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Friday, May 31, 2013

I can't believe it's May 31st!

Can't remember the last time I have gone this long without updating the blog!  Hate it when I don't keep up on this, because my mind definitely forgets what we've done!  

The kids came home on Friday around midnight, and we got up on Sat at their house, had breakfast and heard all about their trip!  Sounds like they had a wonderful time, and got tanned too!  We left there Sat afternoon and went over to Diane's house for her son Kenny and Tasha's graduation party..Jacob, Aaron and Adam went with me and Ken took the Ford and our tractor over there.  She had a really nice party for the kids and we also celebrated her graduation from college!  I give her alot of credit for following through and graduating.. We stopped at the store and bought her a couple of plants from bulbs so she can remember every year when they bloom what she accomplished.  When we were buying the plants, Aaron asked, "why are we buying Diane flowers?"  and I said because she graduated from college...he gets a funny look on his face and says, "Uh grandma, shouldn't she have done that like 20 years ago?!!"...She is 58 and we are very proud of her! 

After the party Ken left and headed to Yerington, to get the tractor home.  I took Adam home and spent the night at his house.  In the morning he wanted to go to breakfast, so we went next door to the Buffalo Hill Cafe...delicious!!  They were having a tractor show so took some pics and then I headed home to Yerington.  

Tuesday we left home and went to Winnemucca as we had our lab appointment Wednesday am.  Then breakfast at Parker T's...so slow..food was good but service has alot to be desired.  The restaurant has changed names, and the waitresses that were there before appear to be gone.  Young ones now..and no customer service.  So we headed home and about 6 miles from our property the truck broke down. Luckily we had service so got towed into town.  After spending a few hours waiting, we decided to head for the Motel 6 and spend the night.  They said they would have the truck done in the am so we decided this was the best option.  The vacuum pump and serpentine belt had to be replaced along with putting the pulley that broke back on.  

had a good night and after breakfast (we gave Parker T another chance, but decided we won't be going back)  Ken walked to the shop and picked up the truck, $488.00...not too bad we didn't think.  Headed back out to the property and worked on getting the 23 foot 5th wheel to make it's last trip back to Yerington.  It will serve as a guest bedroom, until it's demise or ours ...  :))

Ken got it ready and also moved the 19 foot fifth wheel to the space under the canopy..set the alarm for 0330 and left about 0530 to head home.  Trailer did great and we made it home no problems!  I worked on getting it cleaned out as it had alot of stuff in it because we used it as our home base.  Ken wasn't feeling good so he took a nap till lunch and then worked out side for a bit..As I'm writing this he still isn't feeling real good.  Tomorrow we'll move the 5th wheel to it's new area and finish cleaning it.  Need to go to the store to get some food for the kids coming at the end of the week, but will wait till after the weekend.  No point in fighting the crowds since we're retired and everyday is Saturday!  

I'll post  a few pics a little later! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How time flies when u are watching grandchildren!

Aaron with his troll mask Russell and him made!
Aaron waiting for his turn...
Tuesday...got up with the kids and they wanted bacon and eggs...no problem..got them off to school without too much difficulty as Russell had explained things pretty well, and if not the kids had answers :) ....everybody home and a pretty enjoyable evening, after homework, reading and baths.  

Wednesday, same thing, they both wanted eggs and bacon (Aaron wanted his in a breakfast burrito)..so that works.,, had to go to the store for more stuff...but that's ok...I told them we'd go to dinner Wed and Friday so they picked Knuckleheads...a hot dog place,  I had a salad, which was really good, and they had Western Dogs..hot dogs, bacon, pepper jack and a couple of onion rings..honestly I wasn't impressed, because I think at least Jacob could have eaten another one...and at $5.00 a hot dog, I think it should be huge!  The fries looked good and were plentiful..the sodas $2.25...way too much..for a coke..but I have to admit the place was packed...!!  

