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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easter packages for our favorite Marine and Sailor! Baking and getting things done.

Yesterday (Saturday) woke up and took our time getting out of bed.  Coffee, blogs, just general laziness on my part LOL.  It was a stay at home day.  I found plenty to do with cleaning  out the Mansion.  Sheets changed, everything out that needed to come out and now it's all ready to go again, whenever that may be.  

Ken kept himself busy too with some of the same things only involving the truck.  The day flew and before you know it he had the fire pit in the driveway near the garage. 

We had a nice fire and Karen came over to visit too. John is still in CA working the lines for a contractor for PGE.  Lots of work to be done, but it sounds like they're still not sure how much they should be working now.  
A wonderful fire last night!

A really nice visit and a nice fire.  Great Happy Hour or two (that darn fire) LOL. 

Eventually we came inside and heated some leftovers for dinner. I had made a chicken cordon bleu (sounds fancy doesn't it, so easy) the night before so we had a couple left overs. 

This morning it was about 0600 when the coffee was done and we did our regular routine.  I knew today was a baking day for me :)  Ken had plans to clean out the truck and get it all done the way he wants with his utility box in the back.  He's a happy camper now. 
Clouds today..cold and wind..

Looks threatening doesn't it?  Not really..a few raindrops and wind..

Baking..peanut butter, chocolate chip oatmeal, apple raisin muffins and banana bread

Hopefully I can make it all fit between 2 boxes..

Yep I did!  Happy Easter Jacob, Seth and friends!! 💗

Ready for the post office in the am!

My flourless muffins..i did add a few sugar free chocolate chips..

Kim, I think you'll like this..enamel ware with green and cream.
Our neighbor Karen found in CA..hate to think what she paid !

We stopped for lunch about 1300 and then he went back outside to see about putting up our new antenna and booster.  We dropped Direct TV before we left as the prices kept going up and now that ATT bought them out they don't seem to care. He bought the antenna through Walmart and got it up.  Now we have TV in the bedroom again and it's just fine. Regular channels like the old days :) Thanks to Don we have Dish anywhere on Ken's computer so I can watch Pioneer Woman when she's on if I want.  

Adam called today just to catch up.  Always nice to find the latest gossip..LOL.  His friend (I'm thinking it's more than that) will be down from Oregon for his birthday the 21st of April..so we shall see! :) He'll be 21!! Hard to believe our grandsons are gettin getting so much older! What good kids they've turned out to be!! 

I baked and then filled two boxes to be mailed to our grandsons! :)  I must be old and slow as it took most of the afternoon! Done for a bit now. Tomorrow we'll run the packages to the post office and get Ken's clicker and pink slip to Robert's Toyota in TN where we bought the truck. 

Ken's bar b q ing hamburgers tonight and I'm making oven fried potatoes. It's about Happy Hour time..so i'll be back haha. 

Ken's awesome burger and my oven fried french fries...YUM!!

Dinner was incredible even without the bread! Have a great night everyone! 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Armagosa Valley..We're home and gone again!

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we awoke to a very cool morning at Armagosa Valley, NV.  More people had pulled in overnight, some in their cars so I know we were warmer than them in our Mansion! 

We had our coffees and our morning routine, showers, breakfast and then it was time to hit the road.  We actually got on the road a little after 0930 which is amazing for us.  Anxious to get home? Maybe :) 

A beautiful drive and then later we pulled over for lunch about 1300.  Onward! We pulled in the driveway nearing 1530 or so.  Just like we left it! Always good to see. 

Interesting buildings going on in Beatty, NV1

You know your'e near Goldfield, Nv when the Joshua trees start appearing

Tonopah, Nevada!
They are working on getting the Belvada finished..Stories it could tell :)  

One of the most haunted places in NV!

Ken pulled back and dumped the Mansion so I was able to unload some of the groceries and stuff.  Then he backed it onto the concrete so I could finish what I needed to do and he did his thing.  The wind was blowing and boy was it chilly! Brrr..

