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Monday, February 18, 2019

Leaving CAL NEV ARI heading for Tonopah and now we're home!

Sunday morning we got out of the RV park at Cal Nev Ari at just about 1000. We were happy as normally it's 1100. Very cool morning and looking ahead to Vegas lots of clouds in the sky.  
Next door to the RV Park is a motel

We got through Vegas, no problem!  During our drive we were talking about how cold and the weather was going to be!  Tonopah was looking at a low around 15 degrees. That would be no problem with our heater in the trailer, but because the thermostat is out, it doesn't work and we've been depending on Mr. Heater.   In Beatty we stopped by Dollar General and while I got lunch together he went inside and bought a small heater.  The only choice they had.   Had our lunch and back on the road.  
Searchlight, NV 

Vegas and the skies in the distance


Some skies on the way to Tonopah, NV

Coming into Tonopah...

We pulled into Tonopah Station about 1600 and they had a few RV spots available.  Paid our $27.00 and hooked up to electricity. Got the heater going and we settled in for the night. Leftovers of pork for dinner so that was simple.  I had some soup I had frozen on the road.  Cold night. I actually wore my sweatpants to bed, which I never do!  About 0300 I was warm enough to get out of them.  The little heater was doing its job! 
Our site at Tonopah Station

This morning (Monday) we woke up about 0530 and the day got started.  The temps were reading 15 degrees with a feels like temp of 1 because of the wind. We knew we only had about a 3 hour drive to home so we decided to head into Tonopah Station and have breakfast.  Delicious and filling. Back to the trailer to hit the road! 
When I opened the shades...ice inside the trailer!

All ice! 

This morning...15 degrees..feels like 1...!

We had a wonderful drive from Tonopah to home.  Not much traffic, just the way we like it! Pulled into home at about 1200! Then the work started.  It was so cold here. We had little snowflakes off and on but not enough to stick.  I did my thing inside the trailer while Ken did his stuff outside.  Because of the temps, he's going to have to winterize the trailer once again.  He pulled over to the dump area on our property and was able to dump the black tank, but when it came time for the gray, didn't happen. It was frozen!  He tried several different heat sources but nothing happened.  So as we sit tonight, we're hoping it will thaw soon. Tomorrow we'll run to Walmart to pick up some RV antifreeze and we'll pick up our older generator that's been fixed at the shop in Dayton. 
Waiting for this one to open..and look for ghosts!

Hawthorne, NV..love that flag!

A dusting of snow on the way home...

Gotta love the traffic...

Home :)

As much as we enjoyed the trip, it's always nice to be home too.  Have a good evening everyone!


  1. Good to hear you made it home safely. The ice on the inside of the trailer windows is really something. Good luck getting the trailer dumped and winterized.

    We are heading into a pretty big rain event here in Tennessee, we'll see how that all plays out.

    1. Thanks Don, it was a wonderful trip. Too bad it didn't include an extension of TN!! Next year for sure. Even the news out here is including the rain back there! Stay safe and dry! Keep us posted.

  2. Good to hear you made it home safe and sound. Hope you get the trailer thawed out and winterized again without any freezing.

    1. Thank you Bill! We're hoping so too believe me..it's amazing how quickly the freezing happens. He's got a heating wire on it now so hopefully soon! Miss you guys!

  3. oh my!! I'm shivering just reading about the cold. We're so spoiled! I'm happy too to hear you are home safely and warm again.

    1. Yes Patsy these temps are crazy..but we're nice and warm inside!

  4. Nice that you made it home safely, too bad it is so cold. Hope you can get your trailer winterized soon and no damage was done.

    1. He was able to get it done yesterday! So all is good. Looking forward to spring for sure!

  5. Happy to hear you made it safe and sound. I was going to suggest running hot water through the tank but it may not work for a thaw depending on how much is in there.
    Loved the photos. Such a wonderful drive. Stay warm!!!

  6. Thanks Deb! We are nice and toasty in the house, so cold outside! Ken had the heat strip on overnight and yesterday when he opened it, the gray water ran so it's winterized again now.

  7. Good to hear you missed the worst of the snow. We saw the pics of Vegas on the news. Yuck! Always sad to have to winterize the trailer. It means cold weather is expected before the next camping adventure. But spring is just around the corner. It must be if it's tax season!