Thursday,  Got up and did our thing, got the kids off to school and then at about 1330 I headed to Aaron's school for their end of the year play...Aaron was a troll in the 3 billy goats gruff and he did a great job!  After school took the kids to game stop because Jacob had a $10.00 gift certificate he just had to spend!  Sounds like Russell and Lori are having a great time in Cancun!  They have "facetimed" the kids several times.  They'll b back tomorrow about midnight and then back to the real world next week!  I am picking up Adam in the morning, spending the night and then Sat after Kenny's graduation party we'll probably head back to Georgetown and then back home to Yerington.  

Ken is there now and coming this weekend to pick up our tractor from K.C's house..pretty soon summertime and busyness!! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Great lunch with my two favorite sisters!

Woke up this am and quickly was reminded of what it was like to have young kids and get them off to school.  Jacob wanted the only egg in the house with cheese and toast..Aaron ate 3 of the sausage/pancake sticks (kinda like a corn dog only sweeter)...Lori had some delicious strawberries, raspberries and some overripe bananas..made up some great smoothies for the boys...Told them I was going to Walmart and did they want me to pick up anything...eggs, bacon and more strawberries! Dropped Jacob off at school...came back for Aaron and then I headed out and visited the Roseville area...gosh it sucks even at 0930...so many people at Walmart..got some stuff bought. 

My sister Linda called me about 1100 and said she and Wendy (other sis) were going to be at the Sunflower Drive In around 1200 and did I want to meet them there?!  YEAH...i've heard about it from them but never had anything from there..so I finished  a little shopping at Kohls and headed that way.  After looking at the menu which all of it looked totally delicious I decided on the nutburger, with gluten free roll and vegan sauce on the side...OMG it was soooooo good! Then we all ordered a nonfat yogurt shake, I had the blackberry....oh so delicious!  Had a great visit with my sisters...I love them both soooo much!  Decided to get my niece Tasha a watch so went looking quick and then got the boys and we headed out to a few stores and then back home.  Their parents "face timed" them in the evening...from Cancun and I talked to Ken for quite awhile...Cheryl called too and we had a nice conversation...before u know it BEDTIME...and we'll do it again tomorrow.  

Aaron has a field trip and wanted me to go...but because it was last minute they already have enough chaperones..which is a good thing, that there are parents who want to go on the kids field trips..

Tomorrow Tasha and nephew Kenny graduate from high school!!! Congrats Grads!! 

Sunday spent with grandkids and my sister Linda! (Ninny to the family)!

Sunday, May 19th....Russell and Lori were picked up by Lori's dad about 0330 and out the door they went until midnight or so Friday night...after they return from Cancun!  Got up early and went by Linda's house to pick up Adam to head to Jacob's soccer game.  Linda decided to come with us!  Enjoyed seeing Jacob's team win their last game 8-2!  Went to a late breakfast at Denneys and headed to Auburn to walk the street fair a bit. Nothing bought, headed to Bryan and Cheryl's to drop off Adam, then to Eric's for a few minutes...Seth bought me an Arkansas license plate while he and Eric were in SF for a week for a school field trip!   Nice, I love Arkansas things!  

After that dropped the kids at a birthday party for their cousin Peyton, as she turned 6.  Linda was meeting Bobby at On the Border for an early dinner so dropped her there...back to the party, where they had pizza so the kids ate and we came home..they got to "Facetime" with their parents for a bit, who looked like they were already enjoying Cancun!  Got ready for bed, read a bit and had a great night's sleep! 

Ken is enjoying "squirrel season" in Winnemucca and before bed last night he reminded me of  the beautiful Winnemucca sunsets with "purple mountains majesty" love it and miss him!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Days are flying by...I am in CA for the week..and Ken's in Winnemucca..

I really hate it when I don't blog for a few days..because I forget what we did!  Honestly that's why I like blogging as much as I can daily, because this mind forgets easily what we did...After getting the bedroom mostly set up, we finished what we were doing the next day by putting up a few more pictures.  I am really happy with the way it turned out! 

