so we came back home. 

Well, I had a choice, cook some stuff or clean out a closet hmmm...cooking won.  I found a recipe for some chili (no beans for me) and got that going.  It looks yummy!  Made with ground turkey breast.  The weather is cool and windy, this will taste awesome for lunch.  
My table set to get rid of..we bought it a couple of years ago
to get me through to what I really wanted..

Ken's chili for a few lunches

Ken washed the Tundra and my 16 Patriot. Both of them sure needed it! Now it'll probably rain hahah. We finished our afternoon, I made some broccoli tots, actually tried a different recipe to make fritters, didn't work so I turned them into tots.  

About 1600 turned on the computer and ordered 4 retro chairs to go with the table. Looked at flooring and think I've found the one I want. A productive afternoon.hah. 

Talked with son, Bryan  and grandson, Adam earlier today. :) 
Grandson Jacob played his last high school basketball game
the other night..bittersweet I am sure! :) He's on the right back row!

Grandson Seth played his first of his last baseball
games for Golden Sierra High..Grandpa Bobby was
there to cheer him on! 

Having a couple of drinks, fire in the wood stove and dinner in a bit. Nice evening.  Ken's headed to the hospital in town in the morning to get his blood work and EKG done for the surgery.  He'll make an appointment with his primary care dr for a pre surgery physical. It would be nice if they had a cancellation once this is done, as his shoulder is really hurting. We will see.  

Have a great evening!  

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Carson City, Reno, Bar B Q and hopefully a new/old purchase!

Thursday had us out of here about 0800 heading for Carson City. Dropped the Tundra off at 1000 and then took my car shopping.  I had a 20 percent off coupon for Total Wine so we drove to Reno and I did some shopping.  Got stocked up o my organic wine and then we headed for JC Penneys to do some shopping or looking which is generally the case.  They had a huge clearance going on!  I'm not big into shopping anymore, but sometimes you just have to do it.  Actually I lucked out and found five new shirts for just under $28.00! The receipt said I saved $135.00...never in my lifetime!! hahah.  
Out my kitchen window on Thursday..:) 

A little snow on the way to Reno

After that it was time for lunch so we headed to Miguels Mexican Restaurant in South Reno..oh yummy.  I got their chicken fajitas.  We brought the beans, rice and shells home.  Ken actually ordered their Super Nachos, which is something he never does and oh they looked so yummy!  Tummies filled we headed to Carson Toyota to pick up the truck.  Home in time for Happy Hour! 

Friday morning was a stay at home day.   I got the kids taxes e filed and just enjoyed the rest of the day at home with hubby.  It was cold all day so we kept a fire going.  Ken, of course did some things outside and then settled inside in the afternoon.  Some online looking and some leftovers for dinner. Very relaxing day.  
I know it's cold, but love being on the inside looking out!

Looking at the bunkhouse and outhouse 

Saturday too was a very relaxing day here at home.  We made plans to go next door for a bar b  q dinner. I made some coleslaw to take over to Karen's.  She was providing the burgers and we took the fries.  I doctored up some store bought spinach dip, basically by adding more spinach.  I'll be making my own from now on!  I made Ken a couple of stuffed peppers for dinner on Sunday.  Just kept myself busy.  
Ken's Sunday dinner..

When Karen texted she was home, we went over. Ken had gone over earlier and got the outside fire pit ready and she lit the fire right before we got there.  We enjoyed the fire for way too long...haha.  Ken barb qued the burgers and eventually we went inside and had a tasty, late dinner.  Then it was time to head home and to bed!! 
My new obsession...coconut flour pancakes with sugar free jam!!

Ken's almond flour waffle with eggs on top..

I shredded a few radishes and oh are they yummy! 

0600 this morning I woke to partly cloudy skies and warmer (34 feels like 29) temps.   Got our coffee and little snack going. We got caught up on our blog reading and just have taken our time this am.  The sun is shining and it's a beautiful morning in Nevada.   

WE've got a little trip this morning.  I've been wanting and looking for a "cracked ice" kitchen table for years.  These were popular in the 40's and 50's.  something about them just says home to me.  Well, they're hard to find and usually when you do they're expensive.  We looked into reproductions but really there is only one company that does them.  On vacation Ken was ready to order one, which was bad enough but the shipping costs were ridiculous. Could only justify it if I was a millionaire and even then I don't think I could do it. 

Anyway, yesterday just fooling around i got on Craigslist and found a table in Minden, NV.  Called and it was still available.  We have an appointment at about 1200 to see (and hopefully bring it home) it's grey which wasn't my first choice, but it's too good of a deal to pass up.  If I get it i'll order chairs online, which aren't too expensive.  Of course I told Ken now I'll have to looking changing out some things in the kitchen hahaha..

Time to get going! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Taxes done! A special treat :)

As much as we enjoyed our visit to the southwest in Arizona we are glad we have our little piece of heaven to come home to.  What makes the southwest visit so special is the friends we have met through blogging.  For that reason we will always head there in the winter :) 

Tuesday morning we headed to Carson City to pick up the generator we had put into the shop before we left.  After 13 years of use it needed a tune up and new rope and handle. For $87.00 we've got a "new" Honda generator.  Ken was happy with the price and they didn't charge us for the rope and handle.  Nice guys and good service!  

