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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Osage Hills State Park to Joplin, MO Rest Area for the night..

Tuesday morning the alarm went off at 0500.  I thought in my sleepiness, why did the alarm go off, we don't need it..UH OH ..we wanted to get an early start..oh well.  We got up at 0600.  Honestly, by the time we got ready and then dumped we were pulling out of the park at 1050.  (Guess I should have got up with the alarm LOL) 
Gotta love barns!

Bartlesville, Ok  about 30 minutes from the campground..Has everything you need..

Colorful Buffalo in Bartlesville, OK..?? Not my thing..

Kansas is not too far over the bridge..

We followed Highway 60 to 166 East which took us to Kansas too. We stopped in Coffeyville, KS at a grocery store and then found the liquor store. I have to tell you both the check out lady at the store and the one at the liquor store were so friendly and awesome. Both of them were old enough they shouldn't have been working and I hope they are because they want to and not because they have too.  We followed 166 east to to Joplin, MO a whopping 111 miles today! It was a beautiful drive through many small towns and ranches!  

Beautiful, open highway ..166 east..

Coffeyville, KS..

Love these homes!!

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Notice our little angel in the corner of the windshield? Ken found her face
down in the dirt of our Colfax, CA home at least 27 years ago.  She has ridden with
him since that day.  He calls her his "dirty fallen angel" as her little face has
dirt on it.  Where she came from, we don't know but she's meant to travel! 

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Several cemeteries right along the highway...

Doug, there is an old Route 66 rest area where you can stay the night.
But I 44 Rest area is not that far..(18 miles) and very nice..

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Arkansas River
We got to the Joplin, MO Rest Area on I 44, got some literature and then we had a late lunch of cheese, crackers and summer sausage.  We looked at the map and then made a decision.  We'd like to see a park outside Van Buren MO. So we'll head there Wednesday.  
Our Home for the night!

Loved the inside with all the different plates...

It was after 1500 and this is such a nice rest area we decided to just finish the afternoon and enjoy being here. Got a bunch of leftovers for dinner so it's easy.  The area we are headed to may not have service, so figured i'd get this posted before we leave here.  

Thanks Don for the Dish TV info! 

Have a great Wednesday! We're heading out.  218 miles to go today! 

Have a great day!! 


  1. I've truly enjoyed the last two posts. The photos were great. Nothing like a nice drive through the country side to see how other folks live. WE passed through the same area last year and stayed at Natural Falls State Park, Arkansas(on the state line near Springfield, MO) for a while with some friends. Our friends live not far from Coffeyville, KS. It's a very pretty area around there.

  2. Liked the story of Ken's dirty fallen angel. Sounds more like she's a Guardian Angel keeping you safe in your travels. Great pictures again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I know you truly enjoyed the visit in Pioneer Woman country...:)
    Great photos of all the houses in that area.
    Enjoyed today's pictures, also. Some looked familiar and the rest stop was a definitely one we stopped at on the way home two years ago. We did not spend the night but we both remembered all those license plates on the walls. Continued safe travels.

  4. Lots of history in that area, making it fun to drive through and imagine how life was in the old days. People were all very nice and helpful. Love the pictures of the houses.

  5. What is it about cemeteries? Along the highway or in our own home towns, we are intrigued. Speaking of angels, eh? So, Ken's 'dirty little angel' sits on the dash and his 'clean little angel' sits in the passenger seat. :D

    1. Haha..you are too cute! Even more cemeteries today along the way..We don't have anything like that really in Nevada and CA.