Eventually we both came inside, tomorrow is another day right?!  Time for a later Happy Hour and he made a fire in the wood stove 😊 Gotta admit we've missed those! 

We had a quick dinner, watched some tv and hit the hay.  

Friday morning I set the alarm for 0500.  I was sleeping good I have to say. Got our coffees, computer and enjoyed for awhile catching up with our blogging friends.  

We headed for Reno and US BANK.  When we bought the truck in TN we didn't have our pink slip for the 2014 with us.  We told them as soon as we got home we'd send it to them along with Ken's remote for the doors.  They used to be open Saturdays but no more with this mess going on.  Actually they're not open to foot traffic, you have to call and "make an appt".  As it was she was inside and let Ken in to go to our safety deposit box.  

After that we headed over to Winco to pick up a few things.  UH NO WAY! People standing outside in a line to the end of building WTH???!!!! Alot of those people were elderly, why they don't go to another store I have no idea. I know that when I go to Winco i'm in there an hour or more..can't imagine how long they stand in line!  

Quick stop at Home Depot to pick up some bar b q wax starters and then to Walmart.  No line there.  No paper products at all. Plenty of water and whatever food I wanted they had so all's good.  

We ate our lunch I had brought from home in the parking lot.  It was after 1300 so it was time to eat.  We don't do fast food so this was the best bet.  I'll be glad when our Betsy's is open once again. 

Headed home and put things away.  Now we're talking with Bryan and enjoying an adult beverage.  

We were going over to pick up grandson Aaron on Monday, but with this online schooling (because schools are closed) he's behind some assignments :(  so being good parents they are, he's not getting to come right now. School work needs to be caught up.  Hopefully soon! 

I've got to give kudos to Affordable Propane!  When we're gone we leave the forced air heating at 50 degrees so pipes don't freeze. The back heater is left on low.  Ken checked the propane tank this afternoon and it was down below 5% !!!
He made a call at 1630 and at 1730 they were here to fill the tank.  What awesome service!! 

Have a great evening! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Williams AZ to Amargosa Valley, rest area..

I set the alarm for 0445 this morning, figuring to turn on the coffee and wake Ken about 0500.  Pretty much worked that way.  Coffee and little treats, showers, breakfasts and we were on the way about 0930 or so.  
Gotta share every time we pass by!  Russell Kay, Antoine Miller, Seth Kay!!
Our gorgeous sunrise this am Wiliams, AZ!

We had a beautiful drive, even though it was on I 40.  Not a lot of cars but lots of trucks! We drove and then at North Vegas it was time for a later lunch.  Pulled into a Smith's Marketplace. While I got lunch ready, Ken walked into the store to see what he could find. Nothing. He said I would love the vegetable area.  We had lunch and them once we were done, I went into the store.  Shouldn't have, came out much poorer than when I went in LOL..No paper products though..

Love seeing the scenery change!

Coming into Las Vegas...

We are spending the night at the rest area at Armagosa Valley, NV.  Ken filled the truck before we headed across the road. $3.39 a Gallon!  Back east we averaged $1.65 a gallon with the lowest being $1.43 in Texas.  What awesome prices! I'm thinking we're paying because we're in the middle of nowhere! 

Lots of traffic in Las Vegas..not sure where they were all going!

We enjoyed our happy hour (s).  Our oldest son, Bryan called tonight just to check in and see where we were.  Nice conversation. :)  Adam called this am to update us on him. He's in Oregon and expected home on Friday. I texted with our Marine and Sailor yesterday and they seem to be doing well : )  Gotta get their Easter packages in the mail once we're home :) 

Have a great night! Even though the ending of our travels didn't go as planned it was still good and we have a nice home to go home too. :)  We will travel soon when this craziness is over :) 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A 450 mile day from Amarillo, TX to the state line of Arizona. Spending the night in Williams, AZ.

