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Monday, April 24, 2023

Warm days, Happy Birthdays, Adam and Erin visit :) Ken brings home firewood!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Yerington, NV. Thinking we're done with the cold temps I'm hoping. Of course you know what the warm weather does here, brings out the lizards! Yep saw my first one the other day and have seen a few more. The plug ins that are supposed to keep away pests obviously don't effect lizards. On to other measures to keep them out of my outdoor kitchen! 

One of the signs I got from Karen's store. 

Last Wednesday our middle son Eric turned 48! Our oldest grandson, Adam turned 24 on the 21st. This Wednesday, our oldest son Bryan turns 50!! It doesn't seem possible! 

Happy 48th Eric!πŸ’™

We ran to town the other day and stopped by Karen's store, Not Just Candles, a unique gift store! Well, never can walk out of there without spending some $$. Gotta keep the locals in business! 😊

Couldn't resist, if she had Marine corps I would have got that too!

And another πŸ’—

Ken ran over to Rio Linda this weekend and met up with our friend, KC. They ran out to another friends place and picked up firewood! Already cut to length! KC sent home some walnut with Ken too! We'll be looking good for next year! Thank you KC and Craig! He was treated to an awesome barbecue dinner too and breakfast sandwiches (Thank you Sierra!) πŸ˜‹

Our 20 foot car hauler, filled to the brim with oak!

This is walnut that was put in the back of the truck. 

Thank goodness for the log splitter! 

Saturday we were surprised by a text from Adam and Erin. They were in Bishop, CA and wanted to come spend the night with us! Of course! I ran to Raley's and picked up a few things and then a stop by the liquor store where they sell the best broasted chicken and seasoned steak fries. Not good for you, but oh so tasty! 

The kids got here about 1800, ate and then we all went over to John and Karen's for a great visit. 

Lila and Mugsy were happy to see them! πŸ˜ƒ

Sunday morning we all took our time and the kids left about 1130. A nice surprise as we hadn't seen Erin since New Years. They are the cutest couple. πŸ’—

She hurt her ankle while they were hiking, that's why the 
compression sock. 

We were in the outdoor kitchen to watch the pre race and opening ceremonies of Nascar. The patriotism gets me every time! πŸ’– [USA][USA] It was also Champagne Sunday so we enjoyed while I cooked up some bacon for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch. YUM! 

Champagne Sunday with my hubby! πŸ’›πŸ₯‚

Bought a couple of six packs to put in planters. I don't go
crazy with them, as I usually kill em. Don't have my 
daddy's green thumb! 😟

We enjoyed and then later headed next door for an early happy hour, as John leaves around 0300 for CA on Monday. Some of Karen's  family were over so had a nice visit with them too. 

Looks like tomorrow we'll probably head for Lowes and wherever else we need to go. We need some paint for the final painting the back of the garage. Ken's got the wood cleared out, so he can paint that section. We'll see what the rest of the week holds! 

Have a great one. 


Monday, April 17, 2023

Yerington 250, Mostly home, Eric and family in San Diego

Nephew Jesse (left) met Grandson Jacob in Brussels for a few days. He sent this 
picture and a few others to meπŸ’™

Another week gone! We did make the trip to Reno for mammogram time. Total Wine stop too of course, since we were there. Walmart and then linner. By the time we were done, so was the day and we headed home. 

The rest of the week we were home, other than a trip to town for whatever. Just nothing too exciting to write about, which is a good thing. 

Friday we headed to town to take a look at some of the trucks and utvs that were in town for the Yerington 250. We were kind of early so there were only a few, but that's ok. We've seen them before. 

Had a nice fire in the outdoor kitchen and enjoyed the evening. 

Saturday morning after a light breakfast we climbed in the CanAm and headed up the BLM to a spot we've been several times and got seated to watch the Yerington 250.  

After a bit Ken pulled out the champagne and a red beer for him and we enjoyed our adult beverages watching the race. After awhile our friends Joel and Randi along with some others found us there. We spent a good couple of hours enjoying. 

It was nice to get the Can Am out, even if for a short ride
Better weather's coming so hopefully in the next few weeks
a trip out to Sand Mountain, NV! πŸ˜€

You could see the dust from the vehicles on our way out.

When we left, we stopped by home and got the truck and headed to Joel and Randi's property about three miles from our house. Visited for a bit with everyone and then came home. Honestly, I've got to learn to take food with me as I had way too good of time. Oh well, it was fun. Looking in the mirror, both Ken and I look like raccoons. The sun was strong. I bought sun screen today! LOL. 

We got home and Ken headed next door, but I went to bed LOL. 

Sunday we got up and enjoyed the morning. We headed out to the kitchen as Ken was going to barbecue Papa Burgers again. I had cut up some potatoes to make fries on the grill. Champagne Sunday of course. We had our lunch out there about 1300. Enjoyed the weather and I actually had shorts on. No signs of Brutus (the lizard) yet. Hoping these sonic plug in things keep him away, but we'll see. 

Later in the afternoon we headed to John and Karen's for a bit. 

This morning we got up and going as we were heading for Carson City. Ken's phone has been messing up, won't let him add apps etc. Luckily the young man that greeted us figured it out and all is good in Ken's phone world again. 

Then a trip to Walmart of course. A stop at Betsy's for linner and home nearing 1530. Windy and a lot cooler here today. Amazing how the temps vary. By the weekend it should be alot nicer. 

