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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Working on the guest bedroom...looking good and ready for company!

Before.....ugly patio rock linoleum..
Mom and Daddy's hutch...first thing he bought her when we came
to CA in 1963..they gave it to us when we bought our house in
1973..been with us ever since! Can't imagine a home without
this hutch!!
View of the closet and some pics! Mom and Daddy watching over all of us!
Another view...but the bed is ready for company!!! 
Another view of the hutch!
Before we put the furniture in.....
Today was concentrated on the guest bedroom and cleaning up some stuff in the living room.  Ken went to town for a few things and I went through several containers in the living room..to see what to keep and what to get rid of..

Ken put the mini blinds up in the guest room and then because we're pretty much done we moved furniture into the guest room..made the bed up and added some pictures..looking good, not quite done yet as we need the buffet we had in Colfax and a little bench I bought at a garage sale in Idaho with my mom when we went there for Uncle Vernon and Aunt Freda's 50th wedding anniversary, several years ago as the 2002 Chevy seemed pretty new.  

We put Mom and Daddy's hutch in the bedroom.  This was really the first piece of furniture that Daddy bought my mom when we moved to CA in 1963..When Ken and I bought our first house on Pershing Ave in 1973 they gave it to us and it has found a home in every home we've bought since..can't imagine a home without it!! 

Tomorrow I 'm going to finish my curtains in the kitchen and then we decided to take a break and go try out the 2nd Mexican Restaurant in town...hopefully then get ready to paint our bedroom, even though it may have to wait till after Mother's day as we'll be in CA..Our little home is really coming together...love it!!

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