Waking up about 3 miles from the New Mexico/Arizona border.  A 450 mile day yesterday.  Not something we like to do, but really what else is there to do since everything in America is shut down?!  

WE left the rest area outside of Amarillo after getting ourselves ready and having breakfast. I didn't burn the bacon, because I put ham in Ken's egg burrito :) 

Ken went inside the rest area to see about filling a couple of water bottles. I told him that the drinking fountain would be turned off and it was.  The janitor saw him and offered to fill them. We have plenty, but you never know if there will be any available down the road. 

Jumped in the truck and off we went.  No stopping except for gas and potty stops.   We pulled over at a "picnic area" that was actually the dump.  Yes, garbage was piled high and blowing all over.  Just so weird. Lots of trucks on the road, but few cars.  Definitely lots of RVs heading east! 
Love to see the silos! 

Windmill with cattle..this is Texas! 

Advertisements for this place for miles 

Nearing Gallup, NM..Love the scenery changing!

The sky looked threatening..but only a few raindrops

Tummies full, we carried on across Arizona.  We thought we'd stay at the rest area that's at the 3 mile marker.  Uh no, CLOSED.  We found only 2 rest areas open all across Arizona.  Shame on them, the poor truckers!  Looking back, Alabama rest areas had closed their visitor centers but all up and down I 65 every one was open and well kept.  Texas too.  

Luckily next to this rest area is a truck stop so we pulled in and that's where we are now! We'll be pulling out shortly and we'll see where we end up tonight. 
Our spot for the night..

Even though America (along with others) is crazy now, America is still beautiful, so we'll enjoy the ride! 

I thought I'd post this before we left, but it didn't happen. Posting this Tuesday evening...

We left and had a beautiful drive through Arizona.  Trucks are plentiful on the interstate, which I know we need them but is also why we avoid interstates when we can! 


We made a few potty stops and then a drive through Joseph City..not much of one but a nice few minutes.  We stopped in Holbrook and visited the Safeway, figure might as well stock up on a few things since we don't know what Raley's at home will have.  No paper products though, all gone! 
When we were kids we always wanted to sleep in a Wigwam!

Love how they have the old vehicles in front of the WigWams :) 

I love the old motels!!

Nice park at the beginning of town, put away our groceries..No overnight
though :( 

Old building for the Meteor Crater

We went to the Passport America campground in Williams to check in once we got to Williams, AZ.  Another family with a fifth wheel were there too. Turns out they had reservations, never heard from the park..but it's closed.  Williams is a ghost town.  Sad to see as normally it would be hopping with families during Spring Break.  Williams claim to fame is "Gateway to the Grand Canyon".  You can normally catch the Grand Canyon Railway from here, but it's shut down too. Sad, sad. 
You could see this beautiful mountain from way off..near Flagstaff, AZ 

This is why we try to avoid I 40..oh well..

My mom loved coming into Flagstaff, AZ.  She loved the pine trees :) 

Our spot in Williams, AZ 

Williams, AZ a very patriotic town! We like that!

Sorry about the dirty windshield.  Another time we would have visited
Historic Brewing Company and Grand Canyon Brewing :(

This is just to show you..a ghost town. :( 

Old Route 66 motels! 

No one :( 

No cars

Same here..just so sad..

We found another RV park, Canyon Gateway RV Park. Nice park a little $$. $42.00 for the night.  We figure the last two nights have been free so $14.00 a night (like that figuring don't ya lol) .. Anyway, it is what it is.  

Once we parked we toured the town and found another Safeway. No paper products either but I did find some wine LOL.  Not my good stuff, but it'll get me through.  haha. 

Back to the park and I got some chicken thighs started for Ken and a breast for me. Not sure exactly how the oven will do so wanted to get them done early. 

Tomorrow we'll head for Armagosa Valley about 300 miles and the next day a little less than that and we'll be home.  It's too bad the country is shut down, but we have a great little place to go home to!  Cold from what I'm seeing but that's ok. 

Enjoy your evening it's Happy Hour time!