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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How time flies when u are watching grandchildren!

Aaron with his troll mask Russell and him made!
Aaron waiting for his turn...
Tuesday...got up with the kids and they wanted bacon and eggs...no problem..got them off to school without too much difficulty as Russell had explained things pretty well, and if not the kids had answers :) ....everybody home and a pretty enjoyable evening, after homework, reading and baths.  

Wednesday, same thing, they both wanted eggs and bacon (Aaron wanted his in a breakfast burrito)..so that works.,, had to go to the store for more stuff...but that's ok...I told them we'd go to dinner Wed and Friday so they picked Knuckleheads...a hot dog place,  I had a salad, which was really good, and they had Western Dogs..hot dogs, bacon, pepper jack and a couple of onion rings..honestly I wasn't impressed, because I think at least Jacob could have eaten another one...and at $5.00 a hot dog, I think it should be huge!  The fries looked good and were plentiful..the sodas $2.25...way too much..for a coke..but I have to admit the place was packed...!!  

Thursday,  Got up and did our thing, got the kids off to school and then at about 1330 I headed to Aaron's school for their end of the year play...Aaron was a troll in the 3 billy goats gruff and he did a great job!  After school took the kids to game stop because Jacob had a $10.00 gift certificate he just had to spend!  Sounds like Russell and Lori are having a great time in Cancun!  They have "facetimed" the kids several times.  They'll b back tomorrow about midnight and then back to the real world next week!  I am picking up Adam in the morning, spending the night and then Sat after Kenny's graduation party we'll probably head back to Georgetown and then back home to Yerington.  

Ken is there now and coming this weekend to pick up our tractor from K.C's house..pretty soon summertime and busyness!! 

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