From there it was time to head for Walmart for groceries and the RV Antifreeze Ken needed to winterize the trailer.  It was nearing 1230 so we headed for our fave Chinese restaurant there.  The best hot and sour soup ever!  I ate my veggie sand some chicken and the rest came home so Ken had it for dinner later that evening.  

While in Walmart our neighbor Karen texted and wanted to get together for Happy Hour. Sounds good to us!  Once we were home, groceries put away we headed over.  Even though it was really chilly outside, we had a huge bonfire and enjoyed catching up on everything that had gone on in the last couple of weeks.  After a couple of hours we haded home. 

Wednesday morning dawned clear and cold!  It was about 15 degrees upon waking..brrr. After breakfast and a little cleaning it was tax day!! I've set the day aside to get it done for Adam and Bryan and Cheryl.  After hearing some horror stories, including one of our son's I was scared for them! These new tax laws certainly cater to the welfare and poorer people, but not to the normal working class!  Long story short they don't have to pay as they've certainly paid enough to the federal government so that's a better ending than Eric and family!  

While I was at the computer for hours, Ken came in and said he had an idea.  Obviously I was working through lunch so he said "Let's pretend we're at CVI and i'll bar b q burgers for linner"  So sweet and it sounded perfect.  I didn't finish until almost 1500 or so.  He got my wine, put it into a 1/2 carafe and served me. :)  It was a special treat! He bar b qued the most delicious burger.  I made some low carb chips for me, with a little guacomole and he finished the homemade potato salad from the other day.  We had a nice afternoon pretending to be at CVI. :) Life is good! 

My lettuce bun burger and my 1/2 carafe of wine

Ken's plate and a special beer

By the way, he did get the gray water to drain and the trailer is winterized once again! 

Thursday morning, we caught up on our reading of blogs, had our coffee and now we're getting ready to head for Carson City once again.  The Tundra has its 70,000 mile service today.  I'll take the Patriot and we'll do some running around.  They usually get to it quickly, but the one time we waited it took hours.  So we don't do that anymore!  
Ken's brother Don and wife Dana are into the egg selling market
in their little town of Cornersville, TN.  They just sold 6 dozen to
the local RV park.  We are very proud of them and their Bar-K Farm! 

No, this isn't Nevada it's Fort Huachuca, Arizona where our
niece and family are stationed! 

That had to be some rain to close the rv park in West Memphis, AR!

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Leaving CAL NEV ARI heading for Tonopah and now we're home!

Sunday morning we got out of the RV park at Cal Nev Ari at just about 1000. We were happy as normally it's 1100. Very cool morning and looking ahead to Vegas lots of clouds in the sky.  
Next door to the RV Park is a motel

We got through Vegas, no problem!  During our drive we were talking about how cold and the weather was going to be!  Tonopah was looking at a low around 15 degrees. That would be no problem with our heater in the trailer, but because the thermostat is out, it doesn't work and we've been depending on Mr. Heater.   In Beatty we stopped by Dollar General and while I got lunch together he went inside and bought a small heater.  The only choice they had.   Had our lunch and back on the road.  
Searchlight, NV 

Vegas and the skies in the distance


Some skies on the way to Tonopah, NV

Coming into Tonopah...

We pulled into Tonopah Station about 1600 and they had a few RV spots available.  Paid our $27.00 and hooked up to electricity. Got the heater going and we settled in for the night. Leftovers of pork for dinner so that was simple.  I had some soup I had frozen on the road.  Cold night. I actually wore my sweatpants to bed, which I never do!  About 0300 I was warm enough to get out of them.  The little heater was doing its job! 
Our site at Tonopah Station

This morning (Monday) we woke up about 0530 and the day got started.  The temps were reading 15 degrees with a feels like temp of 1 because of the wind. We knew we only had about a 3 hour drive to home so we decided to head into Tonopah Station and have breakfast.  Delicious and filling. Back to the trailer to hit the road! 
When I opened the shades...ice inside the trailer!

All ice! 

This morning...15 degrees..feels like 1...!

We had a wonderful drive from Tonopah to home.  Not much traffic, just the way we like it! Pulled into home at about 1200! Then the work started.  It was so cold here. We had little snowflakes off and on but not enough to stick.  I did my thing inside the trailer while Ken did his stuff outside.  Because of the temps, he's going to have to winterize the trailer once again.  He pulled over to the dump area on our property and was able to dump the black tank, but when it came time for the gray, didn't happen. It was frozen!  He tried several different heat sources but nothing happened.  So as we sit tonight, we're hoping it will thaw soon. Tomorrow we'll run to Walmart to pick up some RV antifreeze and we'll pick up our older generator that's been fixed at the shop in Dayton. 
Waiting for this one to open..and look for ghosts!

Hawthorne, NV..love that flag!

A dusting of snow on the way home...

Gotta love the traffic...

Home :)

As much as we enjoyed the trip, it's always nice to be home too.  Have a good evening everyone!