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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We got to see Jacob! Back to Cornersville and now time to head towards home..

Sunday morning Ken and I got up at about 0630.  We visited with blogging friends, got ready and headed downstairs to have breakfast.  It's a nice hotel with a hot breakfast, but we're thinking they got overwhelmed as they needed to bring out more things.  Dan and Barbara (Dallas's parents) were there so we sat next to them and chit chatted.  No sign of Russell and Lori! 

Afterwards we headed upstairs and got a few things done.  We decided to take a drive around the area and see what we could see.  Gave Russell our key so they could drop things off, as they were leaving this evening.  They had a plane to catch Monday morning early.  It's always wonderful to be able to spend time with family and we're so glad this worked out!

A visit to the bank and then a nice drive taking us to the beach area..kind of.. We didn't go all the way out, but it worked to kill some time. We got to the airport around 1345.  Jacob's plane wasn't due in until 1520.  WE went upstairs to find where we'd meet him and then got a few snacks. Trail mix and peanut butter crackers.  It was another day of no lunch.  
I love this picture of Jacob and Allissa! πŸ’™πŸ’™

Russell, Lori, Aaron and Allissa got there right around 1400.  Dallas's family not so long after.  Visited a bit and then headed upstairs to wait for the Sailors. 

I love this video (short at it is ) of Jacob and Allissa ...true love and that smile Jacob!!!πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Right near 1530 we could see the different groups of Sailors coming into the airport through the SMILE Camera.  We knew they were coming so there was alot of cheering going on.  Jacob was in the 2nd group(if I remember correctly).  The moment was amazing when he came through and saw Allissa!  Then there were hugs for the rest of us!  He's lost about 15 pounds he didn't need to lose, so hopefully he'll get them back on!! 

Awww. how sweet πŸ’™πŸ’™

They hurried us all along, so the Sailors could get on the bus and head to the Naval Air Station :(   It was a longer visit than we all expected and it was wonderful!  
Jacob hugging his Momma good bye! This
one gets me every time!!πŸ’—

Waiting for his bags..

We went outside to the bus to say goodbye..after hugs all around from our Sailor! Once he was on the bus we all walked to our cars to see what we were going to do. Lori wanted to have a drink somewhere so we all agreed.  It was a cantina not too far from the airport.  The food looked wonderful, but we weren't ready to eat yet. Drinks and chips and salsa. 

They had heard from the boys that there was a possible on base liberty.  We headed for CVS near the base.  We waited and visited in the parking lot for quite awhile.  Updates from the boys but in the end NO LIBERTY.  Aaron, Ken and I headed out a few before the news, figuring it was getting later and we needed to eat!  

We ended up at Ruby Tuesday near our motel.  Probably wouldn't go there again. But it was ok. Russell texted that they were at our room.  We headed over and were able to visit for awhile, before they decided to head for New Orleans.  

We headed for bed.  Awoke around 0600, visited with friends and then after showers headed for breakfast downstairs.  They stocked it much better this morning. A mixture of cereal, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes, Canadian bacon, sausage and more. It was delicious! 

With our tummies filled we headed for the truck and back to Tennessee.  We did stop in Canton, AL for lunch at a Mexican Restauratnt called Zapatos.  Great homemade food and easy prices. We arrived at Don's around 1600 I'm thinking.

Dana made another wonderful meal for dinner! She really is spoiling us! Ken went to bed around 2130 or so.  Don Dana and I stayed up awhile longer. Nice visiting with them. 

Tuesday morning it was around 0600 when I awoke and closer to 0630 when I woke Ken.  After breakfast and visiting we headed to town for some things. Walmart, Kroeger and gas. 

Once we got back we took the stuff into the trailer and got some things done.  Ken had to replace the bracket on the sway bar with a new one.  I wanted to clean my mess in the Mansion!  Looking pretty bad :( It was after 1600 that Ken and I headed back to the house to visit with Don and Dana.  We're pretty much ready to go in the am. 

Across from our rest area! 

Not bad for Spring Beak in the panhandle of FL..

Beautiful new bridge near Pensacola Beach...

Just a cute house! 

Where are we going you ask?  No idea yet...LOL.  We are headed home someway.  

The time has flown here at Don and Dana's beautiful place here in Cornersville, TN. The hospitality is amazing.  It's certainly a place where we feel at home and they always make us feel that way :) Lord knows Dana feeds us way too well! It's always a wonderful time! Thank you Don and Dana! 

We'll be back soon as we love you guys and this little corner of the world! 😍😍

Have a good night! 


  1. So nice you guys got to visit with Jacob. Sounds like you had another very enjoyable trip out east. Hope your trip home is uneventful.
    We're still in Pahrump for a few more days then head north toward Canada.

    1. Enjoy yourselves and don't let this virus thing make you hurry home! Our visit was short but worth every penny!!

  2. Handsome boy!! How great that you got to see him!!! Safe travels on your way home. I'll be heading that direction soon myself.

    1. Thank you ..he is cutie isn't he?! LOL.. Any time you're up our way you are always welcome!

  3. Glad all came together and you were able to visit with Jacob before he had to leave. Safe travels Today.

    1. I would have loved Great Lakes, but something is better than nothing..

  4. What a wonderful family time. Jacob looks so thin. I hope he gets that weight back on.

    1. He is way too thin!! He needs to come to Grandma's house..I'll put it back on him LOL!!

  5. When you are in the service you are constantly exercising which burns off Fat and builds Muscle Tone. Too bad you couldn't spend a little more time together.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Trip.

    It's about time.

    1. He just looks so thin! Yep we would have loved more time for sure, but with the virus it's screwing up everything!!

  6. We really enjoyed visiting with you and Ken. Looking forward to seeing you both again, I guess it's our turn to visit you in NV. Safe travels, stay in touch.

  7. Thank you guys!! We loved being there and spending time as always! We will see you soon and would definitely love it when you can make it to Nevada !!!