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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Painting the kitchen and working on the guest bedroom...

The original floor in the guest room and the floor Ken is putting in!!
What a difference! Wait till u see the end result!
My view from my kitchen window!  Ken fixed it so he can take it down every night!
Had a productive day yesterday in Reno and Carson City.  Went by RC Willey for their parking lot sale which was something else..but no box springs, which was ok we found that their regular price is $100.00 so we'll probably go back next week and grab one.  Saw a couch I really liked except it was a sleeper and we really don't need one (or we think we don't)...but it appears the parking lot sale is really the way to go..we were looking at the couch and the salesman says I can give it to you for $499 and the price was $599...great way to go.  

We went to Home Depot and looked at front doors, as we found that we need a bigger door in order to get the kitchen table in the door!   So we'll be getting a new front door in the near future.  Got our paint for the bedroom..yay..and did some grocery shopping..We thought we'd go to Chili's for lunch but it got to be too late and then there was no parking, so had a sandwich at Port o Subs...no more..just not good quality, very cheap made sandwiches.  

Got home about 1700...and just vegged after that.

May 5th...got up and then got ready to start the day, I put a stew in the crockpot and then we got started..Ken worked on the trim and door of the guest bedroom, as because he put the floor in he had to cut the doors on the closet.. I painted the kitchen, not quite done, but it is sure looking good! Pics tomorrow when it's done!  

Ken put our American Flag out...it looks so good!  He used the implement we bought from our friend K.C. and it's flying high and proud! Love it!!  He also got the fan in the guest bedroom fixed..u couldn't use it as it was wobbling so bad...but Ken fixed it!!

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