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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easter packages for our favorite Marine and Sailor! Baking and getting things done.

Yesterday (Saturday) woke up and took our time getting out of bed.  Coffee, blogs, just general laziness on my part LOL.  It was a stay at home day.  I found plenty to do with cleaning  out the Mansion.  Sheets changed, everything out that needed to come out and now it's all ready to go again, whenever that may be.  

Ken kept himself busy too with some of the same things only involving the truck.  The day flew and before you know it he had the fire pit in the driveway near the garage. 

We had a nice fire and Karen came over to visit too. John is still in CA working the lines for a contractor for PGE.  Lots of work to be done, but it sounds like they're still not sure how much they should be working now.  
A wonderful fire last night!

A really nice visit and a nice fire.  Great Happy Hour or two (that darn fire) LOL. 

Eventually we came inside and heated some leftovers for dinner. I had made a chicken cordon bleu (sounds fancy doesn't it, so easy) the night before so we had a couple left overs. 

This morning it was about 0600 when the coffee was done and we did our regular routine.  I knew today was a baking day for me :)  Ken had plans to clean out the truck and get it all done the way he wants with his utility box in the back.  He's a happy camper now. 
Clouds today..cold and wind..

Looks threatening doesn't it?  Not really..a few raindrops and wind..

Baking..peanut butter, chocolate chip oatmeal, apple raisin muffins and banana bread

Hopefully I can make it all fit between 2 boxes..

Yep I did!  Happy Easter Jacob, Seth and friends!! 💗

Ready for the post office in the am!

My flourless muffins..i did add a few sugar free chocolate chips..

Kim, I think you'll like this..enamel ware with green and cream.
Our neighbor Karen found in CA..hate to think what she paid !

We stopped for lunch about 1300 and then he went back outside to see about putting up our new antenna and booster.  We dropped Direct TV before we left as the prices kept going up and now that ATT bought them out they don't seem to care. He bought the antenna through Walmart and got it up.  Now we have TV in the bedroom again and it's just fine. Regular channels like the old days :) Thanks to Don we have Dish anywhere on Ken's computer so I can watch Pioneer Woman when she's on if I want.  

Adam called today just to catch up.  Always nice to find the latest gossip..LOL.  His friend (I'm thinking it's more than that) will be down from Oregon for his birthday the 21st of April..so we shall see! :) He'll be 21!! Hard to believe our grandsons are gettin getting so much older! What good kids they've turned out to be!! 

I baked and then filled two boxes to be mailed to our grandsons! :)  I must be old and slow as it took most of the afternoon! Done for a bit now. Tomorrow we'll run the packages to the post office and get Ken's clicker and pink slip to Robert's Toyota in TN where we bought the truck. 

Ken's bar b q ing hamburgers tonight and I'm making oven fried potatoes. It's about Happy Hour time..so i'll be back haha. 

Ken's awesome burger and my oven fried french fries...YUM!!

Dinner was incredible even without the bread! Have a great night everyone! 


  1. Sounds like you are both keeping busy, with all your baking and Ken getting his new truck setup the way he likes. Take care and stay healthy, especially in these strange times.

    1. Yes it is strange times Bill for sure! Yep we always find something to do :) We'd go crazy if we didn't LOL..

  2. Lucky grandsons!! That's a LOT of baking!! Boy will they be happy to get those boxes!! Nice you can have a fire outside. I'm afraid I would set the world on fire. I have a very small collection of enamelware ... but not that bowl. Nice one!!

    1. it was very sweet of Karen to pick that up, but again that's who she is! Yes, we love our fires outside as well as inside :) I enjoy putting the boxes together for the boys..wish shipping them was cheaper though LOL.

  3. The boxes of goodies you have prepared will be appreciated I’m sure! The baking and supper look yummy. And I really do like the enamelware bowl :)

    1. Thank you Kim! Ken did an awesome job on the burgers for sure!

  4. I think we believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, Shirley! Getting all those goodies in those 2 Easter boxes was just another challenge you had no problem completing! :) I'm sure it is so exciting for the boys when their boxes arrive. And for their friends too!! :)

  5. Aww. you are too sweet! Box #4 for Seth and #1 for Jacob. I enjoy doing it for them and Seth has said his friends love when they come! Makes my heart happy!

  6. We miss sitting by the campfires.
    Looks like you will have Two very happy grandsons who might be putting some weight on. Is that expensive when mailing things to Military Personal.
    Even supper looks tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Wow. Those skies looked scary and the cookies looked wonderful. I'm sure you are the most favorite grandma ever! Take care and be safe.

  8. You two sure like the outdoors. Great fireplace! I'm going to get one of those fake ones that run on propane. I know I'm a wuss. Don't like smoke and Ambers. Great to have an antenna. I love mine. Those care packages look great. I can still remember getting mine from Dolly back in the 60s. Have a great day 😀

  9. You have been one busy lady. I remember trying to get all the treats in Thomas box, looks like you did a good job. I am sure they will be well received. Sounds like Ken has been busy, also. Great fire.
    I really, really like the pictures of the clouds. Take care...Hugs