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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Taxes done! A special treat :)

As much as we enjoyed our visit to the southwest in Arizona we are glad we have our little piece of heaven to come home to.  What makes the southwest visit so special is the friends we have met through blogging.  For that reason we will always head there in the winter :) 

Tuesday morning we headed to Carson City to pick up the generator we had put into the shop before we left.  After 13 years of use it needed a tune up and new rope and handle. For $87.00 we've got a "new" Honda generator.  Ken was happy with the price and they didn't charge us for the rope and handle.  Nice guys and good service!  

From there it was time to head for Walmart for groceries and the RV Antifreeze Ken needed to winterize the trailer.  It was nearing 1230 so we headed for our fave Chinese restaurant there.  The best hot and sour soup ever!  I ate my veggie sand some chicken and the rest came home so Ken had it for dinner later that evening.  

While in Walmart our neighbor Karen texted and wanted to get together for Happy Hour. Sounds good to us!  Once we were home, groceries put away we headed over.  Even though it was really chilly outside, we had a huge bonfire and enjoyed catching up on everything that had gone on in the last couple of weeks.  After a couple of hours we haded home. 

Wednesday morning dawned clear and cold!  It was about 15 degrees upon waking..brrr. After breakfast and a little cleaning it was tax day!! I've set the day aside to get it done for Adam and Bryan and Cheryl.  After hearing some horror stories, including one of our son's I was scared for them! These new tax laws certainly cater to the welfare and poorer people, but not to the normal working class!  Long story short they don't have to pay as they've certainly paid enough to the federal government so that's a better ending than Eric and family!  

While I was at the computer for hours, Ken came in and said he had an idea.  Obviously I was working through lunch so he said "Let's pretend we're at CVI and i'll bar b q burgers for linner"  So sweet and it sounded perfect.  I didn't finish until almost 1500 or so.  He got my wine, put it into a 1/2 carafe and served me. :)  It was a special treat! He bar b qued the most delicious burger.  I made some low carb chips for me, with a little guacomole and he finished the homemade potato salad from the other day.  We had a nice afternoon pretending to be at CVI. :) Life is good! 

My lettuce bun burger and my 1/2 carafe of wine

Ken's plate and a special beer

By the way, he did get the gray water to drain and the trailer is winterized once again! 

Thursday morning, we caught up on our reading of blogs, had our coffee and now we're getting ready to head for Carson City once again.  The Tundra has its 70,000 mile service today.  I'll take the Patriot and we'll do some running around.  They usually get to it quickly, but the one time we waited it took hours.  So we don't do that anymore!  
Ken's brother Don and wife Dana are into the egg selling market
in their little town of Cornersville, TN.  They just sold 6 dozen to
the local RV park.  We are very proud of them and their Bar-K Farm! 

No, this isn't Nevada it's Fort Huachuca, Arizona where our
niece and family are stationed! 

That had to be some rain to close the rv park in West Memphis, AR!

Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. I am glad to hear you always plan on spending time in the southwest even though you have your own little piece of paridise. What a nice guy looks like a great "loner". A campfire and a visit with friends sounds invitung. Take care.

    1. *linner...autocorrect does not like that word...lol

    2. It was a great linner for sure! Yeah campfire was warm and out was cold, but fun for awhile! Yep don't plan on missing AZ anytime in the near future!

  2. It is like an extended family meeting in the Southwest. Hoping to keep the tradition going.
    Glad things are starting to fall in place making your lives easier.
    Good thing Ken got the Tanks emptied saving the Trailer for another season.
    Nice having a relaxing "Linner"
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It's about time.

    1. I love your first and second sentences! Linner was awesome to say the least. We're nice and toasty today with the woodstock going!

  3. Wonderful couple of days, although I could do without the cold. Brave folks enjoying a bonfire for a couple of hours in that cold weather. I'm guessing you had your kind of anti freeze. Haha.
    Happy to hear Ken has the trailer winterized with no issues. Also happy to hear the generator is back in working order. That's always a comfort.
    We frequented a campground in Long Beach, MS that gets flooded out when the river near by overflows. It's a regular occurrence in the spring time but usually only lasts a day or two.
    Ken is a sweetheart and I think it was a wonderful 'linner'. Stay warm and safe.

    1. Karen loves those fires and she needs some company now and then as her husband is working in Southern CA for a while. Yeah he surprises me with things like that now and then. I feel very lucky.

  4. Good to hear things are getting back to normal and Ken got the gray water drained and the trailer winterized. That is something I hope we NEVER have to do but I'm sure one day we will.
    Your lovely linner sounds and looks great. Good for you and Ken, making a special meal together. Ken, you're a keeper!

  5. What a great deal with your "New" honda generator . Customer service.
    I do love the Hot and sour soup at Lin's here in Yuma, oh so tasty.
    And so nice to get those taxes done.
    Glad that you managed to get to Arizona again this winter and some fun Happy hours with you guys.

  6. Yeah I was glad to get them out of the way for the kids...now on to gathering our stuff. Thanks George we were glad to get there too!