We have been talking about what's next as far as the living room goes...I've sent for a few pieces of paneling that looks like old wood, which is what I wanted for the living room.  Because of the lack of studs and good walls to adhere too, we're thinking some kind of paneling with glue would probably be best but we'll see..can't wait to get the samples.  We have to find a woodstove and get that in, but it will all come together with time.  We feel pretty darn good with the progress we've made so far..

May 18th..got up early and got ready to head for CA and Winnemucca.. Russell and Lori are headed for Cancun for 5 days so I will be staying at their house for the week watching the kids.  We had a nice lunch at the Chinese place in town and then I went my way and Ken went his.  He's going out to get a few things from the containers in Winnemucca.  I left at about 1205 and got to Cheryl's to pick up Adam at 1505...just about exactly 3 hours! Love the drive!  Got Adam and headed to Ninny's to drop him off and then over to Garcias to meet Russell and family for a goodbye dinner..yummy!  

Ken made it safely to Winnemucca and said it was hailing and storming!  Here in Antelope it was warm and sunny.  Up tomorrow to Jacob's last indoor soccer game and then they have a bday party in Roseville tomorrow..We should have a good week!  Russell and Lori will have an even better one i'm thinking!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We have a bedroom!

Our room before, definitely not as bad as some of the other rooms
but that dark brown trim near the floor was so hard to cover!
my horseshoe curtain tie backs...
Our amoire will go where the fan is when Ken brings it back from Winnemucca
Our new comforter
Adam, in his eighth grade graduation outfit...looks so much like
Bryan did in high school and so thin!
May 15th....Worked on finishing the painting of our bedroom today...After lunch we put it together...Got the bed, dresser and our Mule Days mirror hung!  Love the bedroom!  So far we have worked on the boys' room, guest room, kitchen and laundry room.  Now today our room is finished...Living room, hallway and ugly bathroom still to go..unfortunately they are the hard and expensive rooms to finish...but this is nice to have these done.  Next week i'll be in CA and Ken's heading to Winnemucca to work on the little fifth wheel and then bring back some of the furniture!  Yayy!!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day at Linda's and then Monday at Bryan's house...

Woke up at the Days Inn in Rocklin, got ready and headed to Linda's house for Mother's Day...All my boys were there except Bryan who was working overtime.  Cheryl came and Christina stayed home sick.  Dave and Emmy came by which was really nice.  Linda ordered Italian food, and I made the veggie lasagna and there was tons of desserts!  A good time was had by all and then we went to Grandma's for a while.  Back to the motel and a good nights sleep. 

We probably won't be staying there anymore as there were a few issues with no towels, and no top sheet on the bed.  

We met Bryan and Cheryl at Edelweiss Restaurant and had a killer lunch!  Then on to Bryan's house.  It was really warm, Ken and Adam got in the pool, but it was still a little chilly for me.  Had a really nice time, (too much wine) and Bryan bar b qued pork, zuchinni and then made some great norther beans!  

Got up this am and we were in Yerington at noon! Love it!  Stopped at the chinese place in town and decided that is a place we'll go back to!  Came home, unloaded the vehicle and I spent a few hours working on the trim in our room...hoping tomorrow to get the bedroom put together! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worked on our room, and today Rio Linda Tractor Days and a new additon!!!

Our curtains in the kitchen...not a very good pic..

Storm coming in...was great!

Our bedroom color..never had green b4 but i'm liking it!

Slept in the kids room last night..great..window open and this am at 0400
we saw incredible stars and a falling star!
Ken teaching Adam to drive tractor...
Ken on our new additon!

Hopefully one day ours will look like this!
Our new purchase!!!!!!
I worked on Friday on our bedroom, painting, but not quite finished. Trim on Tues probably as we are headed for CA for the weekend.  KC our friend called and told us there is a tractor out at Tractor Days Rio Linda, that we just HAVE to buy...well, honestly if KC is telling us this it's probably true as he really does know our tastes.

