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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday spent with grandkids and my sister Linda! (Ninny to the family)!

Sunday, May 19th....Russell and Lori were picked up by Lori's dad about 0330 and out the door they went until midnight or so Friday night...after they return from Cancun!  Got up early and went by Linda's house to pick up Adam to head to Jacob's soccer game.  Linda decided to come with us!  Enjoyed seeing Jacob's team win their last game 8-2!  Went to a late breakfast at Denneys and headed to Auburn to walk the street fair a bit. Nothing bought, headed to Bryan and Cheryl's to drop off Adam, then to Eric's for a few minutes...Seth bought me an Arkansas license plate while he and Eric were in SF for a week for a school field trip!   Nice, I love Arkansas things!  

After that dropped the kids at a birthday party for their cousin Peyton, as she turned 6.  Linda was meeting Bobby at On the Border for an early dinner so dropped her there...back to the party, where they had pizza so the kids ate and we came home..they got to "Facetime" with their parents for a bit, who looked like they were already enjoying Cancun!  Got ready for bed, read a bit and had a great night's sleep! 

Ken is enjoying "squirrel season" in Winnemucca and before bed last night he reminded me of  the beautiful Winnemucca sunsets with "purple mountains majesty" love it and miss him!

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