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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Groceries, homemade pizza and making curtains and finishing up the guest room...

Got up and did our usual stuff...got the day started by running to Scolaris in town for just one or two things..well we know how that goes!  Ken worked on the moulding again in the guest room, put up the curtain tie backs and the door moulding..frustrating for him again!  Same problem when he did the boys room.  

I worked most of the afternoon on the curtains for the kitchen.  The material is so slippery we'll see how they turned out today.  We're going to get the master bedroom ready to paint tomorrow.  

One of our neighbors, Anna invited us over for Friday evening, to get to meet some of our neighbors..How nice! So 1700 we'll head over there for a bit.  

I tripped/fell off the ladder the other day painting, tripped over the fan cord and hit the floor using my knee as a buffer...swollen and painful but nothing broken..thank goodness..

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