We got up this am (5/11) went into town and had a nice breakfast and then headed to CA..stopped in Georgetown and picked up Adam and headed to Rio Linda...the tractor was $950 and KC got him to take $850 cash..so a quick stop at the bank and on to Tractor Days.  This was an event I worked for years, it was my favorite event of the year and now no one from the Sheriff's Dept works it and hasn't since I retired...sad..no community oriented policing anymore, as far as I am concerned...

Anyway....loved the tractor..a 1940 Allis Chalmers and it runs...of course after we bought it Ken took me for a ride, then I was going to drive, we're trading places and it dies...yes we are stuck in the 90+ degree heat in the sun waiting for a tow..we got one, bad gas and the filter was horribly plugged..got back and had a great day,...Ken did get the tractor running again, and drives like a dream! Even though it was hotter than Hell................picked up some Chinese food from Amys in Rio Linda...yummm and headed to the Days Inn in Rocklin...not too impressed as I asked for 1st floor and didn't get it...of course it looks like 1st floor people are of Iranian descent..hmmmmmmmm...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Working on the guest bedroom...looking good and ready for company!

Before.....ugly patio rock linoleum..
Mom and Daddy's hutch...first thing he bought her when we came
to CA in 1963..they gave it to us when we bought our house in
1973..been with us ever since! Can't imagine a home without
this hutch!!
View of the closet and some pics! Mom and Daddy watching over all of us!
Another view...but the bed is ready for company!!! 
Another view of the hutch!
Before we put the furniture in.....
Today was concentrated on the guest bedroom and cleaning up some stuff in the living room.  Ken went to town for a few things and I went through several containers in the living room..to see what to keep and what to get rid of..

Ken put the mini blinds up in the guest room and then because we're pretty much done we moved furniture into the guest room..made the bed up and added some pictures..looking good, not quite done yet as we need the buffet we had in Colfax and a little bench I bought at a garage sale in Idaho with my mom when we went there for Uncle Vernon and Aunt Freda's 50th wedding anniversary, several years ago as the 2002 Chevy seemed pretty new.  

We put Mom and Daddy's hutch in the bedroom.  This was really the first piece of furniture that Daddy bought my mom when we moved to CA in 1963..When Ken and I bought our first house on Pershing Ave in 1973 they gave it to us and it has found a home in every home we've bought since..can't imagine a home without it!! 

Tomorrow I 'm going to finish my curtains in the kitchen and then we decided to take a break and go try out the 2nd Mexican Restaurant in town...hopefully then get ready to paint our bedroom, even though it may have to wait till after Mother's day as we'll be in CA..Our little home is really coming together...love it!!

Groceries, homemade pizza and making curtains and finishing up the guest room...

Got up and did our usual stuff...got the day started by running to Scolaris in town for just one or two things..well we know how that goes!  Ken worked on the moulding again in the guest room, put up the curtain tie backs and the door moulding..frustrating for him again!  Same problem when he did the boys room.  

I worked most of the afternoon on the curtains for the kitchen.  The material is so slippery we'll see how they turned out today.  We're going to get the master bedroom ready to paint tomorrow.  

One of our neighbors, Anna invited us over for Friday evening, to get to meet some of our neighbors..How nice! So 1700 we'll head over there for a bit.  

I tripped/fell off the ladder the other day painting, tripped over the fan cord and hit the floor using my knee as a buffer...swollen and painful but nothing broken..thank goodness..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Finishing painting and putting stuff in the kitchen! Wild weather in Yerington, NV!

