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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Revitalization of small town..but what about the houses? Great day in Pawhuska, OK!

I got up about 0600 and started the coffee.  We didn't set the alarm as we knew we didn't have to leave at early to go anywhere.  Coffee, blogs, showers, breakfast.  Ken called the bank that is financing the Mansion as our first payment is due the 7th and of course we're not home to get the paperwork.  Easy peasy..and depending he may have to do it again the beginning of April. If I have anything to say about it, that'll be the case..LOL. 

We left here about 1100 heading for the downtown area of Pawhuska. This is our 4th time coming through here. The first time, Ree and family had just bought the Mercantile building and hadn't even started renovations except new windows.  The little town, was going down hill like so many others.  Yes, there was a bank, a little shop here and there but their beautiful brick buildings held nothing. A few businesses and a few churches. On the outskirts there was a couple of gas stations, Mc Donalds (WHAT?) liquor store and a wonderful Mexican Restaurant.  

With each time we've been through we've seen more improvements, many due to Ladd and Ree Drummond. They invested in their little town and now not only are their businesses thriving, many more growing in their little town. Good to see! Sorry, you'll probably be sick of houses by the time I'm done here...Like our grandson Jacob say's "I just couldn't help myself"..LOL! 

This one needs some help..

A cobblestone street..only one we saw..

Now this one has no place in Pawhuska, OK! Or anywhere else for the matter!
My opinion...

Gotta love this beauty! 

This one too! 

This one had beautiful rock..

Not sure if anything is happening with this one
or just falling apart..

 I love seeing the neighborhoods of these kinds of towns.  Interesting, how you can have such cute homes right next to the dilapidated ones. Sad...

Something about this sidewalk takes me way back..


WOW again...

We finished the tour and then parked and walked around town. Of course we spent a few dollars in the Mercantile. I admit I love her stuff, as it's always bright and cheery. In my little house don't have much room for more, but somehow always seem to find something :0  Then we walked to a new business "My Sisters Attic"  antiques, treasures and stuff that only the perfect person probably wants.  I could have bought a few things, but then again where is it going?! Darn!! It was nearing 1330 so time to get Linner.  There's a business in town called the Grill 125.  It smelled delicious, we thought it would pricey but the sign board had Philly Cheese Steak and Fries $7.99.  We could have done that but we're partial to El Vallartas Mexican on the outskirts.  Great food and drink, so that's what we did. 
Downtown Pawhuska..side street..

Thought this was cool..different brands from different ranches..I spy 
the Drummond Ranch..gosh darn I'm a stalker! LOL...

Ree has a boutique hotel called the Boarding House..not cheap..but I bet it would
be worth it..someday maybe..probably not..

She has a wood fired pizza parlor also..I like the fact that she didn't put all her
businesses on the main drag..helps encourage business on side streets also.

Her ice cream parlor..no we didn't go in..

Neat mural..

Another hotel, a remodeled old building. Not sure what their prices run
may be more affordable. 

The Mercantile! 

So many goodies! 

2nd floor..lots of seating

Deli area with fancy coffee and sweet treats..there's a restaurant
downstairs...never tried as weblike the Mexican place..

New business in last 2 years.


Haha.  thought this was cute! Another new business..

Another new business of Ree's on a side street near where we were parked.
We didn't go in as we were ready for our linner. 

Good bye Pawhuska..not forever but a few years probably :) 

WE got back to the trailer and Ken measured some wiring for the batteries and headed back to town.  I could have went, but chose to get some of the blog done. Well, DARN!!  He got home and told me he saw Cowboy Josh and Cowboy Cameron at O'Reilys!! If you watch Pioneer Woman you know who I'm talking about! Of course he recognized them from the show, but didn't say anything to them.  He did get a pic of Cameron's  truck.    Cowboy Josh was the heart throb of the show until he married a few years ago.  Oh well that'll teach me!! Hahaha.  
Cowboy Cameron's truck..Josh's is on the other side :) 

Anyway..have a good day, we're heading towards Missouri and then towards Don's. Last night was devastating for the Nashville, TN area with tornadoes. Luckily Don and Dana are south of Nashville. 

March 3...Posting this from the Joplin, MO Rest Area which is our stop for the night.  We got here about 1400 and had a quick lunch.  Then, after looking at the map decided to make this our stop for the night.  A whole 111 miles beautiful miles today on a route we've never been.  On to a new spot tomorrow.. Think i'll post in the am of today's trip as we may not have service tomorrow night...

Happy Hour begins...


  1. I thought the Green Mansion looked nice. Pawhuska reminds me of our town Bloomington. We still have a lot of brick streets in the old neighborhoods. Looks like one could get a fixer-upper pretty cheap. The Mercantile was mighty busy. Everyone in town must have been there. Looks like you're nearing the end of your journey already. Have a nice drive tomorrow. I'll have to read about the tornadoes in Nashville.

    1. Good morning Doug. I'm definitely going to find my way to Bloomington on my way to Great Lakes! Sounds adorable. People come from all over to go to the "Merc". No way near as crowded as when we were there 2 years ago and the first year after it opened. Not quite but we plan on being at Don's on Saturday or Sunday. We've got a few days yet :)

  2. I love the old houses. Don't you just want to jump in and fix them up? I like that the Drummonds are fixing things up, but if they don't keep the prices reasonable, it won't help much. No one in that area will be able to afford it. Maybe they are just looking for tourism, kind of like the Waco trend. Good for them!

  3. Yep those old houses get me every time! I'm hoping there will be something done with the "fixer uppers" for sure. From what I understand, they are hoping with the revitalization that it may keep some of the kids wanting to come back after college or never leave as so many do because there was no work for anyone. At least that's my understanding. She's employed many of the kids we saw grow up on the show and some family members. Along with other people moving to Pawhuska, just because they like it. The laundromat owners did that a few years ago. It's a wonderful place to visit for sure!!

  4. It takes time to revitalize a town. Maybe the next time you go through there will be less run down buildings. Great Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick..we are amazed over the years how it's changed for the better. Hoping the same happens with the homes!