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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Great Ride..Pilot Knob BLM..Happy Hour and Happy Birthday in Heaven Daddy!

Monday, February 11th

We set the alarm for 0500 (not sure if it's CA or AZ time as our phones are wacko) and got ourselves going.  Well, as quickly as we go, coffee, visiting with our blogging friends, you know, the usual!  Breakfast and out the door.  We had some tentative plans with Tom and Deb so we wanted to be quick running into Yuma for a few groceries and propane. 

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Some of the drive we took Sunday..

The beautiful lake


We passed the propane place as Ken didn't have locks with him to lock up the tanks, so if someone stole an empty tank no biggie.  It looked like there were 3 or 4 people waiting for propane so not bad. I had a list with me so divide and conquer.  Ken got his stuff and checked out, then I did the same.  WE actually met at the truck close to the same time and got ourselves outta there. 

On to propane, well that crossed off quickly as traffic was lined up out of the place onto the street! Not happening. When we got close to camp there's this place called the Christian Service Center and a sign saying propane. We headed there and there was about 4 in front of us. We waited about 5 minutes and no one moved, so we left there too. 

We got back to camp and it was about 1130 or so!  What the heck, where did the time go.  We touched bases with Tom and Deb and they wanted to know if we still wanted to do the ride? Yep, sounds good!  We unloaded the groceries and grabbed a quick lunch.  Out we went! 

We had a great drive/ride on the back roads to Ferguson Lake! The most interesting thing we saw (as far as I'm concerned) was a  headstone/tribute to a downed Marine Helicopter in 2007.  
Campers nearby

Yesterday's drive to Ferguson Lake..

We happened upon a hunting club...

The memorial for four Marines that were lost in a helicopter crash..:(

Some of the items left on top of the memorial..

Viet Nam Veterans of Agent Orange..

Beer tops with the number ten..hmm..what could that mean?

4 lives were lost and this was a tribute to them.  What we didn't know was the full story, which I googled this am. It was a routine training mission that unfortunately went wrong from the Marine Corps Air Station  in Yuma.  The helicopter went down on a Friday evening and they sent out rescue crews.  They weren't discovered until Saturday morning, by air as they couldn't be seen. The terrain was very rugged.  The copter was down a 200 foot embankment. The wreckage could only be seen by air.  3 Marines and one Sailor perished in the crash but there was one survivor who was air lifted and survived.  In 2009 the crew on the rescue helicopter were given life saving medals for the rescue.  

Pretty cool to see back there, as there is no easy way to get there. 
Part of the road..Tom drove! 

These people had a nice camping space for sure! 

Tom and Deb! :) Special people in our book! 

The overlook at the lake...Ken and Tom added a bit to the height

The Jeep that took us on our ride!

Ken and Tom

Ferguson Lake and the Colorado River

At that point, or really close we turned around to head back home. Lovely ride and Tom is a great driver!  Thanks guys for the drive!  We got back near camp and took pretty much the same ride that we drove the day before and then checked out Quail Hill where some of our friends like to go.  Home through the gravel pit. Then it was close to Happy Hour so that's what we did. We gathered our things and headed over to Tom and Deb's. Once it got too cold we headed home for dinner. 

Looking out! 

The gorgeous lake near camp!

Tuesday morning, I sat the alarm for 0500 as Ken was running into Yuma to get propane.  He left about 0700 after our usual morning routine.  I tidied up our messy home.  This little 19 foot of heaven, sure gets messy! When he got back home I made breakfast, we touched base a couple of times with Tom and Deb and then we headed to the dump and water stations. Tom followed not too long after.  Safe Lite Auto Glass came out and did an awesome job on their rock chipped front window.  Seemed like the guy was there hardly anytime at all. 
Our gorgeous sunrise this am...

We left a bit before them and headed to the BLM area of Pilot Knob.  We pulled over across the street from Chevron and I made a quick lunch.  We texted them where we were and they were there in no time. They had themselves a quick lunch and we loaded into their car so we could check out the area.  We found ourselves a home and got back to our RV's  and headed out.  
Following the Stinger B to our camp

Happy Hour...Ken, Kim, Ken, Tom and Deb :) 

Nearing sunset! 

I was inside making enchiladas and coleslaw for Ken..a veggie mess for me when I heard different voices.  Kim and Ken had seen us (well the Stinger B) go by from Pilot Knob RV Park, texted Deb and they came for Happy Hour. NICE!  We visited for a few hours and they went home. Ken had an important game of poker to get to! Looks like they,  along with Tom and Deb, Bill and Patsy, Rob and Pat will all be going into Mexico for one reason or another tomorrow.  Hopefully we can meet up with Bill and Patsy and group somewhere in here. We are here til Friday morning. We'll slowly start heading towards home. I'm hoping to meet up with my longtime friend Elva too!  I'm thinking she's nearby! 

After a few hours of Happying we came home, heated dinner and now it's almost time for bed..actually past time for both of us.  

Patsy, Deb sent over some of your jello fluff (?)..very tasty! Thanks Deb and Patsy!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday in heaven to my first love...my daddy!  Miss you more than words can say! 

Arkansas..Daddy, Momma, ME, Linda and Wendy..I was
probably 8 or 9..

Carolina...not sure North or South...me Linda and Wendy with our
daddy :) 

Have a good night everyone! :) 


  1. Sounds like y'all having great time there, Elvas motorhome has a funky wind turbine over the roof. Busy people always.

    1. WE found her! You are right we were able to spot her motorhome from the road!

  2. I'm going to send Ken that watch he left here a couple of years ago. It will be helpful when you get at borders.

    1. If we're in the truck time doesn't change so we know what time it is.. Yeah we were hoping to pick it up ourselves...darn shoulder!!

  3. Yay! You are in Pilot Knob area. We were hoping to visit tomorrow, Friday but what time are you leaving? That's too soon!
    I'm glad you are together with Tom and Deb and Kim and Ken are close. You probably had a great catchup with Elva. Great friends are a treasure.

  4. Some how this post slipped past me and I didn't read it. Better late than never I guess. Haha.

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Tom & Deb are wonderful folks. The Jeep ride looked like fun. Nice memorial up there for those lost souls. Sorry to hear you have to be heading home so soon I was hoping we might have found a way to touch base but another time. Safe travels.

  5. Thanks Deb we would love to meet up with you both. Ken has to get his testing done so we knew we only had til the 25th to be back home. If you ever get our way we have a parking spot available for you! Hopefully next year we'll have more time to meet up!