And another...love it!!
Just another area of kitchen
Some of my goodies!
Same pic after! I am in love!
Before pic...not bad...
After a good night's sleep and breakfast got started on the kitchen.  Got alot done yesterday, but today was fill in and touch up time.  Looks really good! Love the yellow and white theme and tomorrow I will start on making the red and white checked curtains.  Ken worked on the guest room moulding he went to town and got some liquid nail and attached the moulding.  He put up door #1 for the closet and tomorrow door #2.  He changed the oil in my car and we both enjoyed the day!  

What a difference a couple of gallons of paint makes!  It is a small kitchen but I really love the way it turned out!  

All day it threatened to rain and by late afternoon, we had it all, thunder, lightning, wind and lots of rain! Beautiful!  Good for our trees..now the sun is shining and the wind has died down! Gotta love the weather in NV!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Painting the kitchen and working on the guest bedroom...

The original floor in the guest room and the floor Ken is putting in!!
What a difference! Wait till u see the end result!
My view from my kitchen window!  Ken fixed it so he can take it down every night!
Had a productive day yesterday in Reno and Carson City.  Went by RC Willey for their parking lot sale which was something else..but no box springs, which was ok we found that their regular price is $100.00 so we'll probably go back next week and grab one.  Saw a couch I really liked except it was a sleeper and we really don't need one (or we think we don't)...but it appears the parking lot sale is really the way to go..we were looking at the couch and the salesman says I can give it to you for $499 and the price was $599...great way to go.  

We went to Home Depot and looked at front doors, as we found that we need a bigger door in order to get the kitchen table in the door!   So we'll be getting a new front door in the near future.  Got our paint for the bedroom..yay..and did some grocery shopping..We thought we'd go to Chili's for lunch but it got to be too late and then there was no parking, so had a sandwich at Port o Subs...no more..just not good quality, very cheap made sandwiches.  

Got home about 1700...and just vegged after that.

May 5th...got up and then got ready to start the day, I put a stew in the crockpot and then we got started..Ken worked on the trim and door of the guest bedroom, as because he put the floor in he had to cut the doors on the closet.. I painted the kitchen, not quite done, but it is sure looking good! Pics tomorrow when it's done!  

Ken put our American Flag out...it looks so good!  He used the implement we bought from our friend K.C. and it's flying high and proud! Love it!!  He also got the fan in the guest bedroom fixed..u couldn't use it as it was wobbling so bad...but Ken fixed it!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another couple days in Yerington...

Thursday, we spent the day unloading the trailer and I went through some of the containers to see what treasures lurked there that i forgot about...Ken did his stuff outside so we got most everything unloaded but the mattress. 

Friday, Ken worked on the floor in the guest room and got it all laid!  Beautiful!  I worked around the house and then did a little taping off in the kitchen, thinking I'm going to try and paint on Sunday or Monday.  End of the week we'll head back to CA for Mother's Day.  

I'll post pics later Sat.  We are heading to Reno this am to get the trim for the room and i'm hoping to get some paint for our room.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Problems with the slide on the 23 footer...home in Yerington now!

Our load going home to Yerington....
My chandelier I wish I could use...Hector gave me this years ago...
Love this!
May 1st...ahhhhhh...can't believe it's May 1st...gonna be Christmas before we know it!  Got up this morning and took our time and got ready to leave...well the slide on the 23 footer wouldn't work...would go out but not in...so Ken had to get under it and use some tools and inch it in..finally...so next time we get it out should be here in Yerington, where it will stay as a guest house for visitors!...  

Went to town, had a nice Chinese lunch, got our drugs and Ken went to Walmart, and we headed home...about 3 hours and 15 minutes...love it!!!

Posting a pic to see if Cheryl wants this chandelier...Hector gave it to me, probably from the late 1800's or early 1900's...love it,  but don't  think I have a place here for it...we used it at the Rockwell house for many years...we actually left it there and told them if they ever got rid of it we would like to have it...and the wife, Shirley, brought it to me at the service center when I was working...would love to see them have it and love it as much as we did...but if not..we'll find something else for it!