Looks like we'll be home the rest of the week. 😊

Eric and Christina at Mission Beach, San Diego. Eric, Chris and
Mason made a trip to visit Seth and Holly for a long Easter 
weekend. Looks like they had a great time πŸ’—

While there they all visited this Memorial..very moving I'm sure.

Mason, Seth, Christina and Holly πŸ’–

Christina, Seth, Holly and MasonπŸ’™

Stole this from Facebook as Russell and Lori were out with friends

Well, it's Happy Hour one more time! 🍺🍷 We'll be inside because of the wind and cold today. Have a great evening! 


Monday, April 10, 2023

Adam came again for the weekend.. A quiet Easter

 Friday morning got a text from Grandson Adam asking if we were going to be home and was it ok for him to come for the weekend. Really, of course we will be here and would love for him to come again! Two weekends in a row makes these grandparents very happy! LOL.  He was going to his parents, but Bryan was having some issues from his hernia surgery so not a good time to visit. Honestly, I know they would have loved to see him, but that's what next weekend is for! 

Lila and Mugsy LOVE Adam! 

Bye Adam, see you soon! πŸ’™

He got here around 1730 and Papa made amazing Papa burgers. We hung out in the outdoor kitchen. Karen came over for a bit and we just enjoyed getting caught up. 

Saturday morning after breakfast Adam headed out to Wilson Canyon for a hike.  I ran to town to get some special stuff for him and then came home and threw a ham in the oven.  He leaves Sunday morning/noon so I wanted him to have an Easter dinner on Saturday. 

After he got home, he took a little nap, had some dinner, and then we all headed next door for a fire and happy hour. Ken and I enjoyed the ham and sides for dinner after getting back home. 

Sunday morning Adam was in no hurry to get back to his home in Pollock Pines, CA. He left around noon. Ken and I hung out in the kitchen, had our Champagne Sunday and then went next door for a bit. It was definitely a good day and Easter. 

Years ago when our kids were small we'd head for Dillon Beach CA and go camping for around 4 days or more. Sunday, we'd pack up, rush home, unload and head for my mom and dad's for barbecue. Those were the good ole days for sure!! 

Easter Sunday 1962..I'm on the left, Wendy and Linda along with my
Dad and Mom.  My Oma from Austria would send my mom $$ every
year so we would have new Easter outfits πŸ’—

We ordered roll up blinds from Amazon for the outdoor kitchen. The morning sun is very
warm in the spring / Summer time. These will help when we're out there in the mornings. Very happy with our purchase! We ordered a 6 foot and 4 foot..so it does half the kitchen which is all we need! 😁

My sister Linda posted a picture of her granddaughter Cassidy getting ready for Easter. 
Cassidy with her Easter ears on! 

This morning I asked Ken what he wanted for breakfast. It was nearing 1000 hours so I knew it would take care of two meals by the time we were done. He had an idea, which worked for me. Around 1230 he put on two huge burgers on the barbecue (Conder Ranch meat).  OH so yummy, I could only finish half! 

It was a beautiful day, reaching 76 degrees this afternoon. Spent some time in the outdoor kitchen, now we're inside with an adult beverage or two. Tomorrow we head for Reno and other places. Have a great night! 

Baby Phoenix our great nephew will be 2 months tomorrow πŸ’™

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

How time flies once again! Adam visits for the weekend, A nice day trip and linner..

 How can time fly so fast! Here it is Tuesday a week later. We've been home mostly, so not a lot to write about. Cold, snowy and colder! We've enjoyed being home, but I told Ken we need to get away longer next year. Of course, this year there were circumstances that brought us home. 

Our oldest son Bryan finally had major hernia surgery on Thursday. He's been off work for months because of it, but the doctor wanted to use a robot technology so it wouldn't be so invasive, but still recovery is painful at this point. Told him when he's ready for visitors, we'll head over to CA. 

A nice surprise on Friday, Adam headed over after work and left on Sunday morning. Always a pleasure to see grandsons! πŸ’—

Saying good bye to Adam on Sunday morning πŸ’™

We've hung out in the kitchen a few days and just enjoyed being out there. 

Originally when we built the outdoor kitchen we only wanted
valances so as not to block the view. We're finding out that 
during certain times of the year the sun shines brightly, too
brightly so I threw together a double sided curtain that definitely
helps when closed. Try to pull them back as far as possible πŸ˜ƒ

Definitely makes a difference when they are closed for a 
few hours. 

Yesterday was a stay inside and watch movies day. That's fine here and there, but Tuesday was going to be a repeat. The temperature never got above 35 with a feels like 25 and winds. 

Ken mentioned going to Carson City today and having lunch at Red's 395 Bar and Grill. Who am I to argue?! Headed out this morning and ended up at Greens Farm Supply in Reno as they advertised firewood for sale. We will probably get a half cord from them soon. Then to Total Wine for a pick up order, since we were in Reno. Took the scenic route to Carson and then had a nice linner there, near 1300. It was a nice day. I would have suggested heading down 395 for a more scenic route, but snow has areas closed. Oh well, soon! :) 

Love their decor, service and food!

Friends of ours, Kim and Lance headed out today for a new adventure. They sold their home in CA and are headed for North Carolina. We're happy for you, getting out of CA. You will be missed, especially by (my sister) Linda. We wish you the best in your search for your new home! Love you guys! 

It's Happy Hour now here at home. Cold temps, looks like we'll be inside. Hoping for a warm up at the end of the week! Enjoy! 🍷🍺